Wednesday, May 24, 2017

D&D 5E: Simon Belmont's Vampire Killer

Magic weapon (whip), legendary (requires attunement)

• You gain a +3 on attack rolls and damage rolls with this whip.

• Vampire Killer has the Reach property.

• You deal an extra 2d6 radiant damage to fiends and undead you hit.

• You deal an extra 2d6 radiant damage to vampires you hit.

• As a bonus action, Vampire Killer catches fire and you gain advantage on attack rolls and deal an extra 4d6 fire damage to a creature you hit. Once you use this ability, you cannot use it again until your finish a long rest.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Before playing Battletech, Champions, or ADnD 2E I read comic books and wanted to be a comic book artist. As a high schooler in Indiana I sat in my room, listening to the radio, and drawing (when we moved there from KY, we didn't have cable anymore). I even went got my degree in graphic design at the University of Mounts Saint Joseph (I was too nervous to apply to the Joe Kubert School of Art). But by the time I graduated I didn't really draw anymore. Yeah, I had found RPGs, but somehow I moved away from it.

As a player at the table, I find myself drawing again. In the past, I was very insecure about my abilities and kept trying to draw based on how my favorite artists did. These days though, I just embrace what I do and I decided to share an image today.

Wether you like it or don't like it, let me know. Growth occurs through feedback.  Thanks!

Eddard Hume, 6th Level Evoker Wizard

D&D 5E: Using A New Initiative System In Play

Tonight I used a variation of my Optional Initiative System.

After feedback, I attached it to classes.

• A character's Dexterity Modifier is NOT applied to initiative rolls.

• Lowest roll goes first and you count up, you roll initiative each round.

• Fighters and Rogues rolls a d6.

• Barbarians, Monks, Paladins, Rangers rolls a d8.

• Every other class rolls a d10.

• If you took the move action last round roll an additional d6.

• If you took a bonus action last round roll an additional d4.

After using it, I found tracking move and bonus actions clunky. I'm not sure if I liked it better than traditional initiative, but I will try it again.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

D&D: An Optional Initiative System

In an AMA on Reddit, Mike Mearls spoke about an Initiative system he's been using for DnD and ENWorld posted it today.

After looking at it, I have my own thoughts on an optional initiative system:

• A character's Dexterity Modifier is NOT applied to initiative rolls.

• Lowest roll goes first and you count up, it resets each round when new rolls occur.

• Fighters and Rogues roll a d6.

• Other classes that are NOT casting a spell or a cantrip this round roll a d10.

• Other Classes that ARE casting a spell or a cantrip this round roll a d12.

• If you are changing gear gain a +1 to your initiative roll.

• If you are using a bonus action this round gain a +1 to your initiative roll.

• If you are moving this round gain a +1 to your initiative roll.

• If you are using a reach weapon gain a +1 to your initiative roll.

• If you are using a weapon with two-hands  gain a +1 to your initiative roll.

Feedback would be appreciated.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Queen of Chaos: Ataxia

Many wrongfully believe the Queen of Chaos lies forgotten, even helpless, trapped in her lair in the Abyss' Steaming Fen. But the Queen wants other to think she is lost and powerless, merely ancient history. She knows that her greatest strength is her obscurity, but she has retained one hallmark as her legacy, Ataxia

Looking at the worlds of the Multiverse and you will see many similarities amongst them, celebrations of the Summer and Winter Solstice, the end of the year and the beginning of the next, and finally the Harvest Moon, Ataxia, as some of the elders tell it. While most believe the full moon during harvest each year is merely a celebration of summer's end and preparing for the hardships of winter, it is in fact a ritual that has existed for countless ages. It is, in truth, a celebration of change, of embracing the uncertainty--the chaos of the coming struggle to survive the long nights and cruel environments of world on the brink of ruin. It is a secret holiday, the high holy day, for the Lady of Discord, a moment, strewn across countless worlds, that reminds the Queen that her moment will yet come and that her presence is still felt by untold numbers of fragile, foolish mortals.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunless Citadel: Oakhurst

As the heroes return from their adventures within the Sunless Citadel, they have found one of the Hucrete Signet Rings and are hoping for a portion of the reward.

However, a strange plague has stricken the town's halfling population, dubbed the Red Pox because of the red pustules that appear all over the body, it's proven lethal to 30% of it's victims.

While no other humanoids have taken ill, there is a great amount of fear that it could eventually affect more than halflings.

Currently, victims are being treated at a small shrine outside of town, that has been converted into a make-shift treatment center that is run by Corkie Hoolahan, a Priestess of Pelor, her acolyte Prod Tupor and several local midwives and folk healers.

Fear and uncertainty tears at the heart of the city in the face of this outbreak. Corkie has recently had a vision and feels that a rare herb, Summer Bloom, made hold some hope for a treatment. Unfortunately, Summer Bloom is found in an area dominated by orc tribe, the Bone Thieves, led by Kriga the Vicious. The Pelorite is looking for heroes, fearless and daring, in this hour of need.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sunless Citadel: Belak's Study

In tonight's adventure, my player's found Room 53 of the Sunless Citadel, Belak's study. While one book in particular is specified, I decided to work up a few others to add to the encounter.

The Teachings of Auk, is a scroll on papyrus, written by the Archdruid, Auk the Tender. It is an exploration of nature and the a list of 71 tenets he lived by. Any druid reading it may learn detect poison and Disease, darkvision, and spike growth.

The Eternal Cycle, is a small book, bound with ash wood covers with bleached leaves as pages. It is written by a druid who turned to necromancy, Deana the Pale. She explores the essential nature of life and death and discusses why druid's use necromantic spells, such as the blight spell. Any wizard or sorcerer reading it may learn the chill touch cantrip, as well as the spells false life and ray of sickness.

The Cthonic Verses, is a large book, bound with black leather and sigils in Primordial revealing it's name. It's author is unknown and the work explores the fallacies and failures of druidism, claiming that the earth is a powerful, ancient and dark master who has little tolerance with the fleas that scurry upon it, the humanoid races. In truth, only the strong should survived and the weak deserve nothing but to be preyed upon.