Monday, October 21, 2013

Inquest: Rom Pharr [13th Age]

The Rom Pharr are an elite cadre who have operated throughout the lands of the Midland Sea since at
least the 8th Age.  Their loyalties have been bought by the Wizard King, Dragon Emperor, Prince of Shadows and even the Diabolist.  The Rom Phar are Finders, their sole task when hired is to retrieve any single object their client requires, wether it be an artifact, a spell book, or even a person.  They have unparalleled success as Finders.

When the Rom Pharr accept a contract their fee is rather unusual, it is the weight of their target in star metal, a rare and ancient metal that has fallen from the Overworld.  It goes without question that a client must be in dire need to employe e the Rom Pharr .  However, the group will not cease the pursuit of their target until the contract is fulfilled.  At least one contract, the retrieval of the Ember Grimoire from the Archmage himself, took them nearly 300 years to complete.

The Rom Pharr will go to any length to secure their target, but cannot be bartered with.  Their current contract must be fulfilled before they take on a new one, as the Dragon Emperor once learned the hard way.

The unit is believed to be comprised of less than thirty members, but the truth is that very little is known about the group, only that they all wear identical black and red armor and that the only member of the unit who seems to speak is the Negotiator, their apparent leader.  He is identified by the strange twin bladed glaive that he wields.

Those of power and privilege around the Midland Sea often treat the Rom Pharr as boogey men...until they have something someone else wants badly enough.

Rumors (1d6):

1) The Rom Pharr are snakemen from Omen.  They plan to restore their homeland to it's ancient glory and defeat the dungeons that have invaded it, before retaking the Midland Sea.  To achieve their plan to destroy the dungeons there, they require a huge supply of star metal.

2) The Rom Pharr were started in Shadow Port and maintain a headquarters there.  They can be contacted by taking the ninth room at the Stygian, an inn at the crossing of Sept and Qualm.

3) The Negotiator is a role that every member of the group takes, at different times.

4) The Archmage has placed a bounty on the head of the Negotiator.  The price on his head is the granting of a single Wish spell.

5) The Rom Pharr are single family, the Von Blau clan hailing from the Lost River region, who were cursed by the Three during the 4th Age.  The star metal is the price the Black requires for the hex to be lifted.  They have already freed themselves from the Red and the Blue.

6)  The Rom Pharr hail for Stardock, they are sworn to return the remains of fallen stars to the Overworld.

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