Friday, December 31, 2021

2021: The Year in Review

2021 was better than 2020 overall but once we hit October it sure has flown by. My family has been blessed and we have shelter, food, creature comforts, and are in good financial shape. I'm very thankful for all of that.

I was able to play online with two friends that I don't get to see very often but my crazy schedule kept us playing roughly once a month and I kept changing the game which included CEPHEUS engine, 5E, a Western RPG game based on Dungeon Crawl Classics, and a Star Wars game using a RuneQuest 6/Mythras hack.

I played in a DnD 5E Descent to Avernus game which was really great and after my Sun Cleric died in the first session I managed to keep my Divine Soul Sorcerer, Clete, alive through the rest of the game. It was an amazing game and I am lucky to have a group with multiple talented Game Masters.

I've been running a playtest of Shadows of the Weird Wizard and we are enjoying that, although Numenera has been calling to me with its siren song.

I find that I am more interested in testing mechanics than running a campaign and I'm really trying to fix that, to move on from it. Its always been a problem and I'm sure it is connected to my Anxiety, I think my previous medication helped with it a great deal more than my current one. I'm trying to figure out how to work on it because the moment I choose a game to run, which is harder than it should be, I immediately start noticing other games I'd like to try out and instead of focusing on the campaign I keep brainstorming ways to change to another system for the campaign. Its stressful and I'm just trying to look at the problem and work on it. Our group is taking a break at Christmas and New Year's so I'm hoping to use that time to just push through it.

I did run "one-shots" of Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and Hyperborea (2nd edition). I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures Death, Frost, Doom for LotFP and Rats in the Walls for Hyperborea.

In the last several years I've used modules almost exclusively and its something else I'm looking at. Until 5E I always ran adventures of my own design and I'm trying to get back to that. 

As a GM I find myself looking at fights differently than I used too and I think its mostly because of modern DnD and its "adventuring day". Since 5E is designed for multiple encounters and certain classes have a mix of short rests vs long rests I've found myself getting frustrated with X number of fights per day. I might be a fossil but I prefer meaningful fights with real stakes against Big Bads but I don't know if I can make that work with the 5E math, especially when I'm designing encounters to just drain resources. I think this is one of the reasons I daydream about running an OSR game because, in my head,  D&D editions before 3.X didn't have this requirement. Understand, this could just be me thinking the grass is greener the other side  of editions prior to 3.X

We will see what next year brings.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Universal Monsters: Mole People for Cypher System and Numemera


Mole People 3 (9) for the Cypher System

Motive: Serve their masters
Environment: Hollow Earth
Health: 9
Damage Inflicted: 3 points
Armor: 1
Movement: Short
Modifications: Digging 5, Darkvision 4
Combat: They use their abilities to see in the subterranean darkness and to dig through stone to ambush their prey.

Interactions: They have been abused by centuries of slave labor and have had their entire culture destroyed before they broke free. They are naturally distrustful of humans and surface-dwellers and will eat any outsiders that cross their path.

"Archaeologists Dr. Roger Bentley and Dr. Jud Bellamin find a race of Sumerian albinos living deep under the Earth who keep mutant humanoid mole men as their slaves to harvest mushrooms. The albinos mistreat and abuse the mole people and they free themselves from being enslaved. After the an earthquake strikes the city of the ablinos the surfing mole people move on to find a new source of food."

Monday, December 27, 2021

Marvel Monday: Skrulls for Hyperborea 3rd Edition


Skrulls for Hyperborea 3rd Edition

The Skrulls originated from the planet Skrullos, where they spread out amongst the stars as a mercantile civilization, primarily interested in free trade and willing to share their technology with the races they deemed worthy. When they encountered a new race, they simply transformed themselves to resemble that race to facilitate negotiations. The Skrull Empire that resulted from these contacts was based on free trade and mutual cooperation, but a darkness began to grow amongst their population. Decadence crept into to their newer generations and many were born degenerate and corrupt. Many Gods watched hungrily at their success and took credit for the shapeshifting, but the worship of Azathoth crept into their culture and take a stronger hold amongst them. These days it is common to find pockets of them on numerous worlds, living amongst the remnants of starfaring technology they no longer know how to use. Most skrulls encountered on Hyperobrea use their shapeshifting gift claim to be guided by Azathoth and to serve the men of Leng.

