Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 2

So I came into the episode hoping for quite a bit:  better pacing and story, better writing and acting, better sets and effects.  And I was disappointed.

I really see this as ABC's flagship show so why doesn't it have better sets and effects?  Buffy had better sets, on the WB.  I feel like I'm watching an episode of Wonder Woman, that's how bad the sets are.  And the writing and acting just continue to underwhelm.

But here is my caveat, I see the importance of tonight's episode in the larger picture.  Six very different agents learning to be a team.  I get what they're trying to do.

And I was pretty close to writing it off, when the Nick Fury clip came on.  And just like last week, the last bit of the show pulled me in for next week.

So there is hope.  But I need them to kick this into gear fast.  Y'know I think Joss needs smaller seasons and less guarantees.  I think he's a better maker of television as the underdog, instead of the 800 lb. gorilla.

Now, onto the my biggest gripe.  The Marvel universe is filled with thousands of great characters and props to use in this show.  And they aren't using any of them.  I'm sure Marvel Films wants to protect things, but how cool would last week have been featuring Luke Cage and this week if the device was of Kree or Celestial origin?

I'll be patient.  But this project deserves better than we are getting.

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