Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I survived the A to Z Blogging Challenge of 2016.

This was my fifth year and I was better prepared then any previous year. By the time April 1st rolled around, I had posts done through M...and I'm glad, but the lead quickly got swallowed up.

This year was different, because I kept it all story-based, no stats for RPGs of any kind. It was interesting simply flexing my descriptive muscles for a change, but scary too. I just had my words and ideas to fall back on and nothing to hid behind.

I guess it's time to start thinking about next year's theme.

Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

A to Z of Grave New World 2016: Z is for Zevon

Warren Zevon's Werewolves of London, released in 1978, has become a rallying cry and banner for the Inhuman Rights Movement. Many prominent Inhumans remark about hearing it for the first time and finding strength in the song. 

What many don't know is that the song was partially inspired by Larry Talbot, Warren's roommate when he moved to Los Angeles. Larry was from Whales and hoped to find a fresh start and more excepting attitude toward his therianthropy.

Apparently, Larry would talk about Inhuman life in the United Kingdom and his time with a therianthrope Pack in London's Soho neighborhood.

Friday, April 29, 2016

OneDice Supers is LIVE and you should pick it up!

+Talon Waite, who is developing a new a supplement for The Black Hack with me, just had his first product published today! 

OneDice Supers from Cakebread and Walton (their OneDice products are incredible). I'll have a review up soon, but I've already enjoyed what Talon has brought to the OneDice line and no other products are required to play.

You can find it here.

A to Z of Grave New World 2016: Y is for Yeti Crossing

Yeti or Sasquatch or Bigfoot are curious beings who we know very little about. They are reclusive, difficult to find and highly intelligent.

However, David Paulides raised some disturbing questions in his book, Missing 411, which was published in 2012.  David, a former lawman and investigator, discovered that the United States National Park Services keep no records on the large number of disappearances that he discovered occurred in their 183 national parks over the years.

While David draws no conclusions on who or what is behind the disappearances  a former park ranger from Yosemite National Park, Carol Longmire "blew the whistle" on  a cover-up the NPS was spearheading. Longmire had physical proof: documents, photographs, even recordings with NPS officials and fellow park rangers during her nineteen year service to the agency. Her evidence shows that the NPS ignores the disappearances so that they do not turn the yetis (what the beings call themselves in their own language) against them. Apparently the NPS, and the Department of the Interior have internal policies on the yetis and are "deathly afraid of the consequences of crossing these ancient, mysterious beings".

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A to Z of Grave New World 2016: X is for Xanadu

Xanadu (often called "Xanadu Region", though this is not its official name) is a highly reflective area on the leading hemisphere of Saturn's moon Titan.

The feature was first identified in 1994 by astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope at infrared wavelengths, and has recently been imaged in more detail by the Cassini space probe. Much of the  data and images have never been released and are classified.

In 1998, Carl Abner Wentbridge claimed that Xanadu was "one of the Great Old Ones that Lovecraft introduced to us" in his book, "The Gospel From Space".  Art Bell, host of Coast to Coast AM, inadvertently created grassroots support of Wentbridge after having him as a guest and getting into a heated discussion with the author. During the broadcast Wentbridge claimed to have been in telepathic contact with Xanadu.

In 2006, Wentbridge founded the Church of Xanadu in Century City, CA after gaining funding and very public support from Charlie Sheen.

In November 2015, Wentbridge, now calling himself the First Prophet of Xanadu announced that Sheen, who he had dubbed the Omnipope of the Church of Xanadu, would run for President of the United States as a member of the Cosmic Party.  Sheen publicly admitted that he has suffered from the HIV virus and that his faith in Xanadu had "cured him".

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Savage Worlds Kickstarter: Glitter Boy "Framework" or Make A Glitter Boy for Savage Worlds!

New Stretch Goals were posted by Shane Hensley of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. They took time to look at realistic and attainable goals that wouldn't side track the existing schedule. And I completely respect their experience and intelligence in this decision. This is, after all, their 10th Kickstarter Launch.

Aside from that, Pinnacle has also posted a preview of the Glitter Boy "framework" (an addition to Savage Worlds character creation that bundles the various OCC/RCC/PCC classes into the new system.

You can the Glitter Boy here.

A to Z of Grave New World 2016: W is for the Weishaupts

Adam Weishaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, 1776. He was always very critical of the view the United States of America took on allowing Inhumans growing opportunities toward "life, liberty, and the pursuits of happiness". And worked dilligently at swaying many of the nations' most prominent Freemasons to abandon this course, through numerous letters.

Sometime after his death in 1830, a secret society calling themselves the Weishaupts was formed and membership was completely anonymous. Through the 19th, 20th, and even 21st century the organization has been responsible for over two-hundred murders of Inhumans. Though many before the 1960s were not treated as such.

According to the Weishaupts, they are not committing murder, simply hunting the monsters that have hunted us for thousands of years.

The last "hunt" the Weishaputs have claimed responsibility for occurred in Jacksonville, FL in 2007. Jerome Antony Peele, weretiger, was on the run from police and suspected of the slayings of four people at a local party he had attended. Eleven Weishaupts got to him first and "speared" him with a silver weapon in the heart and through the head.

Several witnesses claim that Officers Chad Hawkins, Bill Tomby, Claudia Dane, and Harry Kearns arrived on the scene, but did not stop the Weishaupts in the their sliver hoods and cloaks from killing Peele.