Skrull: #E 1d4 (2d6+1) | AL CE (or N) | SZ M | MV 25 | DX 14 | AC 6 |  HD 2 | #A 1/1 (weapon) | D (per weapon) | SV 13 | ML 8 | XP 40 |  TC A, X | Special:

* Shapeshifter: Polymorph self as the spell 3/day and they can appear as a specific individual. 

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Movie Villains: Sho'nuff for Cypher System & Numenera


Sho'nuff 7 (21) for the Cypher System

Motive: Rule over Harlem
Environment: Harlem
Health: 21
Damage Inflicted: 7 points
Armor: 1
Movement: Short
Modifications: Crime 8, Intimidation 8 
Combat: Sho'nuff rules through fear and intimidation and is a master of martial arts and he is ready for a fight at the spur of a moment.
Interactions: He is a braggart who looks for opportunities to showcase his top-notch fighting skills. If the characters would go to Harlem Sho'nuff as the "Shogun of Harlem" will cross their paths as soon as he learns about them and will be looking for a fight.

Sho'nuff is a kung fu master gangster who is the self-proclaimed "Shogun of Harlem" and appeared in Barry Gordy's The Last Dragon.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Star Wars: IG Series Droid for Cypher System & Numenera

 Happy Life Day!

IG-Series Droid  5 (15) for the Cypher System

Motive: Eliminate targets
Environment: Mostly on the Outer fringe
Health: 15
Damage Inflicted: 5 points
Armor: 3
Movement: Near
Modifications: Initiative 7, Speed Defense 6
Combat: IG series droids are 100% committed to the elimination of their target and any one that tries to stop them in that mission. The can attack three time each round.
Interactions: The characters have crossed a Moff who hires IG-55 to eliminate them.

"The IG-series was a series of droids. The InterGalactic Banking Clan maintained an army of IG lancer droids. One model of IG was a set of five identical assassin droids manufactured by Holowan Laboratoriesduring the final decades of the Galactic Republic. Only moments after their activation, those robots slaughtered their constructors and escaped their laboratories to roam the galaxy.
One of them was IG-88, who functioned as a bounty hunter during the Galactic Civil War."
IG-series droids can detect life forms at a range of up to 60 feet. Because of this they cannot be surprised by living creatures. They are also capable of seeing in total darkness at a range of 60 feet.


G.I. Joe: Major Bludd for the Cypher System & Numenera


Motive: Money, battle, and poetry; not necessarily in that order
Environment: Wherever money is flowing
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 4 points
Armor: 3
Movement: Near
Modifications: Initiative 5, Poetry 2, Tactics 5
Combat: Bludd likes being on the front lines and is a deadly opponent.
Interactions: United Nations officials offer the characters information about Bludd's whereabouts in exchange for help taking him into custody.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Cypher System: Boogerman


Boogerman 6 (18) for the Cypher System

Motive: Eat disobedient children
Environment: Any community
Health: 18
Damage Inflicted: 4 points
Armor: 5
Movement: Near
Modifications: Frighten 8, Hide 7
Combat: Boogermen can manipulate their size and shape to ambush their prey and carry them off to their lair to consume them.
Interactions: A local village has already had several children disappear and the Boogerman recognizes one of the characters as a meal that got away when it was a child.

"Horrific creatures whose existence is used by adults to frighten children into good behavior."

Transformers: Grimlock for the Cypher System & Numenera


Grimlock 9 (27) for the Cypher System

Motive: Lead the Dinobots
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 27
Damage Inflicted: 9 points
Armor: 6
Movement: Far
Modifications: Intellect defense level 6, Speed defense level 3
Combat: Grimlock is a vicious foe and intolerant any being he finds "weak". He prefers to use his Energy Sword or his teeth in Tyrannosaurs Rex mode but his Galaxial Rocket Launcher has a range of Far.
Interactions: He is cold, merciless, and resents authority but he will uphold the Autobots vow to protect humanity even if he despises their weaknesses.
Optional: Armor Shifts 2, Damage Shifts 2, Health Shifts 2, Strength Shifts 2

"The discovery of fossilized dinosaur bones in a cavern in their volcano base set the Earthbound Autobots on the track to creating the Dinobots. Intrigued by the creatures, and with additional knowledge supplied by Spike Witwicky, Wheeljack and Ratchet created three "Dinobots", one of which being Grimlock.

