Thursday, October 31, 2013

13th Age: Halloween


I, Sargoo the Sapient, would like welcome you to yet another one of my rousing treatises on our World and it's many Ages!

With Autumn fully throttling the life out of Summer, it only seemed appropriate to explore my absolutely favorite holiday: Halloween!

And I assure you I'm not alone, for in my travels across this Dragon Empire I've met legions who share my viewpoint (but of course)!

However, I'm often surprised (not really) at their ignorance of and full meaning to this Hallowed night (pun intended).

You see, in the closing days of the the Dead Wars, the Dragon Emperor and the Great Gold Wyrm were forced to negotiate a treaty with the Lich King to quell the tyrant's campaign.  While the Lich King had realized he could not win, he was well prepared to drag the conflict out for as long as it suited him.  And he had noticed the burgeoning of conflict between the Emperor and the High Druid on the edges of the Empire.

It was this leverage that allowed him to demand his sacrifices and the tending of what he viewed as his, as opposed to the Emperor's, boneyards.  But the Dragon Emperor is no fool and relied on his old friend, the Great Gold Wyrm, for aid in writing the Treaty of Threshold to finalize the cessation of hostilities.

The Great Gold Wyrm knew that giving in to the Lich King's demand would weaken the Empire in the eyes of its other enemies and was well aware of the High Druid, lurking like a tiger in the jungle waiting to pounce.  So he contributed a hidden clause within the Treaty to remind friend and foe alike of his cunning and reach.

You see, the Wyrm was aware of that Samhain was a day when the veil between the living and the dead was at it's thinned.  And just as importantly it was the nadir of the High Druid's power, a secret she fully believed no one else knew.  And so the Treaty allowed that on that precise day each year and in every Age to follow, that the Dragon Empire would be free of the Lich King's tributes and tendings.  A day that the Wyrm knew with absolute certainty that the Druid would immediately notice what day was chosen, Samhain.  Quietly, as if in the eye of a terrible hurricane, the Wyrm reminded both the Lich and the Druid that their opposition was subtle in it's movements and profound in it's achievements.

And so, the Emperor, both as a matter of morale after years of war and as challenge to his enemies, made that day a national holiday.  Halloween.

The one day in the year where the Dragon Empire and it's citizens were freed from the yoke of serving the dead, and choosing to celebrate life.  To walk both boldly into the dark, even amongst the deepest of woods and know that Dragon Empire hand not simply endured, but prevailed.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Closing Out October

Its been a good month.

I've kept up with a post count equal to every other day and I've continued to run 13th Age (it's a great game and I have a great group), play DnD Next and run Feng Shui.

I keep looking at The Strange RPG from Monte Cook, but I still need to run/play Numenener before I can jump in, AND I experiencde some major hiccups in Monte Cook Games' order fulfillment.  They made everything right, were prompt and polite and great to talk to, but I didn't get my book until the beginning of october.  So, I'm just a little uncertain.

I'm really digging the 13th Age Bestiary Hatchling edition and continue to be impressed with how Fire Opal and Pelgrane Press do business.

We're off for a few days to enjoy Halloween and then will begin the quick march to Thanksgiving and Christmas and all too soon, I'll be posting about closing out 2013.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Guest Post Later This Week

One of the players of my Tales of the 13th Age (Inquest) game, the incredible Rob Hall of the Pumpkin Society and Zero Fortitude, will have a guest post related to his character's One Unique Thing.

It will go live friday around Noon EST time.

I'm very excited.

Monday, October 28, 2013

13th Age: The Montessi Blades

Harkness Montessi was a treasure hunter turned monk turned monster slayer during the 10th Age.  At the tender age of twelve, he set off with "Rabid" Rob Robair, a tomb-raider, to seek fortune and fame.

After close to two decades working together, the pair unwittingly unleashed a fiend named Turaskian J'ten who had been imprisoned during the 6th Age.

While Rabid was slain, Harkness was found by monks from the nearby Monastery du Priles where he traded in adventuring for a quiet life.  Montessi spent his days tending their gardens and his nights studying fiends and monsters of all kinds because his sleep was 
plagued with nightmares of J'ten and Rabid's destruction.  After several years Harkness finally grew tired of cowering in fear and now had the knowledge to hunt the many terrors that plagued the 10th Age.

