Sunday, August 2, 2015

Gen Con

I just got back from a one day trip.  It was a strange day that had nothing to do with the Con, but no matter how much I love Indianapolis as a locale, I miss the days when TSR was running the show.  I just feel like the people who own Gen Con...well they don't really give a shit.  As one jerk stepped over my youngest daughter's stroller, I realized that the isles are way to narrow for a show this big.  The biggest gaming show in the world should be better run and laid out.

The high point of the show for me was Monte Cook Games booth.  That was the only place I made a purchase, buying the Numenera GM Mat, Numenera and the Strange dice, the Numenera GM Intrusion deck and Weird deck.  Very nice booth, staffed with great people. (Oh, I'm lying, I bought the Pocket Noteboard from the fine folks at Indie Press Revolution).

I regret that I never found Green Ronin's booth, but I already preordered Fantasy AGE and Titansgrave at my own store.

I really marveled at Palladium Games' booth, it was slick.  They have a flair with their cover designs.

While I enjoyed St. Elmo's, I think I prefer Palamino more.

In the end it was a good day, a meh show, and a great experience at MCG and IPR.

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