Thursday, October 3, 2013

[13th Age] Ages & Icons: A Possibility

I've been contemplating a possibility that the number of Icons is equal to the Age they dwell within.

So, what if there was merely one Icon in the 1st Age or seven in the 7th Age and of course thirteen in the 13th age?

Following this line of thought I've mapped out how I think the Icons could have developed.

The 1st Age 
The Four (The Gold, Black, Red, and Blue) survey the land.

The 2nd Age
The Diabolist claws her way into existence.
Betrayal stalks the Four.

The 3rd Age
The Great Gold Wyrm walks his own path.
Contempt drives the Three.
Hatred drives the Diabolist.

The 4th Age
The Archmage steals the secret of magic.
Concern fills the Great Gold Wyrm.
Blame tears through the Three.
Accomplishment fills the Diabolist.

The 5th Age
The Priestess is elevated by the Gods of Light.
Her arrival is below the Archmage's notice.
Communications are opened by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Disparate lairs are found by the Three.
Mockery distracts the Diabolist.

The 6th Age
The Wizard King sets out to conquest all he surveys.
The Orc Lord is responsible for his downfall.
Hope is born by the Priestess.
Leadership is provided by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Careful observations are made by the Three.
Whispers are the weapon of choice for the Diabolist.

The 7th Age
The Elf Queen's shame forces her hand.
The Dwarf King's regret leads his clans to the surface.
The Crusader pushes back the remnants of the orcish host.
Instructions are given by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Unity is promoted by the Priestess.
New territories are settled by the the Three.
Targets are suggested by the Diabolist.

The 8th Age 
The Emperor unites his people.
Ancient knowledge is offered by the Elf Queen.
Powerful weapons are bestowed by the Dwarf King.
Blessings are given by the Priestess.
Wisdom is freely given by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Strongholds are fortified by the Three.
Foes old and new fall before the Crusade.
Unforeseen complications hinder the Diabolist.

The 9th Age
The Archmage is reborn.
Uncertainty distracts the Emperor.
The past harries the Elf Queen.
The future troubles the Dwarf King.
Lines of communication are opened by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Dread fills the Priestess.
Certainty drives the Crusader.
Accomplishment unites the Three.
Glee fills the Diabolist.

The 10th Age
The High Druid is selected to protect the Wild Places.
An sanctum is procured by the Archmage.
Borders distract the Emperor.
Support is offered by the Elf Queen.
Preparations drive the Dwarf King.
Curiosity overcomes the Great Gold Wyrm.
Caution is extolled by The Priestess.
Fervor directs the Crusader.
An ancient plan is set into motion among the Three.
Darker days are plotted by the Diabolist.

The 11th Age
The Prince of Shadows makes a name for himself.
Experimentation consumes the Archmage.
Possibilities are explored by the Emperor.
Disapproval keeps the Elf Queen at a distance.
Coin swells the Dwarf King's coffers.
Curiosity stays the Great Gold Wyrm's hand.
Concern haunts the  Priestess.
Aid is excepted by the Crusader.
Surprise catches the Three off guard.
Fear dawns in the Diabolist's heart.
Preparations consume the High Druid.

The 12th Age
The Lich King is resurrected with dark purpose.
Unpredictability becomes the Prince of Shadow's trademark.
The past catches up with  the Archmage.
Diplomacy is the the tactic the Emperor chooses.
Cruel memory guides the Elf Queen.
Battle lines are drawn by the  Dwarf King.
Conspiracy is suspected by the Great Gold Wyrm.
Her followers safe guard the Priestess as she parleys with the Gods of Light.
A new enemy is eyed by the Crusader.
Congratulation distract the Three.
Uncertainty holds the Diabolist at bay.
Plans are set into motion by the High Druid.

The 13th Age
The Orc Lord returns.
Dreams, schemes, and intrigue occupy the other 12 Icons.

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