However, he knew he needed weapons to aid him in his quest and Montessi set about having the monks help him craft several powerful swords whose legend would live on for untold Ages.

Greatsword made from the feathers of the Angel Eptham.
Default bonus: You gain a +1 to attacks and damage (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

Khopesh forged from the heart of the volcano Tepestku.
Default bonus: When you miss with an attack roll this weapon deals an additional 5 fire damage (adventurer); 10 fire damage (champion); 15 fire damage (epic).
Quirk: It complains it's freezing unless it's within 10 feet of an open flame.

Long Sword made from the bones of Saint Superior.
Default bonus: Attacks and damage when using the weapon: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

Scimitar made from the Eye of Death.
Default Bonus: You gain a +1 to all Defenses (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).
Quirk: Insists on saying a blessing over fallen foes.

Short Sword made from the teeth of the Storm Giantess Bes.
Default bonus: You gain a +3 to Initiative rolls (adventurer); 
+5 (champion); +10 (epic).

Bastardsword made from Winds of Kon.
Default Bonus: While the Escalation die is odd, you deal 1d8 Sonic damage to an additional 1d3 foes Nearby (adventurer); an additional 3d8 (champion); 5d8 (epic).
Quirk: Brags to you where lightning is about to strike, precisely 5 seconds before it's visible to you.

Friday, October 25, 2013

My RPG Person Profile

Zak S. came up with this and I thought I'd partake:

I'm currently running (at home): 
13th Age, using the Tales of the 13th Age Organized Play Adventure Paths.

I'm currently running (at a store): 
Feng Shui, for the Alpha Test.

Tabletop RPGs I'm currently playing (at home) include: 
13th Age, New World of Darkness.

I would especially like to play/run: I
'd love to play ADnD.  I'd love to run Numenera, Night's Black Agents and Rotted Capes.

...but would also try: 
Pathfinder, any DnD, Champions, Call of Cthulhu, any D100 game, any GUMSHOE game.

I live in:
Northern Kentucky.

2 or 3 well-known RPG products other people made that I like: 
13th Age
Old World Bestiary
Over the Edge

2 or 3 novels I like:
The Name of the Wind
Salem's Lot
Ghost Road Blues

2 or 3 movies I like:
Big Trouble in Little China
Pacific Rim
Monster Squad

Best place to find me on-line:
Here or on G+

I will read almost anything on tabletop RPGs if it's:
I'm open to everything.

I really do not want to hear about: 
I'm over Indie games for the most part and am content with enjoying traditional RPGs with hit points.

I think dead orc babies are ( circle one: funny / problematic / ....well, ok, it's complicated because....)
...well, ok, it's complicated because it depends on the group and the game.

Free RPG Content I made for 13th Age and DnD:

I talk about RPGs on Google + under the name Mark Craddock.

I talk about RPGs on under the name Sunsword.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Inquest: Holly Ray Clowney [13th Age]

Holly Ray is the daughter of farmers living many leagues outside of Old Town.  She never thought much of her Ma and Pa's life before they had her or the hard yet peaceful life they all led together, tending their farm.  Holly Ray simply knew that her parents quietly loved her and they kept her safe and that was more than enough.  

It never seemed odd to her that on the nights of the full moon, her Pa would lower Ma into an old well that had long ago dried up or that he and Holly Ray would lock themselves in the old root cellar for the night.  For all three nights, in fact.

And so things went this way for the first fourteen years of her life.  Until the storms rolled in for close to two weeks straight, flooding the nearby creek and even causing  the old well to fill, once again.  She watched her Ma and Pa argue about it, until finally her Pa relented as Ma begged him to help her, that thing would be fine.  Hours later a monster out of nightmares ripped through the root cellar door, Pa shielded Holly Ray from the creature that faced them, while begging it to get away from them.  But, Holly Ray was overcome with fear and somehow set the creature ablaze...with her mind.  She couldn't tell if Pa was more worried about her or the monster as she fell into unconsciousness from using her newfound ability.

