Friday, August 28, 2015

Umbrage: Pickman's Swine for Shadow of the Demon Lord

So, late last year I heard about Robert J. Schwalb's new game, Shadow of the Demon Lord.  Because Rob is an awesome dude, he agreed to come demo the game at my store.  Because Rob is pure metal, he let me and my group into the playtest.  We spent the first part of the year, playing it.  

Its everything that I ever wanted out of Warhammer Fantasy Role Play and a Damn Fine Game to boot.  Wicked and mean.  Brilliant and terrifying.  Elegant and profane.  I can't recommend it enough.

The PDF released today and I wanted to let everyone who didn't back it, that they needed to go buy it right now.  I'll wait.

"Ole Cletus Pickman was a strange sort, the villagers only tolerated his strangeness because he raised the best hogs for miles and miles.  I mean, the Royals even bought the man's hogs.  Hell, he put Gurn's Bend on the map.  

His swine were always the most juicy and filling.  A true delicacy.  Yeah, he seemed to go a bit around the bend when, his sister, Lucy passed.  Started raising a bit of Kane on the full moon.  Started raising his "special stock".  He called him his "'lil' birdies".
Wouldn't sell any of 'em to nobody.  And I mean nobody.

Even beat Lars Hannigan's boys', Earl and Gus, bloody for "messing with his birdies".  Gus ain't been right since that night.

I gotta say the swine were....odd.  Their stare seemed to pierce me head.  They...heh...there was kinda this brightness behind their eyes.  And their flesh, it was...well it was kinda...I was....too soft.  And...and they smelled of...well....they smelled of sex.  Made me feel...

I know!  I know!  No!  I haven't touched anything today.  I'm just saying his birdies were...strange.  

Did ya hear they found his hand in their slop?  Just his hand.  Nothing else.  And all the birdie's were gone.  But the pen was locked up tight.

But...well...but I got a cousin up in Figtown and Roger sez they got swines eating babies up there.  And he sez they smell like...well...ya know."

Size 1 frightening animal
Perception 14 (+4); truesight
Defense 15 ; Health 20
Strength 15 (+5)   Agility 15 (+5)   Intellect 10 (+0)   Will 12 (+2)

Attack Options
Tusks (melee) +5 with 1 boon (1d6 + 2) 

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