Monday, August 3, 2015

Aeon: Strigibear for Fantasy Age


After being banished from his home in the Vine Jungle, the beast man named Raqquill Rqazz joined up with a young alchemist named Keldor during a skirmish in the Berserker Islands.

Like others of his race, Rqazz has the ability to control beasts and monsters. He currently uses this particular talent as chief henchmen to Skeletor, the Overlord of Evil.

Abilities (Focuses)
1 Accuracy (Beak)

-3 Communication 

2 Constitution (Stamina)

1 Dexterity

2 Fighting (Claws)

-4 Intelligence 

4 Perception (Seeing, Smelling)

4 Strength (Might)

0 Willpower (Morale)


     Speed               Health           Defense          Armor Rating
        15                     35                   11                        4


Weapon               Attack Roll          Damage 

Beak                           +4                     1d6+3

Claw                           +4                     1d6+5
Special Qualities Favored Stunts: Knock Prone (2 SP), Lethal Blow (5 SP), Mighty Blow (2 SP).

Armored Hide: The strigibear's hide provides natural armor.

Darkvision: The strigibear can see perfectly in total darkness.

Maul: If the strigibear hits with a claw attack, they may make a beak attack as a free action against the same target.

Threat: Minor

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