Holly Ray never got to ask him though, the next day, she woke up riding in the back of a wagon, driven by a soldier, headed for parts unknown.  She could just barely make out her family's farm far in the distance.  Her skin was covered in strange tattoos and she had a terrible headache that wouldn't go away.  A man in a dress uniform sat across from her, and when she asked where her family was, he sadly responded that something terrible had happened and it was best not to dwell on it.  When she questioned him about her parents, he sadly shook his head and told her to think about her future, it could be bright indeed, if she wanted it to be.

Holly Ray had found her way into the hands of Colonel Clevon Imlikin, who told her he was a member of the Grey Masters.  That night as they made camp, he explained that he had been close to her farm the previous night, when her own terror had allowed her to burn the monster that attacked her and her father.  But while she had saved herself, her Ma and Pa had not been so lucky.  Further, he told her that if she would listen and work hard he would train her to use her power.  He also explained, that one day if she were disciplined enough, she might even be invited to join the Grey Masters.  Finally, he explained that the tattoos on her body were designed to keep her from using her newly discovered ability.

It was then that one his men brought a dagger to her throat, drawing blood and the Colonel immediately commanded Holly Ray to burn the man.  And to horror, she did, even though her head exploded with stars and the tattoos boiled off of her skin, she burned the man to ash.  As Holly Ray collapsed to the ground, Colonel Imlikin quietly explained that there were many in this world who hunted beings like them.  But he would prepare her, and then exhaustion claimed her.

Then next day, the Colonel, who looked at her with both awe and a tinge of fear, explained that she was a Torch and that she was part of a select few of beings born with the power of the mind.  When she asked if she was a magician, Clevon scoffed, telling her she was something much more than a mixed blooded mongrel or greedy scholar and quite possibly the key to the 14th Age.

The Colonel proved to be a fair yet stern teacher and he trained Holly Ray in all matters of subject, self-defense and most importantly her power.  She learned that the Colonel was a Spyglass and his senses were far greater than most and even extended into the past and sometimes the future, but most importantly they allowed him to find other's that shared their gift.  Finally, after nearly two years, the Colonel was set to present her to the other Grey Masters and he told her how proud he was of her.  And deep down, Holly Ray was proud, as well.

They were staying in a village outside of Horizon, at a small Inn run by a couple who doted on Holly Ray, as Clevon  prepared for her introduction.  They ate a wonderful meal of venison and potatoes and she laughed at the old man's stories until it was time for bed.  But it was also the first night of the full moon and Holly Ray's other heritage, on her mother's side, finally expressed itself.  That night, as the clouds parted and the full autumn moon hung high in the night sky, Holly Ray transformed into a werewolf just like her Ma.  There were no survivors amongst the carnage of the following morning, the old man, his loving wife and even the Colonel fell victim to Holly Ray, the monster and the Torch.

As dawn bathed the holocaust in harsh light, a group of men in red and black armor quietly approached her, they made no move to attack, and one of them simply took her up in his arms and cradled her there.  And so, Holly Ray let herself be quietly taken to the man who contracted the Rom Pharr to Find her, Baron Voth.

Voth was ecstatic he had snatched her from the clutches of the Grey Masters.  The Baron gleefully told her that she was essential to his Obsidian Gambit whenever he visited her in her cell whenever the moon was full.  Each time he promised her that she would do great things one day.  For him.  And then he would bring in some poor, terrified fool to keep her company until the moon would rise.

When the Company of Badgers found her in her cell, she tried to warn them to leave her, that the change was only a few days off, but they insisted she come with them.  As they clashed with guards during the final push of their escape, it almost seemed like Holly Ray stepped in front of the will o' the wisp that attacked them and stole her life away.

But a werewolf is far harder to kill than that, and Cash the Bard warned his group that odds were that she would return to the living at the first light of the full moon.  And so the group prepares, waiting to help a young girl and hoping to protect themselves in the process.

Meanwhile, in the city of Necropolis, Baron Voth ponders the possibilities of Holly Ray's future, a future that a sad, lonely girl believes will never be her own.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dead AGE becomes Wyrd Science

I had a hoot running my Resident Evil inspired game using Green Ronin's Adventure Game Engine, but I haven't been able to get back to it in months and am not sure exactly when it will start back up.

