Sunday, May 21, 2023

Magic Item Monday: Helm of the Vanguard for Dragonbane


Helm of the Vanguard for Dragonbane

Amor Rating: +2

Cost: --

Supply: --

When you take damage, as a Free Action, you may reduce your Willpower instead of your Hit Points. You may not do so again until the beginning of your next turn.

Monday, May 8, 2023

Monster Monday: Man-Serpent for Dragonbane

Man-Serpent for Dragonbane

Ferocity: 2 Size: Large

Movement: 12 Armor: 3

HP: 25

Typical Gear:

Monster Attacks

D6 Attack

1 Crown of Vipers!  

It darts at its victim and the

tiny serpents atop its brow 

sink their fangs into their foe. 

The attack inflicts 4d4 piecing damage and if any damage 

gets through the victim’s 

armor they gain the 

Sickly condition.

2 Tail Lash!

The monster’s tail lashes 

        out toward a victim to smash 

them. The attack targets a 

creature within 10m 

        and inflicts 2d8 bludgeoning 

damage and if the victim fails 

a Strength check they are 


3 Constrict!

Its coils wrap tight around its 

victim and squeezes. The 

attack inflicts 2d10 

bludgeoning damage and the 

target is Grappled if they fail a 

Strength check with a Bane.

4 Mesmerize!

Its yellow eyes beckon you to 

look at it’s forked tongue’s 

rhythmic pattern. The victim 

must make a Willpower check 

and if they fail they are Dazed 

until the beginning of the 

man-serpent’s next turn.

5 Bite!

The man-serpent bites at it’s 

prey. The victim takes 2d6

piercing damage.

6 Smash!

It uses its size and bulk to 

attack it’s prey. The victim 

takes 2d8 bludgeoning 

damage and rerolls any 1 or 2 

        but must use the next roll 

even if it is another 1 or 2.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Back In the OSR: Ziggurnaut for Old School Essentials

Ziggurnaut for Old School Essentials

Huge engines of conquest used as the advanced guard to invade for the Mage-Priests of Non Ek. Ancient and powerful ritual magic transfers a decorated soldier's consciousness into a ziggurnaut and it is considered a great honor to be chosen for this role. The families of those chosen are given land and title for their loved one’s dedication.

AC 9 [10], HD 12+3 (57hp) Att 4 x cannonball (2d8),THAC0 10 [+9], MV 360' (120’),SV D6 W7 P8 B8 S10, ML 10, AL Lawful, XP 1,900, NA 1 (1), TT G

Crush: The ziggurat will attempt to crush any foes within melee range. The targets must succeed on a Breath Attack Saving throw or take 3d10 damage.

Cannons (4): Up to 120’.

Transferred Consciousness: All ziggurnauts are experienced veteran officers who have been decorated for their actions before earning the rank.

Monday, May 1, 2023

Monster Monday: Simian Imperials for Dragonbane

Dragonbane is the kind of RPG I've been looking forward to for a long time. It's based off of Chaosium's RuneQuest/Basic Role Play but uses a d20 like Pendragon. Professions help you pick your skills as a beginning character but after that you improve Skill through play. Also, its spells are closer to DnD than RQ and it has a cool mechanic where you spend Willpower for spells as well as heroic abilities. I really can't recommend it enough.

I've been brainstorming a setting where the enemies are the Simian Empire and I decided to work up some ideas for antagonists.

If you want a PDF you can download it here.

                Gorilla Soldier

Movement: 10 Damage Bonus: Str+d6

Typical Armor: Hide (3) HP: 14

Skills: Acrobatics 12, Awareness 11, Evade 9,

Riding 14

Abilities: Lightning Fast

Typical Weapons: Heavy Crossbow (skill level 12, 

damage 2d8), Scimitar (skill level 11, damage 2d6)

      Orangutan Psyker

Movement: 10 Damage Bonus: Str+d4

Typical Armor: Leather (1)   HP: 10 WP: 12

Skills: Acrobatics 10, Beast Lore 12, Evade 7,

Mentalism, 14, Myths and Legends 13, Riding 12

Spells: Farsight, Power Fist, Scrying, Telepathy

Typical Weapons: Club (skill level 10, damage 1d8)

Hand Crossbow (skill level 11, damage 2d6)

  Chimpanzee Scout

Movement: 12 Damage Bonus: Agl+d4

Typical Armor: Leather (1)   HP: 10 WP: 10

Skills: Acrobatics 13, Evade 10, Riding 12

Abilities: Backstabbing, Catlike

Typical Weapons: Short Sword (skill level 12, 

damage 1d10), Hand Crossbow (skill level 13, 

damage 2d6)

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