Monday, October 14, 2013

The Organ Grinder for 13th Age

Organ Grinder 

Theosophists will extoll the superiority of the beings known as Or'gn-grir or organ grinders at great length.  They compare the being's actions to our own treatment of ants, firmly believing our small brains are not up to the task of understanding something that lives outside of space and time.  Going so far as to claim that  being a victim of an organ grinder is, essentially, a privilege.  Apparently, according to their viewpoint , having your insides ground up and sucked out of your body make you more than simply food.

6th level wrecker [ABERRATION]
Initiative: +2

Talons +11 vs. AC—21 damage
Natural even hit:  The organ grinder can make a free Organ Grind attack during its next turn.

Organ Grind +11 vs. PD—You lose a recovery.
Natural roll of 16+  You lose an additional recovery.

AC 20
PD  16                              HP 90
MD 22

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