Their design specs proved to be too accurate to the creatures they were modeled on, as their primitive brains went out of control, and Grimlock and the other Dinobots almost destroyed Teletraan I, before the trio was stopped. Optimus Prime deemed them too dangerous to use again, and had them sealed back up in the cavern, but when the majority of the Autobot forces was captured by the Decepticons, Wheeljack freed them to go to their rescue. Equipped with new devices that enhanced their brainpower to functional levels, the three Dinobots successfully rescued their Autobot comrades, and Optimus Prime admitted his error."

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Cypher System: Bearer of a Runeweapon Focus

"Alas poor Elric, I was 1000 time more evil than thou."

Bearer of a Runeweapon

• Tier 1: It Knows My True Name (1 Intellect point): A melee runeweapon, such as a sword, hammer, or axe, has chosen you to bear it in this age. You know exactly where it is if it is within a short distance of you, and you know its general direction and distance if farther away. All of your other focus abilities require you to be holding or wielding this weapon. You can be attuned to only one runeweapon at a time; attuning yourself to a second one loses the attunement to the first one. Action to initiate, ten minutes to complete. Enabler. 

• Tier 1: It Guides My Hand (2+ Intellect points): As part of making an attack with your runeweapon, you charge it with magical power, inflicting 2 additional points of energy damage. If you make more than one attack on your turn, you choose whether to spend the cost for this ability before you make each attack. Enabler. 

• Tier 1: Its Runes Are Etched Upon My Heart: Choose either your Might Pool or your Speed Pool. When spending points to activate your focus abilities, you can spend points from this Pool instead of your Intellect Pool (in which case you use your Might Edge or Speed Edge instead of your Intellect Edge, as appropriate). Enabler. 

• Tier 2: It Has Made Me A Murderer: You are Trained at all attacks made by the Runeweapon. Enabler. 

Choose One Tier 3 Option:
• It Toys With Our Prey (3 Intellect points): Once per round, you can make an additional attack with your runeweapon. Enabler. 

• It Won’t Let Me Die: Thanks to your runeweapon, you are now immune to diseases, viruses, and mutations of any kind. Enabler. 

• Tier 4: It Craves So Much Blood: You add +2 damage to weapon attacks with the runeweapon. Enabler. 

• Tier 5: It Has Reforged Me In Its Image: You are an Expert with all attacks made by the Runeweapon. Enabler. 

Choose One Tier 6 Option:
• It Drinks Their Souls (8+ Intellect points): With a swift and sudden attack, you strike a foe in a vital spot. If the target is level 4 or lower, it is killed outright. For each additional level of Effort you apply, you can increase the level of the target by 1. Action. 

• It Is The Doom (8+ Intellect points): if you succeed on a Speed defense roll to resist an attack, you gain an action with an Asset. You can use the action immediately even if you have already taken a turn in the round. Enabler.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Old Gods of Appalachia: The Thing Whose Name Sounds Like Horned Head, But Is Not

 I discovered the Old Gods of Appalachia Horror Anthology a few weeks ago and I've fallen for it hard. I cannot recommend it enough, the writing, the voice acting, there sound design are all top notch and fill you with dread and despair in just the right ways.

The Thing Whose Name Sounds Like Horned Head, But Is Not 
8 (24) for the Cypher System

Motive: Nothing good, right or proper
Environment: Appalachia
Health: 24
Damage Inflicted: 8 points
Armor: 5
Movement: Far
Modifications: Entice 10, Intimidate 9
Combat: If it has come down to blood you are already worse than dead.
Interactions: Hornet Head will offer your heart's desire in service to it's night-black goals which include your ruination and damnation.

"Its coat was black as soot. Its hooves were wet with a viscous smearing brown. Its eyes burned with a foul blood-colored light. But the things she could not look away from were its antlers. They were amber. Translucent and honey-colored, pulsing with a low poisonous smolder, bits of ash falling from them here and there."
-- Old Gods of Appalachia Episode 0.5: The Witch Queen

Monday, December 20, 2021

Marvel Monday: Morbius, the Living Vampire for the Cypher System [Updated]


Motive: Cure his condition
Environment: Any large urban area
Health: 18
Damage Inflicted: 5 points
Armor: 1
Movement: Short by ground; Far by flight
Modifications: Might defense level 6
Combat: If a creature within Short range of Morbius is reduced to 1/2 Health or at least Impaired, he will immediately attack them in a near-mindless bloodlust.
If forced to hunt for prey he tries his best to feed on those he deems evil.
Interactions: Typically, the Living Vampire is encountered hunting to slake his hunger or as biologist who is willing to trade his services for various supplies for his research. 
Optional: Health Shifts 2, Intelligence Shifts 1, Strength Shifts 2

"His true identity is that of a former award-winning biochemist named Michael Morbius, who was imbued with pseudo-vampiric superhuman abilities and physical traits after a failed biochemical experiment which was intended to cure his rare blood disease, rather than originating from supernatural means. The rest of his appearances feature his struggles with his pseudo-vampiric persona, his insatiable lust for human blood and his subsequent efforts to cure his horrific condition, along with his eventual stint as a brutal and nightmarish vigilante, occasionally returning to villainy."