However, as much as I like the AGE system I don't need the distraction of working on the story and working on new mechanics.  So that means finding a new system, which is another way for me to get distracted.

Right now I'm thinking New World of Darkness (I like the system, but it may be too lethal for the level of action I want), Feng Shui (this past friday I ran it for the store's Friday Group as part of Atlas Games' Alpha Test) or Rotted Capes (I'd like some elements of lower powered supers).

The game is not even slotted on my schedule yet, but Feng Shui and Rotted Capes are my contenders right now.

Since I'm moving away from the Adventure Game Engine, I'm changing the name to Wyrd Science.

Key elements to the game will be the Umbrella Corporation, New Edision Inc., bioterrorism, the League of Shadows, the Office of Scientific Intelligence, Frankenstein's Monster, the Si-Fan, and Fu Manchu and CHON.

I'm hoping to test character write-ups in Feng Shui & Rotted Capes soon.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rom Pharr Finder for 13th Age

Mysterious thieves who appear out of the shadows to take your most prized possession, be it your daughter, your grimoire, your grandfather's ring, or even your Frost Brand.  And even if you stop them, they will keep coming for it because they are relentless, and will not quit until their contract is fulfilled.  They are the Rom Pharr and they will steal the the one thing you hold most dear.

5th level spoiler [HUMANOID]
Initiative: +6

Ghostblade Katana +11 vs. PD—18 damage
Natural even hit:  You do not get to make a save at the end of your turn.

R: Poisoned Dart +10 vs. PD— Target is stunned.
Natural 16+:  Target is vulnerable as well.

AC 21
PD  19                              HP 72
MD 19

For more information on the Rom Pharr and their history, click here.

Monday, October 21, 2013


For those of you following at home, I've added the Inquest tag to the blog.  Basically, the game that I'm calling Inquest is my Tales of the 13th Age game.  Since it drifts a bit more than, what I assume, most Tales of the 13th Age games do, I decided to give it another name.

While I plan to participate in all of the Tales of the 13th Age Adventure Paths, the players already have some goals that might not jive with that.  After their meeting with an Archdruid, they plan to turn in Baron Voth's phylactory to El Jefe in Newport and then return the prisoners they freed from Necropolis to their homelands and find out more about a set of three swords they've recovered.

And while I love using the Adventure Paths, I don't want to ignore their goals.

So, the Inquest has begun...

Inquest: Rom Pharr [13th Age]

The Rom Pharr are an elite cadre who have operated throughout the lands of the Midland Sea since at
least the 8th Age.  Their loyalties have been bought by the Wizard King, Dragon Emperor, Prince of Shadows and even the Diabolist.  The Rom Phar are Finders, their sole task when hired is to retrieve any single object their client requires, wether it be an artifact, a spell book, or even a person.  They have unparalleled success as Finders.

When the Rom Pharr accept a contract their fee is rather unusual, it is the weight of their target in star metal, a rare and ancient metal that has fallen from the Overworld.  It goes without question that a client must be in dire need to employe e the Rom Pharr .  However, the group will not cease the pursuit of their target until the contract is fulfilled.  At least one contract, the retrieval of the Ember Grimoire from the Archmage himself, took them nearly 300 years to complete.

The Rom Pharr will go to any length to secure their target, but cannot be bartered with.  Their current contract must be fulfilled before they take on a new one, as the Dragon Emperor once learned the hard way.

The unit is believed to be comprised of less than thirty members, but the truth is that very little is known about the group, only that they all wear identical black and red armor and that the only member of the unit who seems to speak is the Negotiator, their apparent leader.  He is identified by the strange twin bladed glaive that he wields.

Those of power and privilege around the Midland Sea often treat the Rom Pharr as boogey men...until they have something someone else wants badly enough.

Rumors (1d6):

1) The Rom Pharr are snakemen from Omen.  They plan to restore their homeland to it's ancient glory and defeat the dungeons that have invaded it, before retaking the Midland Sea.  To achieve their plan to destroy the dungeons there, they require a huge supply of star metal.

2) The Rom Pharr were started in Shadow Port and maintain a headquarters there.  They can be contacted by taking the ninth room at the Stygian, an inn at the crossing of Sept and Qualm.

