Sunday, August 2, 2015

Aeon, Grey One for Fantasy AGE


A Grey Master's cruelty knows no bounds.  Sometimes, when they extract the brain of a victim, they will replace its lost sentience with a putrid portion of their own intellect to create a tortured and nefarious agent to wreak havoc in the wider world.  Grey Ones wield a fraction of their Master's vile psychic gifts and a hatred of all life, their only goal is to wreak destruction until its tainted form is destroyed.

Abilities (Focuses)
0 Accuracy 

1 Communication (Deception,

2 Constitution (Stamina)

0 Dexterity (Acrobatic, Stealth)

1 Fighting

2 Intelligence (Historical Lore

1 Perception (Smelling)

0 Strength

1 Willpower (Self-Discipline)


     Speed               Health           Defense          Armor Rating
        10                     30                   10                        4


Weapon               Attack Roll          Damage 

Mind Blast                    +2                 1d6+2 penetrating       

Special Qualities Favored Stunts: Defensive Stance (2), 
Lightning Attack (4 SP), Seize the Initiative (4 SP).

Threat: Minor

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