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Universal Monsters: Creature from the Black Lagoon for the Cypher System


Motive: Seeking a mate
Environment: Anywhere near a waterway
Health: 15
Damage Inflicted: 4 points
Armor: 3
Movement: Short on land; Far in the water
Modifications: Speed defense and Stalking as level 5
Combat: The creature takes time stalking its prey and looking to ambush them, preferably in the water. It moves quickly and its claws are razor sharp. If it has selected a sentient being to be its mate it will attack in order to steal them away and will pick a moment when they are most vulnerable.

Interactions: Often these creatures, known also as gill-men, are very curious and will investigate any newcomers to its territory. It will generally spy upon them, finding time to explore their camp or boat when the inhabitants are away. It will lethally respond to any threat it encounters and if it selects a mate from any outsiders it will do anything to acquire and abduct the object of its lust.

"The Hidebehind is a nocturnal fearsome critter from American folklore that preys upon humans that wander the woods, and was blamed for the disappearances of early loggers when they failed to return to camp. As its name suggests, the Hidebehind is said to be able to conceal itself. When an observer attempts to look directly at it, the creature quickly hides behind an object or behind the observer and therefore cannot be directly seen. The Hidebehind supposedly uses this ability to stalk human prey without being observed and to attack them without warning. Said victims, including lumberjacks and others who frequent the forests, are then dragged back to the creature's lair to be devoured. The creature subsists chiefly upon the intestines of its victim and has a severe aversion to alcohol, which is therefore considered a sufficient repellent. Tales of the hidebehind may have been used as an explanation of strange noises in the forest at night. Early accounts describe Hidebehinds as large, powerful animals, despite the fact that no one was able to see them."

Thursday, December 16, 2021

GI Joe: Destro for the Index Card RPG


❤️ ❤️   


WRIST ROCKETS: He launches a missile attack against an enemy within FAR range which inflicts MAGIC Effort and scores a critical on a Natural 19 or 20 on the D20 roll

MERCHANT OF DEATH: Any Ally armed with Destro's weapons gain a +1 to Effort

MASTER TACTICIAN: Destro can use an Action to make an Ally's next roll EASY as long as they are NEAR him

"Born in Callander, Scotland, Destro's full name is James McCullen Destro XXIV, and he is Laird of the Castle Destro in the Scottish Highlands. The Destro clan has designed and sold weapons for centuries, and Destro is the faceless power behind their current incarnation—M.A.R.S. (Military Armament Research Syndicate), a state-of-the-art weapons manufacturer and one of the largest multinational corporations in the world. As a businessman, Destro is cutthroat and unyielding and is able to maintain apartments or office buildings in most major cities of the world. His luxurious lifestyle outdoes most oil sheiks or shipping magnates. Destro was an early investor in Macau and has other potentially lucrative speculative real estate holdings in developing areas of the world. War is his business and passion; Destro believes in the spoils of war and the vast wealth M.A.R.S. provides. He hires mercenaries to stir up conflict in dangerous regions, then provides high-tech arms to any side able to meet his price. Continuing a tradition started by the first Destro, he will even sell to both sides of the same war."

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Street Fighter: M. Bison for the Index Card RPG


❤️ ❤️   


PSYCHO POWER: He unleashes a psionic attack that deals Magic Effort and ignores ARMOR

M. Bison can move up to FAR distance without traveling the space between

PYCHO REFLECT: When Bison takes damage he can use an Action to gather its power, doubling any Effort done on his next TURN

"M. Bison is in the process of developing his crime syndicate and underground army called Shadaloo. He is looking for particularly skilled and deadly fighters to join his ranks. After the first Street Fighter tournament, M. Bison recruits Sagat, who is devastated by the loss of his title as champion to Ryu. Bison determines that an efficient way of attracting that kind of talent is to host another worldwide Street Fighting tournament."

