Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thor's Day: The Cacodex for the Cypher System

Rumors insist that this legendary tome is the journal of a cultist, who identifies themselves as J.L.T., chronicling their cult's actions, step by step, to bring about the Silent Wave, which ended the Fifth World.


Level: 1d6+3
Form: The Cacodex is a worn and battered book whose covers are the shells of some extinct creature and the pages are the skins of numerous humanoids.  
Blood, fecal matter, and other bodily fluids are used in place of illustrations, their odious shapes, seeming to warp and undulate out of the corner of the reader's eye.
Fell Pslams: While in possession of the Cacodex, the reader may bear 2 additional cyphers.
Thanoturgy: While in possession of the Cacodex, the reader gains a +1 asset to the use of all esoteries.
Summon Horror (13 Intellect): While in possession of the Cacodex, the reader my summon a Level 1d6+2 Horror from the Psychoasis.
Depletion: -

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