Thursday, November 15, 2018

B/X Ascending: Orcs

B/X Ascending is a unified d20 system with ascending AC based on B/X Essentials. I wrote it and published it this week.

Ugly, bad-tempered, animalistic humanoids who live underground and are active at night. Sadistic bullies who hate other living creatures and delight in killing.

AC 13HD 1 (4hp), Att 1 × weapon (1d6 or by weapon), AB +1, MV 120’ (40’),SV D12 W13 P14 B15 S16 (F1), ML 6 (8 with leader), AL Chaotic, XP 10 (leader: 10, chieftain: 75), NA 2d4 (1d6 × 10), TT D
  • Hate the sun: -1 to-hit in full daylight.
  • Weapons: Prefer axes, clubs, spears, or swords. Only leaders can use mechanical
    weapons (e.g. crossbows, catapults).
  • Craven: Afraid of larger or stronger-looking creatures, though leaders may force them to fight.
  • Leader: Groups are led by an orc with 8
    hit points. The leader gains a +1 bonus to damage rolls. Leaders have defeated other orcs in combat to gain their position.
  • Orc chieftain: A 4HD (15hp) chieftain rules an orc tribe. The chieftain gains a +2 bonus to damage rolls.
  • Giant companions: For every 20 orcs, there is a 18+ on 1d20 chance of an ogre accompanying them. There is a 19+ on 1d20 chance of a troll living in the lair.
  • Tribal: Orcs of different tribes may fight among themselves, unless their leaders command them not to. Each tribe has its own lair and has as many females as males, and two whelps per two adults.
  • Mercenaries: Orcs may be hired to fight in Chaotic armies (see Mercenaries in B/X Essentials: Classes and Equip- ment, p34). They delight in wanton killing and razing of settlements.

B/X Essentials: Black Faerie for Rifts

Black Faerie
3' foot tall with wings, tail, and two mouths. A horrific mutant faerie, these abominations hunt and fee on anything or anyone. Dwells in forests and glades.
AC 6 (13)HD 2 (9hp), Att 1 × bite (1d8), THAC0 18 (+2), 
MV 120’ (40’), SV D13 W13 P13 B15 S14 (MU2), 
ML 8, AL Chaotic, XP 20, NA 1d4 (1d4), TT O
• Invisibility: 2 x Day

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

B/X Essentials: Shimmer Boy Armor for Wyrmholes

Shimmer Boy Armor is a product of the Outsiders who came from beyond the Wyrmholes that have opened up over the last decade. At least a dozen of these walking siege engines wearing shimmering, metallic armor. What's worse is that each of the suits are equipped with a terrible thunder cannon that can threaten even the most well-designed keep. Rumors abound that Duke Egstrum of Tarmaland has two of them guarding his vault at Castle Dread.

What is known is that one of the pilots fell to the magic of Olia the Viper and she trained Sir Roland of Trent to use one. Many adventurers talk openly about finding a Shimmer Boy suit of their own.

• AC 0; 1/2 damage from laser weapons
• Thunder Cannon 3d6+2 damage; 
   Must spend a full action activating grounding pylons.
Targeting Systems grant +1 to Hit
• Pilot does 1d6 melee damage while wearing the suit
• Sensory pods let the pilot Hear Noise as a Thief of 
   the same level
• Pilot's Movement is 50' while wearing the suit

Monday, November 12, 2018

Darkest Dungeon: Pelagic Grouper for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Many eons beyond counting, before the Ancestor was born, before the Manor was built on the hill, even before the Hamlet was founded and the first settlers came to this distant land, there was a race of people that called this land their home. Little is known about them, and if they were human or some other damnable creature, we shall never know. While their name is long lost to time, it is clear that they were great engineers and artists.

Remnants of their civilization can be found littered around the Estate for those who know where to look; from the Ancient Statue of a Great and Mighty Warrior in the Courtyard to an Ancient Network of Aqueducts, Sewers, and Tunnels underneath our feet. But the crown jewel of this ancient empire was their city, a vast underground metropolis underneath the very hill where the Manor now stands. Giant pillars and stone circles carved out solid stone, temples and houses, ports and harbors, and even in its ruined state, you can still see the glorious splendor. Ancient pictographic images are carved in stone walls of their temple halls, some of them showing a pyramid-like structure surround by tentacles, hinting that they either worshiped some kind of sea goddess or a great and unnameable power.