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Monday, December 13, 2021

Marvel Monday: MODOK for Index Card RPG


❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️   

+9 INT, +7 CON, +6 WIS, +4 GUN, +6 MAGIC, -1 CHA

4-HEAD CANNON: MAGIC weapon that ignores ARMOR.

FLIGHT CHAIR: Always in flight can rise up to FAR height.

PULSE CANNON: Attacks anything in a straight line that extends to FAR.

NANOBOTS: Regenerate 10 HP.

ADVANCED IDEA MINIONS: Summon 1d8 Minions with 5 HP/+3 to rolls.

"George Tarleton was a technician for the criminal organization Advanced Idea Mechanics(A.I.M.), founded by his father Alvin. He was born in Bangor, Maine. Having recently created the Cosmic Cube, the A.I.M. scientists used advanced mutagenics to alter Tarleton and created the super-intelligent man-mind MODOC (an acronym for Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing) to study and improve upon the object, alongside the JOD1E program. MODOC, however, becomes ambitious, kills his creators and takes control of A.I.M.. Renaming himself MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing), he comes into conflict with the hero Captain America, who is intent on rescuing S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter from A.I.M."

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Sunday, December 12, 2021

Index Card RPG: Warduke


WARDUKE for the Index Card RPG 

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️  


FLAMING SWORD: ULTIMATE weapon, the target takes MAGIC damage on their TURN

ANTI-MAGIC SHIELD: MAGIC does half-damage against him

INTIMIDATE: Roll CHA against this action or your next CHECK or ATTEMPT is HARD

"Warduke wears a suit of half-chain and a black, winged helmet. His shield bears the sign of a demon’s head. He was an old friend of Strongheart, a good paladin, but now the two are enemies. Both were exposed to the Heartstone, and Warduke’s cruel nature was brought out while Strongheart’s just nature became stronger.

He especially hates Strongheart, who he feels wastes his time protecting the weak and helpless. “A true fighter,” Warduke feels, “makes himself rich and powerful by the strength of his sword arm. He takes what he can—if you would keep your possessions, kill those who seek to take them. His sword is named Holocaust .”

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Cypher System: HideBehind

Motive: Stalk
Environment: The Woods
Health: 7
Damage Inflicted: 3
Armor: 1
Movement: Long
Modifications: Hiding and Sneaking as level 5
Combat: HideBehinds can alter their shape to remain unseen from their victims.

Use: The characters are moving through a HideBehind's territory and it's hungry.

"The Hidebehind is a nocturnal fearsome critter from American folklore that preys upon humans that wander the woods, and was blamed for the disappearances of early loggers when they failed to return to camp. As its name suggests, the Hidebehind is said to be able to conceal itself. When an observer attempts to look directly at it, the creature quickly hides behind an object or behind the observer and therefore cannot be directly seen. The Hidebehind supposedly uses this ability to stalk human prey without being observed and to attack them without warning. Said victims, including lumberjacks and others who frequent the forests, are then dragged back to the creature's lair to be devoured. The creature subsists chiefly upon the intestines of its victim and has a severe aversion to alcohol, which is therefore considered a sufficient repellent. Tales of the hidebehind may have been used as an explanation of strange noises in the forest at night. Early accounts describe Hidebehinds as large, powerful animals, despite the fact that no one was able to see them."

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Iron Maiden's Eddie the Head for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition


Flash Gordon: Lion Men for Old School Essentials

Lion Men for Old School Essentials

"Thun and the other Lion Men are depicted as human-like aliens, but with orange skin and leonine tails. The Lion Men are shown as living in tents and using "Space Gyro" aircraft, which are capable of defeating Ming's rocket ships in aerial combat. The Lion Men also have access to artillery, and are shown to own a mortar gun capable of destroying a small city. Thun helped Flash Gordon twice in stopping Ming marrying Dale. Thun and the Lion Men appeared on a semi-regular basis in the later Flash Gordon comic strips."

AC 7 [12], HD 2 (11hp), Att 1 × pistol (1d10), THAC0 15 [+4],  
MV 90’ (30’), SV D9 W10 P9 B12 S10 (MU9), ML 11, AL Lawful, 
XP 2,300, NA 1 (1), TT A, B, G, N, O

▶ Leader: Groups are led by a lion man with 16 hit points. The leader gains a +1 bonus to damage rolls.

