Monday, November 1, 2021

Wish Upon a Demon Queen

This past Friday we finished our Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Campaign. We'd left Avernus months ago after freeing the city of Elturel and redeeming Zariel and after several years of peace discovered that our Bard's Mother, a Matron of the 8th House of Menzoberranzen, was creating monsters and unleashing them upon the surface world. This led us to Waterdeep, the Underdark, and then to most famous city ruled by Drow.

My character was a Divine Sorcerer named Clete and I really enjoyed playing him. He was an asshole through and through, even after his alignment shifted to Lawful Good, and our characters became a kind of family, though highly dysfunctional, I'm sure you saw that coming. Clete was a no good liar, lazy, a rule-breaker, and motivated by platinum, he didn't get out of bed for gold. He was my second character, I had made a Light Cleric from Elturel who had never experience night do to the Companion that guarded that city and he died quickly but heroically...mostly.

We knew the things were going to be tough when our DM let us level to 17 as we began to fight in our Bard's Mother's home. It was my fault because Clete walked up to our Bard's half-sister and invited her to aid us in killing her Mother. We made it out of the next two fights and even unleashed Zariel on the forces of the 8th house who were also battling the forces of the 9th House who were willing to work with us.

We then knew things would get worse when our DM leveled us to 18 before the final fight. Having access to Wish is a hard thing to pass up even though I've always wanted to cast Meteror Swarm and should have taken Heal.

Our tactics were poor and most of the party was down before the Bard's second turn and he cast Wish to bring our people back and transport, not banish, her lackeys which was promptly Wished away by his Mother's own action.

Our group are pretty good at 5E, we understand how to play our characters and understand the rules very, very well, its a daunting task for a Dungeon Master, but David, our current DM, really got the math working on the Challenge Rating system and we had some tough fights.

After the Matron's own Wish everyone at the table was pretty darn hangdog and now it was my turn. I should have taken Heal. I wanted to take Meteor Swarm. I took Wish.

And this time the Matron didn't have a 9th level spell slot.

Once we were all back up and her lackeys were down the Matron went pretty fast.

While we knew this was the last session we were still kind of surprised by it. Not 100% sure where we go from here long-term. I think I'm going to run a playtest of Robert Scwhalb's Shadow of the Weird Wizard and then maybe a new DM takes over.

No matter what we'll always have that session where three Wishes were cast to win the day.

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