Pelagic Grouper          DIFFICULTY 10
Size 1 pelagic
Perception  10 (+0); shadowsight
Defense 13; Health 15
Strength 12 (+2)    Agility 12 (+2) 
Intellect   9 (-1)    Will       9 (-1)
Speed 8; swimmer

Cutlass (melee) +2 with 1 boon (1d6)
Spear (melee or short range) +2 with 1 boon (1d6+1)

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

1,000 Faces: Rooster Woebegon

Rooster Woebegon
Male Gnome
5E Level 6 Assassin Rogue
LL Level 6 Thief

Ability Scores:
Str 12    Dex 16    Con 13
Int 11    Wis 10     Cha 13 


Holds A Grudge

Role: Rooster could just as easily be a criminal contact as a rival to one of the characters. Rooster is a killer and a good one, but he is also a braggart and the Assassin Guild leadership sees that as a huge liability. He gets into fights easily because he doesn't know when to shut up, but at the moment his usefulness to the Guild just outweighs the negative attention he brings to it.
   As a contact, Rooster brings baggage, but if you need your back covered he will get the job done.
   As a rival, he's easy to goad into a fight, but he's a dangerous opponent.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Knave: Adding the Cypher System's Foci or JACK

I finally got around to checking out Knave and it's pretty darn cool for just seven pages.

It's a classless approach to OSR games and it's well done.

Somehow, it got me thinking of the Cypher System and Numenera and THAT got me thinking about adding Foci for the those games.

Here is my first knave with the Focus of Consorts with the Dead.
I decided to import The Black Hack's Usage die and start at D8. The way that works is whenever you use Consorts with the Dead, roll a d8, on a 1-2 then next time roll a d6. This continues down to d4 and then when you roll a 1-2, you are tapped out for the day and need a night's rest to reset the Usage Die.

Physique: Ripped
Face: Ratlike
Skin: Rough
Hair: Greased
Clothing: Filthy
Virtue: Tolerant
Vice: Rude
Speech: Whispery
Background: Beggar
Misfortunes: Replaced
Alignment: Chaos
Focus: Consorts with the Dead Ud8

STR 12 (+2)
DEX 13 (+3)
CON 11 (+1)
INT 12 (+2)
WIS 13 (+3)
CHA 12 (+2)

HP 6

Armor: Gambeson 12/+2; 3 Quality
Gear: Saw, Pick, Bear Trap, Bottle, 
Weapon: Sword 1d8 damage; 3 Quality

Item Slots: 8 of 11 used

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Labyrinth Lord: Blue Elves Race-As-Class

Blue Elf
Requirements: DEX 12
Prime Requisite: DEX and INT
Hit Dice: 1d6; +2 HP per level starting at 10th level
Maximum Level: 10
Class Abilities
Blue elves have blue, red, or purple skin and hair. They have two fingers and a thumb on each hand and three opposable toes on their feet, a prehensile tail, pointed ears, and fangs. They typically weigh about 150 pounds and are between 6 and 6 1⁄2 feet tall.
   They can wield any weapon and use any armor, in addition to casting spells as a magic-user. Because their tail is prehensile, they may wield a weapon with it.
  An elf must have at least 13 in both prime requisites in order to get the +5% to experience. They must also have an INT of 16 and a STR of 13 to get the +10% bonus. 
   Blue Elves have infravision of 60 feet, and have keen eyes that allow them, when actively searching, to detect secret doors with a roll of 1-2 on 1d6.
   Blue Elves my teleport up to 30’ feet to a spot they can see 2 x Day. At 4rd level the distance increases to 45’ and they may do so 3 x day. At 7th level the distance increases to 60’ and they may do so 4 x day.
   They may Climb Walls, Move Silently and Hide In Shadows as a Thief of their level.
   Elves can speak, common, elvish, goblin, and hobgoblin
   Reaching 9th Level: Elves can establish a fighting school. Blue elven headmasters can hire members of other races in the capacity of retainers or specialists, but only soldiers of elven stock may be enrolled. 

Elf Level Progression
Level    XP        AC0*  
1            0            19
2        4,065         19    
3        8,125         18
4      16,251         17   
5      32,501         16
6      65,001         15   
7    130,001         14
8    200,001         13   
9    400,001         12
10  600,001         11   
*Amor Class 0

Elf Saving Throw Progression
Level   BrA    Po/D   Pe/P   W    Sp/D    Tr/Sk  Un/Sk  
1           13        12      13       13     15         13       16 
2           13        12      13       13     15         13       16     
3           13        12      13       13     15         11       16
4           11        10      11       11     13         11       14     
5           11        10      11       11     13           9       14
6           11        10      11       11     13           9       14    
7             7          8       9          9     11           9       13
8             7          8       9          9     11           7       13     
9             7          8       9          9     11           7       12
10           5          6       7          7       9           6       12     
*Breath Attack, Poison or Death, Petrification or Paralysis, Wands, Spells, Spell-like Devices, Trained Skills, Untrained Skills

B/X Ascending: Orcs

B/X Ascending is a unified d20 system with ascending AC based on B/X Essentials. I wrote it and published it this week. Orc ...