▶ Lion Man Royalty: A 4HD (22hp) royal rules a lion man pride. The royal gains a +2 bonus to damage rolls.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Marvel Monday: Doctor Doom for Old School Essentials

Doctor Victor Von Doom for Old School Essentials

"King of Space." "Master of the Sun." You claim such vast domains. Is it to balance your small souls? Could I not lay claim to the light and the void, if I wished it? Have I not earned such titles? I, who have mastered all arts, all sciences, all secrets? Whose technology and magic cross the stars as easily as they scramble an alpha telepath's mind? Who would dare to say I have not earned the right? Yet I am king of a simple nation. On a simple planet. A beloved garden tended by iron hands. And the only title I have ever claimed... is doctor."

AC -1 [21], HD 9 (40hp), Att 1 × pistol (1d10), THAC0 15 [+4],  
MV 90’ (30’), SV D9 W10 P9 B12 S10 (MU9), ML 11, AL Lawful, 
XP 2,300, NA 1 (1), TT A, B, G, N, O

> Spells: Has three 1st level, three 2nd level, three 3rd level, two 4th level, and one 5th level spell memorized (choose or select at random). Additionally, he can cast detect magic, magic missile, read magic, and shield without memorizing them.

>Flight: Flies at a speed of 180' (60')

> Class: Usually treated as 3rd level fighter, but may be of any class and level.

> Knight and retainers: Accompanied by three 3rd level fighters (knights), up to 3 2nd level fighters (squires) and up to ten 1st level fighters (retainers).

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Cryptid Con

As a kid, the TV show In Search Of led me do further reading about cryptids, forteana, and high strangeness and I've been able to share that interest with my family. Yesterday and today we spent at the 4th Cryptid Con in Lexington, KY (little over an hour away from Boone County KY where I live) and it was just a total blast.

I've been to plenty of gaming conventions and I've worked plenty of comic conventions and there is nothing quite like Cryptid Con in my opinion. From my experiences, the comic and gaming industries are filled with large egos and plenty of drama and there has been none of that at any of the Cryptid Cons I've attended.

Even people with TV shows like Ghost Adventures and Finding Bigfoot are not only very easily accessible but really cool to talk to. You aren't going to be in long lines to have them charge you for an autograph and get a pic with your phone you are going to stand right next to them and talk to them or run into them in a restaurant or a hallway and they seem to be having as much fun as I am. I realize cryptids are a niche within a niche, but in 2021 its really cool to have nothing but positive experiences with like-minded, kind people.

One of the things that I feel makes this community so cool is that its predicated on listening to other people's experiences--yes, it might be a ghost, a snallygaster, or an alien but even the biggest names at the show have to listen to other stories for their job. And I think the world could use a lot more of that. Someone to listen to you and someone to say, "I get you, I might not have had your experience, but I get you and you are not alone."

How cool is that? I watched people from every walk of life hang out and create memories with each other instead of finding ways to divide themselves further. It was cool. Really cool. Heck, the Cryptid Con in 2018 was where I met the extradordinary Eric Bloat of Bloat Games. We missed him this year, but may next year y'know?

I realized years ago that what works for me isn't by any means universal. I sell comics books and DnD for a living. My wife, my kids, and I are always together (we home school). And when it comes to the paranormal and fortean I'm big kook. I hope that all of you find something that...heals you the way Cryptid Con me. This life is short and these times are strange and its good to know you fit somewhere.

Be good to each other!

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Warlord: Deimos for Worlds Without Number

Deimos for Worlds Without Number

HD: 6
AC: 13 
Atk: +2

Dmg: 1d6 + 1 (+1 mace/orb)
Shock: 2 / -- 
Move: 30'
ML: 9
Instinct: 2
Skill: +2

Save: 9+
Effort: 14

• Weilds an Orb that gives him +3 Effort per day and is a +1 mace. 

Partial Arcanist and a Parital Necromancer.

• Prepares 2 first level and 1 second level Arcanist spell per day.

• Knows the following 1st level Arcanist spells: Energetic Construct Evocation, Evoked Image Projection, Manipulatory Shadow Manifestation, Neural Burn Cascae and cast six 1st level spells per day.

• Knows the following 2nd level Arcanist spells: Blindside Skip, Concussive Pinhole Gate, Ghost Fild Emission and can cast three 2nd level spells per day.

