Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tales of the 13th Age: An Update

I'm truly enjoying running Fire Opal and Pelgrane Press's Tales of the 13th Age Adventure Paths and the team, led by Ash Law, is producing damn fine stories to tell.

Unfortunately, I got behind and my group is running a mash-up of the first two stories and my goal is to be ready start the third one on time.

Basically, the group just finished stealing the Crown from Necropolis and with the help of a "talking catfish" (an aboleth) were able to teleport out landing up in the forest of the High Druid who has her own reasons for hunting them down.

I won't lie, I took the outline of both adventures and worked up quite a bit of my own twists, I purposely made Necropolis far more mundane than my players were expecting (if you have a city of undead, unlife has to still be fairly day to day).  And best of all, the players have built up three interesting sub-plots for us to flesh out.

I look forward to getting us on track and heading off into different directions.

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