Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ParaMilitary: Vendigo for 13th Age

Stalingrad 1946
A team of field agents representing Project: Crystal Ball have been dispatched to the area due to reports of a man-eating spirit.  Lars Pillar, a Journeyman on loan from the Fraternity of Inner Light firmly believes that the spirit, what he calls a wendigo, is a Nazi operative.

Pillar, Lt. Crisp, and Agent Fallon have decided to trap the monster.


A soldier so loyal he was willing to eat his own squadron to gain the powers of the wendigo.  To hunt.  To kill.  To eat.  To serve the Fuhrer.

5th level spoiler [SPIRIT] 
Initiative: +9

Nothing But Teeth. +10 vs. PD—18 damage 
     Natural 16+: The target takes 6 ongoing damage.

Like The Howling Wind. —The vendigo may disengage from an enemy as a quick action with an easy save (6+). 

AC   21
PD   19                             HP 80
MD  15

Fear Threshold 30 HP

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