• Can prepare six Necromancer spells per day with a max level of two, and cast three spells per day. Typically prepares: Command the Dead, Enfeebling Wave, Final Death, Query the Skull, Raise Corpse, Terrible liveliness.

• Necromaner Arts: Cold Flesh, Red Harvest, Unaging.

"Initially Deimos used advanced New Atlantean science to achieve his ends, later he became an adept of black magic. Deimos was a high priest of the kingdom of Thera who used knowledge hidden in the legendary Scrolls of Blood to ascend to the throne of that city-state. Not content with a single city-state, he plotted to conquer all of Skartaris only to be foiled by Travis Morgan—now known as the Warlord.”

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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Warlord: Hyaenodons for Old School Essentials

Scavengers and hunters in groups called “clans”. Live in hot regions, typically in savannah or scrublands. Often, thought of harbingers of evil or ill omens.

AC 4 [15], HD 4 (18hp), Att 1 × bite (1d6+2), THAC0 15 [+4],  
MV 130’ (50’), SV D9 W11 P12 B11 S14 (6), ML 8, AL Neutral, 
XP 400, NA 0 (1d4+1), TT P

> Coordinate: Communicate messages such as the location of prey, warnings, anger, and even frustrations through giggles, laughs, and barks.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Inhumanoids: D'Compose for Stars Without Number & SIlent Legions

D'Compose for Stars Without Number

HD: 11
AC: 15
Atk: +8 x 2 
Dmg: 1d8 + 2, Shock 3/AC --
Move: 20m
ML: 9
Skills: +3
Save: 10+

• When a creature takes 7 or more damage from D'Compose it must make a Physical save or transform into a zombie. The only way to end the transformation is to expose the zombie to sunlight.


HD: 1
AC: 10
Atk: +1 
Dmg: 1d6
Move: 5m
ML: 10
Skills: +0
Save: 16+

D'Compose for Silent Legions

AC: 0
HD: 11
Atks: Claws +8

Dmg: 1d8 + 2
Move: 60'
Morale: 9
Skill: +1
Special: Undead, Skeletal, Immune to firearms

Madness: 1d6 + 2
Save: 10+

• When a creature takes 7 or more damage from D'Compose it must make a Magic save or transform into a zombie. The only way to end the transformation is to expose the zombie to sunlight.


AC: 8
HD: 1
Atks: Bite +0

Dmg: 1
Move: 20'
Morale: 12
Skill: +0
Special: Undead, Skeletal, Immune to firearms

Madness: 1
Save: 15+

Long ago, D'Compose, along with the other Inhumanoids, engaged in a titanic battle with the Mutores. However, the sun paralyzed him, allowing the Mutores to send him falling in into a pit of amber, trapping D'Compose for much time.

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Monday, November 15, 2021

Marvel Monday: Omm for Hyperborea

for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea

No. Encountered: 1
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Size: L
Movement: 50 
Dexterity: 18
Armour Class: 5
Hit Dice: 7
Attack Rate: 1/1 (bite)
Damage: 2d8
Saving Throw: 7 
Morale: 9
Experience Points: 255
Treasure Class: C, G, X

Omm was one of Gaea's earliest spawns and it was worshipped as a god millennia ago, spawning a race of "Spider-People", which were enemies of the equally monstrous Serpent-Men of Set. During the Hyborian Age, the Spider-God was worshipped in the Zamoran town of Yezud, while in Artallus, a town in northern Zamora, the Spider-God was known as Arachna.

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Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Modern Flesh Golem for Lamentations of the Flame Princess


The Modern Flesh Golem AKA Eldo for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Armor 14, Movement 45’, 7 Hit Die, Attacks 2 with fist 1d6+4 or weapon+4, Morale 10, Climb 3, Sneak Attack 5, 
Stealth 4, Undead, When Eldo slays a sentient being roll a d6, on a 1-4 he inhales the target's soul and gains 1d8 + the number of HD the creatue had in Hit Points. He can exceed his maximum HP this way and any points in excess of his maximum fade an hour later.

Doktor Tabitha Kelp-Murrow, the Director of Surgery at the Royal Medical School for the last 8 years, was found dead on her estate yesterday. She was violently murdered, having been literally ripped limb from limb sometime after receiving dinner in her workshop around 8pm. Staff reported that she had essentially been living in her workshop after the death of her husband, Lord Jonathan Murrow, nearly three weeks ago.