3) The Negotiator is a role that every member of the group takes, at different times.

4) The Archmage has placed a bounty on the head of the Negotiator.  The price on his head is the granting of a single Wish spell.

5) The Rom Pharr are single family, the Von Blau clan hailing from the Lost River region, who were cursed by the Three during the 4th Age.  The star metal is the price the Black requires for the hex to be lifted.  They have already freed themselves from the Red and the Blue.

6)  The Rom Pharr hail for Stardock, they are sworn to return the remains of fallen stars to the Overworld.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tales of the 13th Age: Winding Down Wyrd of the Wild Wood

First, Tales of the 13th Age is an awesome program and I can't rave enough about the quality of the work being done.

Second, as much as I'd like to keep the schedule the adventures intend, it just won't happen.  So my Tales of the 13th Age game is drastically different from what I was given and I've decided it's ok, because both adventure paths have inspired all of the fun at our table and...well we're having fun at the table.

While I'd love to run a weekly game, we're lucky to get three sessions per month, so we're making it work.

Right now, instead of starting a second group of player characters, I stuck with the first and had them transported from Necropolis to the Wild Wood (by an aboleth).

And while I intended for them to flee for their lives toward New Port, where El Jefe waits for his phylactery, well, they had some good reasons to stay.

They did find the ruined city that with the Aegis guarding it, but they are waiting for a mermaid princess and lycanthropic trapper to return from the dead (hopefully I'll get a chance to explain this better).

Next session is a meeting with an Archdruid and a couple of surprises and hopefully I'll start into the third adventure path.

Inquest: Princess Shee La Napthorian du Don [13th Age]

Shee La is the eldest daughter of King Nikel Clea-Napthorian du Don and Queen Trident Napthorian du Don, sovereign rulers of the Deep Blue Kingdom of Am Nu Vor (Amity Bay).

Shee La is a powerful telepath with limited telekinetic ability.  She is brilliant, charming and a born leader.

The first of seven sisters in line for the the throne, Shee La demonstrated her telepathy while still in Trident's womb.  She was precocious, quick to learn, likable and extremely caring from an early age.  Her telepathy, was a gift, the ruling family had guarded dearly, and it has aided them several times in some extremely tense diplomatic scenarios.  Shee La quickly found her place at court and excelled at both demonstrating her worth as a future leader, while remaining completely loyal to her family.

Trident and Nikel were both shocked when Shee La was kidnapped by the Rom Pharr, mercenaries hailing from the Red Wastes.  Baron Voth, who paid for her capture, was quick to contact the King and Queen and convince them to stay their hand at either rescue or retailation.

Baron Voth chose Shee La as one of several political targets who were integral to an elaborate plan, the Obsidian Gambit, that the Lich King had assigned him to accomplish.  The Baron had heard of her reputation at diplomancy and chose to dine with her on three separate occasions.  Shee La found her mental power sorely tested in resisting powerful enchantments each time and deduced that the Gambit required her cooperation to some extent.  Her telepathy wasn't necessary to see that Voth was deeply frustrated at not being able to break the mermaid.

While held in the dungeon, her tank was in the same room as an aboleth who identified himself as Shoal.  Over the several months they were incarcerated together, Shee La developed a loose rapport with the being and discovered had had been held captive for nearly five decades by Voth.

During the escape from the Baron's dungeons, Shee La was killed by an attacking will 'o the wisp, however the Company of the Badger chose to take her corpse with them and deliver her remains to her family.  They were pleasantly shocked to discover the enchanted water of the Wild Wood hass resurrected her and is slowly returning her to full health.

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Organ Grinder for 13th Age

Organ Grinder 

Theosophists will extoll the superiority of the beings known as Or'gn-grir or organ grinders at great length.  They compare the being's actions to our own treatment of ants, firmly believing our small brains are not up to the task of understanding something that lives outside of space and time.  Going so far as to claim that  being a victim of an organ grinder is, essentially, a privilege.  Apparently, according to their viewpoint , having your insides ground up and sucked out of your body make you more than simply food.

6th level wrecker [ABERRATION]
Initiative: +2

Talons +11 vs. AC—21 damage
Natural even hit:  The organ grinder can make a free Organ Grind attack during its next turn.

