Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tales of the 13th Age: Winding Down Wyrd of the Wild Wood

First, Tales of the 13th Age is an awesome program and I can't rave enough about the quality of the work being done.

Second, as much as I'd like to keep the schedule the adventures intend, it just won't happen.  So my Tales of the 13th Age game is drastically different from what I was given and I've decided it's ok, because both adventure paths have inspired all of the fun at our table and...well we're having fun at the table.

While I'd love to run a weekly game, we're lucky to get three sessions per month, so we're making it work.

Right now, instead of starting a second group of player characters, I stuck with the first and had them transported from Necropolis to the Wild Wood (by an aboleth).

And while I intended for them to flee for their lives toward New Port, where El Jefe waits for his phylactery, well, they had some good reasons to stay.

They did find the ruined city that with the Aegis guarding it, but they are waiting for a mermaid princess and lycanthropic trapper to return from the dead (hopefully I'll get a chance to explain this better).

Next session is a meeting with an Archdruid and a couple of surprises and hopefully I'll start into the third adventure path.

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