When questioned by detective Guillaume Saint Cloud, the Doktor's staff said she had been consumed by grief at Lord Murrow's sudden death and that they were all "terribly worried about her". Long-time butler, Nathaniel "Natty" Winthrop told the detective he had approached her about her behavior and that she broke his nose telling him to "piss off" going so far as to threaten to sack him for his familiarity.

Several workers of the estate also mentioned that Maud "Absinthe" Rosewater, an old friend of the Doktor and Lord Murrow's from their time at university, had essentially moved into the workshop with the Doktor the day after Lord Murrow's funeral. Rosewater, the daughter of Lord Ephram and Lady Miriam, has troubled past and has been investigated for theft, grifting, and assault with many suggesting that her family's standing is all that has prevented her from being prosecuted.

Those same workers have also claimed that "associates" of Rosewater were seen bringing "cartloads of stuff, really foul-smelling stuff" deep into the night for weeks now.

The constables are currently seeking Maud Rosewater for questioning as she has not been seen since the murder.

Chief Constable Anyotta Calgary has said that this case is of the highest priority and has warned that witnesses should report any sightings of Maud Rosewater and that they should not attempt to interact with her.

Tabitha and Maud have been on again off again lovers since university with Tabitha marrying Murrow to enhance her career as a surgeon while Maud is a natural practitioner of magic who has made many self-destructive decisions in her pursuit of that knowledge.

Several months ago, Maud, who had taken the name Absinthe within the mystical underbelly she inhabited, sought out Tabitha for help as she had stolen a talisman from a necromancer named Grimme and he had hired brigands to find and capture her. Using her professional reputation and her husband's family's wealth she was able to negotiate a way to return the talisman to Grimme and to pay him off.

Grimme's older brother, Eldo, was dying and the necromancer had tried and failed twice to transfer the man's soul into a new body as the necromancer's powers were waning as he had gotten older. Tabitha concocted a plan where she would use her medical skills and Asbinthe's magic to do what Grimme could not do for Eldo. Tabitha's husband, John, had tolerated the affair between Tabitha and Absinthe but had grown weary that they had not had children and had told her it was time to produce an heir for the Murrow line. He even hinted that he had the pull to force the police to prosecute Absinthe the next time she broke the law in pursuit of her magical knowledge. Tabitha hypothesized that she could kill Murrow, prepare his body for the ritual, and payback Absinthe's debt to Grimme and afterward, the two women could be together.

The Doktor's plan worked as she poisoned her husband over two months using specific toxic components for Absinthe's necromancy and Grimme's people dug up Lord Murrow's body and provided the final ingredients for the ritual.

Two hours after midnight, Eldo's mind was successfully transferred to Murrow's body with Tabitha and Absinthe exuberant that their plan had worked. Unfortunately, Grimme had ordered Eldo to kill Doktor Kelp-Murrow, knock Absinthe unconscious, and steal Tabitha's notes for the ritual. All of which, Eldo did with his newfound undead strength and vitality.

Eldo's illness was very painful and while the surgery and occult ritual were devastating the state of undeath is intoxicating. He wasn't supposed to kill the Doktor but she began telling him what to do, which reminded him of Grimme, and when he grabbed her she came apart like a rag doll. He actually saw her soul begin to go into the light and inhaled greatly causing him to...absorbed...consumed...her very spirit. He'd tried cocaine and even morphine and neither could match what experienced. When Absinthe began screaming somehow he managed to simply knock her out instead of ripping her head off and after a few minutes he gathered what he hopd were all of the Doktor's notes and then threw the witch over his shoulder and bolted into the dead of night.

Gimme was always special, being a warolock and all, and though Eldo loved him he was tired of being second fiddle. Before he'd gotten sick Grimme would talk about increasing the territory of their gang, the Violet Dawn, by going to war Witches of Walson Brown but he'd stopped that as Eldo got sicker. But Eldo might not even need Grimme to tear that coven apart...

Absinthe Rosewater

12, Movement 30',            3 Hit Die, Attacks 1 with weapon or spell, Morale 8, Languages 3, Stealth 2, 3rd level Magic-User, Ring of Protection +1, Wand of Magic Missles 4 charges


Armor 15, Movement 30’, 6 Hit DieAttacks 1 with weapon or spell, Morale 9, Languages 5, Sneak Attack 1, Stealth 3, 6th level Magic-User, Ring of Invisibility 1/day, Locket of Mirror Images 5 charges, Wand of Hold Person 6 charges, 

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