Organ Grind +11 vs. PD—You lose a recovery.
Natural roll of 16+  You lose an additional recovery.

AC 20
PD  16                              HP 90
MD 22

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rotted Capes by Paradigm Concepts

I've been a big fan of Paradigm Concepts for years.  It started with Witchunter, which led to their relaunch of Arcanis and finally to their Super Heroes and Zombies smash up, Rotted Capes.

If your familiar with Arcanis (not the D20 System version) you already know the rules.  Basically 2d10 + Attribute Die (instead of modifier) + Skill Rank vs a Difficulty.

The powers are streamlined, yet robust and the genre is handled pretty well.

The two things that stand out are:

1) The book is only 192 pages for a brand new Super Hero game.  That's pretty intriguing and it covers the rules, the setting and everything.

2) You aren't rolling piles of dice.  Most Super Hero games have that flaw for me.  At most you'll be rolling 2d12 + d4...and yes technically you can exceed that, but I don't see it happening.

My one concern is that combat uses a clock system and I need to see how that plays out.  Part of it is that I'm old enough to know what I like and part of me isn't sure I want that layer of complexity, but I will try it out.

I really can't recommend this game enough.  PCI is a great company and they make awesome games.

I don't know when I'll get to give this a spin, but it's tied for Numenera right now for next game I want to run.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Contemplating Projects

I'm trying to organized my time and hopefully focus my posts better.

Currently I'm running 13th Age using the Tales of 13th Age Organized Play, mostly on a weekly basis.

I'm playing a highly house ruled DnD Next game, mostly on a weekly basis.

I've been looking at using the ArchMage Engine to adapt Rifts and Nightbane.

I've been accepted into playtesting Feng Shui 2E from Atlas Games.

I'd like to work on a project I wrote about earlier this year: Duck Call of Cthulhu (a CoC and DuckTales mash up).

And I'd like to continue my Dead AGE game (Adventure Game Engine in a setting inspired by Resident Evil).

And I'm supposed to start running a Numenera Game.

I'm pushing myself to generate more ArchMage Engine content and work out more information about Duck Call of Cthulhu and Dead Age (though I might drop the Adventure Game Engine and use a different ruleset).

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tales of the 13th Age: An Update

I'm truly enjoying running Fire Opal and Pelgrane Press's Tales of the 13th Age Adventure Paths and the team, led by Ash Law, is producing damn fine stories to tell.

Unfortunately, I got behind and my group is running a mash-up of the first two stories and my goal is to be ready start the third one on time.

Basically, the group just finished stealing the Crown from Necropolis and with the help of a "talking catfish" (an aboleth) were able to teleport out landing up in the forest of the High Druid who has her own reasons for hunting them down.

I won't lie, I took the outline of both adventures and worked up quite a bit of my own twists, I purposely made Necropolis far more mundane than my players were expecting (if you have a city of undead, unlife has to still be fairly day to day).  And best of all, the players have built up three interesting sub-plots for us to flesh out.

I look forward to getting us on track and heading off into different directions.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

[13th Age] Ages & Icons: A Possibility

I've been contemplating a possibility that the number of Icons is equal to the Age they dwell within.

So, what if there was merely one Icon in the 1st Age or seven in the 7th Age and of course thirteen in the 13th age?

Following this line of thought I've mapped out how I think the Icons could have developed.

The 1st Age 
The Four (The Gold, Black, Red, and Blue) survey the land.

The 2nd Age
The Diabolist claws her way into existence.
Betrayal stalks the Four.

The 3rd Age
The Great Gold Wyrm walks his own path.
Contempt drives the Three.
Hatred drives the Diabolist.

The 4th Age
The Archmage steals the secret of magic.
Concern fills the Great Gold Wyrm.
Blame tears through the Three.
Accomplishment fills the Diabolist.

The 5th Age
The Priestess is elevated by the Gods of Light.
Her arrival is below the Archmage's notice.
Communications are opened by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Disparate lairs are found by the Three.
Mockery distracts the Diabolist.

