Sunday, November 14, 2021

The Modern Flesh Golem for Lamentations of the Flame Princess


The Modern Flesh Golem AKA Eldo for Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Armor 14, Movement 45’, 7 Hit Die, Attacks 2 with fist 1d6+4 or weapon+4, Morale 10, Climb 3, Sneak Attack 5, 
Stealth 4, Undead, When Eldo slays a sentient being roll a d6, on a 1-4 he inhales the target's soul and gains 1d8 + the number of HD the creatue had in Hit Points. He can exceed his maximum HP this way and any points in excess of his maximum fade an hour later.

Doktor Tabitha Kelp-Murrow, the Director of Surgery at the Royal Medical School for the last 8 years, was found dead on her estate yesterday. She was violently murdered, having been literally ripped limb from limb sometime after receiving dinner in her workshop around 8pm. Staff reported that she had essentially been living in her workshop after the death of her husband, Lord Jonathan Murrow, nearly three weeks ago.

When questioned by detective Guillaume Saint Cloud, the Doktor's staff said she had been consumed by grief at Lord Murrow's sudden death and that they were all "terribly worried about her". Long-time butler, Nathaniel "Natty" Winthrop told the detective he had approached her about her behavior and that she broke his nose telling him to "piss off" going so far as to threaten to sack him for his familiarity.

Several workers of the estate also mentioned that Maud "Absinthe" Rosewater, an old friend of the Doktor and Lord Murrow's from their time at university, had essentially moved into the workshop with the Doktor the day after Lord Murrow's funeral. Rosewater, the daughter of Lord Ephram and Lady Miriam, has troubled past and has been investigated for theft, grifting, and assault with many suggesting that her family's standing is all that has prevented her from being prosecuted.

Those same workers have also claimed that "associates" of Rosewater were seen bringing "cartloads of stuff, really foul-smelling stuff" deep into the night for weeks now.

The constables are currently seeking Maud Rosewater for questioning as she has not been seen since the murder.

Chief Constable Anyotta Calgary has said that this case is of the highest priority and has warned that witnesses should report any sightings of Maud Rosewater and that they should not attempt to interact with her.

Tabitha and Maud have been on again off again lovers since university with Tabitha marrying Murrow to enhance her career as a surgeon while Maud is a natural practitioner of magic who has made many self-destructive decisions in her pursuit of that knowledge.

Several months ago, Maud, who had taken the name Absinthe within the mystical underbelly she inhabited, sought out Tabitha for help as she had stolen a talisman from a necromancer named Grimme and he had hired brigands to find and capture her. Using her professional reputation and her husband's family's wealth she was able to negotiate a way to return the talisman to Grimme and to pay him off.

Grimme's older brother, Eldo, was dying and the necromancer had tried and failed twice to transfer the man's soul into a new body as the necromancer's powers were waning as he had gotten older. Tabitha concocted a plan where she would use her medical skills and Asbinthe's magic to do what Grimme could not do for Eldo. Tabitha's husband, John, had tolerated the affair between Tabitha and Absinthe but had grown weary that they had not had children and had told her it was time to produce an heir for the Murrow line. He even hinted that he had the pull to force the police to prosecute Absinthe the next time she broke the law in pursuit of her magical knowledge. Tabitha hypothesized that she could kill Murrow, prepare his body for the ritual, and payback Absinthe's debt to Grimme and afterward, the two women could be together.

The Doktor's plan worked as she poisoned her husband over two months using specific toxic components for Absinthe's necromancy and Grimme's people dug up Lord Murrow's body and provided the final ingredients for the ritual.

Two hours after midnight, Eldo's mind was successfully transferred to Murrow's body with Tabitha and Absinthe exuberant that their plan had worked. Unfortunately, Grimme had ordered Eldo to kill Doktor Kelp-Murrow, knock Absinthe unconscious, and steal Tabitha's notes for the ritual. All of which, Eldo did with his newfound undead strength and vitality.

Eldo's illness was very painful and while the surgery and occult ritual were devastating the state of undeath is intoxicating. He wasn't supposed to kill the Doktor but she began telling him what to do, which reminded him of Grimme, and when he grabbed her she came apart like a rag doll. He actually saw her soul begin to go into the light and inhaled greatly causing him to...absorbed...consumed...her very spirit. He'd tried cocaine and even morphine and neither could match what experienced. When Absinthe began screaming somehow he managed to simply knock her out instead of ripping her head off and after a few minutes he gathered what he hopd were all of the Doktor's notes and then threw the witch over his shoulder and bolted into the dead of night.

Gimme was always special, being a warolock and all, and though Eldo loved him he was tired of being second fiddle. Before he'd gotten sick Grimme would talk about increasing the territory of their gang, the Violet Dawn, by going to war Witches of Walson Brown but he'd stopped that as Eldo got sicker. But Eldo might not even need Grimme to tear that coven apart...

Absinthe Rosewater

12, Movement 30',            3 Hit Die, Attacks 1 with weapon or spell, Morale 8, Languages 3, Stealth 2, 3rd level Magic-User, Ring of Protection +1, Wand of Magic Missles 4 charges


Armor 15, Movement 30’, 6 Hit DieAttacks 1 with weapon or spell, Morale 9, Languages 5, Sneak Attack 1, Stealth 3, 6th level Magic-User, Ring of Invisibility 1/day, Locket of Mirror Images 5 charges, Wand of Hold Person 6 charges, 

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