Wednesday, June 10, 2020

GameDreaming: Champions 4th Edition

For a long time now I've been looking for that "perfect" Supers RPG, which we all know doesn't really exist. But what I'm kind of mad about is that I didn't think to look at my first RPG love, Champions 4th Edition/HERO System, for the answer.

I know Champions 4 & 5 like the back of my hand, it was like a language, my group, & I learned and used for years. However, I've really been looking for a Supers RPG where you don't roll buckets of D6 (and in Champions case have to count them for Stun, Body, and Knockback) and have huge amounts of Resistant Defenses.

I've also had a Super-Powered Agents Campaign in my brain for well over 20 years that for some reason I decided to run using GURPS which just isn't my bag. I liked buying new game systems and I was convinced GURPS was superior because it had the Wild Cards sourcebooks. I was wrong, for me at least, I mean maybe if I'd found GURPS first it would be my first RPG love, but that is not how it happened.

Anyway, I've been driving back and forth to see my Daughter and my brand-new Granddaughter every weekend and it gives me about 90 minutes to "gamedream" (daydreaming about RPGs) while the rubber meets the road.

It made got me thinking about running Champions at a lower point level, maybe even set Speed at a specific level, and cap Defenses, Combat Values, and Damage Dice. I'm not sure why it took nearly 30 years to have that epiphany but it got me thinking about Champions again.

I do need to think about Disadvantages and Skills a bit, but right now things are cooking with gas.

I think the Characters will belong to an Intelligence Agency dealing with Weird Threats, I'm thinking of naming it ECHELON or SPECTRUM. VESPA was the name I chose back in the day, I didn't realize it was a MoPed though so I'm not sure I'm going to stick with it.

I don't know when or if I'll run it, but it's cool to think about. It would also be nice to teach some of my newer players a full-blown point-buy system.


William King said...

It sounds to me like you're the target demographic for "Champions Now". Have you bought a copy?

Steveg said...

GURPS has a far inferior design system to Champions. But the two systems are dice for dice compatible. It should be possible to rejig the champions design system to use GURPS character points with a bit of finessing around the edges.

Cross Planes said...

@William, I backed it but it's not for me because, in my opinion, it doesn't add anything that I can't get out of 4th Edition. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, I'm just happy with where I started.

@Steveg, I can see that. I've discovered over the years that I don't enjoy Feats/Talents and at least GURPS 4th Edition presents their options in that format, IMO. It's probably because I learned Champions first that I prefer the tools it provides to build things compared to GURPS. The closest thing I ever found to Champions was Wild Talents from ARC Dream. It reduces the tools to 4 options, but I grew tired of the dice tricks of the One Role Engine.

Brian I said...

Cool. I've been rereading my Hero Games stuff from back in the day, and thinking of running something. I'm more of a 3rd edition Champions era, but it's all good. I'm also pretty keen on Mythic D6 these days and might lean into that. said...

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