The 6th Age
The Wizard King sets out to conquest all he surveys.
The Orc Lord is responsible for his downfall.
Hope is born by the Priestess.
Leadership is provided by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Careful observations are made by the Three.
Whispers are the weapon of choice for the Diabolist.

The 7th Age
The Elf Queen's shame forces her hand.
The Dwarf King's regret leads his clans to the surface.
The Crusader pushes back the remnants of the orcish host.
Instructions are given by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Unity is promoted by the Priestess.
New territories are settled by the the Three.
Targets are suggested by the Diabolist.

The 8th Age 
The Emperor unites his people.
Ancient knowledge is offered by the Elf Queen.
Powerful weapons are bestowed by the Dwarf King.
Blessings are given by the Priestess.
Wisdom is freely given by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Strongholds are fortified by the Three.
Foes old and new fall before the Crusade.
Unforeseen complications hinder the Diabolist.

The 9th Age
The Archmage is reborn.
Uncertainty distracts the Emperor.
The past harries the Elf Queen.
The future troubles the Dwarf King.
Lines of communication are opened by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Dread fills the Priestess.
Certainty drives the Crusader.
Accomplishment unites the Three.
Glee fills the Diabolist.

The 10th Age
The High Druid is selected to protect the Wild Places.
An sanctum is procured by the Archmage.
Borders distract the Emperor.
Support is offered by the Elf Queen.
Preparations drive the Dwarf King.
Curiosity overcomes the Great Gold Wyrm.
Caution is extolled by The Priestess.
Fervor directs the Crusader.
An ancient plan is set into motion among the Three.
Darker days are plotted by the Diabolist.

The 11th Age
The Prince of Shadows makes a name for himself.
Experimentation consumes the Archmage.
Possibilities are explored by the Emperor.
Disapproval keeps the Elf Queen at a distance.
Coin swells the Dwarf King's coffers.
Curiosity stays the Great Gold Wyrm's hand.
Concern haunts the  Priestess.
Aid is excepted by the Crusader.
Surprise catches the Three off guard.
Fear dawns in the Diabolist's heart.
Preparations consume the High Druid.

The 12th Age
The Lich King is resurrected with dark purpose.
Unpredictability becomes the Prince of Shadow's trademark.
The past catches up with  the Archmage.
Diplomacy is the the tactic the Emperor chooses.
Cruel memory guides the Elf Queen.
Battle lines are drawn by the  Dwarf King.
Conspiracy is suspected by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Her followers safe guard the Priestess as she parleys with the Gods of Light.
A new enemy is eyed by the Crusader.
Congratulation distract the Three.
Uncertainty holds the Diabolist at bay.
Plans are set into motion by the High Druid.

The 13th Age
The Orc Lord returns.
Dreams, schemes, and intrigue occupy the other 12 Icons.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 2

So I came into the episode hoping for quite a bit:  better pacing and story, better writing and acting, better sets and effects.  And I was disappointed.

I really see this as ABC's flagship show so why doesn't it have better sets and effects?  Buffy had better sets, on the WB.  I feel like I'm watching an episode of Wonder Woman, that's how bad the sets are.  And the writing and acting just continue to underwhelm.

But here is my caveat, I see the importance of tonight's episode in the larger picture.  Six very different agents learning to be a team.  I get what they're trying to do.

And I was pretty close to writing it off, when the Nick Fury clip came on.  And just like last week, the last bit of the show pulled me in for next week.

So there is hope.  But I need them to kick this into gear fast.  Y'know I think Joss needs smaller seasons and less guarantees.  I think he's a better maker of television as the underdog, instead of the 800 lb. gorilla.

Now, onto the my biggest gripe.  The Marvel universe is filled with thousands of great characters and props to use in this show.  And they aren't using any of them.  I'm sure Marvel Films wants to protect things, but how cool would last week have been featuring Luke Cage and this week if the device was of Kree or Celestial origin?

I'll be patient.  But this project deserves better than we are getting.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

13th Age Icons by Jack Kirby!

13th Age Icons using the King's imagination!

The Archmage

The Crusader

The Diabolist

The Dwarf King

The Elf Queen

The Emperor 

The Great Gold Wyrm

The High Druid

The Lich King

The Orc Lord

The Priestess

The Prince of Shadows

The Three

Thundarr the Movie

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