Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Swords and Wizardry: Saurus

SAURUS for Swords and Wizardry

Hit Dice: 3
Armor Class: 6 [13] 
Attacks: Weapon (1d10)
Saving Throw: 14
Special: Ferocious
Move: 9
Alignment: Neutral 

Challenge Level/XP: 3/60 

   The ferocity of the Saurus allows it to fight until it reaches -5 hit points before it dies.
   The Saurus form one of the core species of the Lizardmen race, created by the Old Ones to be the warriors and guardians of their society. When the Temple-Cities are on the warpath, it is the Saurus who make up the hardened core of the fighting forces. This is of no surprise, for the Saurus were created solely for the purpose of warfare and nothing else. They are large and ferocious predator-warriors, so single-minded in their duties that they have no concept of personal thought, individuality or personality.

A Good Day

Got a day off, hanging out with my kids. They mostly did homework, but we were together.

Started reading the Star Trek Playtest Files from Modiphius.

And got the Early Access files for the Unity RPG.

Really, really good day.

So far, I like what I've seen of the changes made to the 2d20 system for Trek (I'm in the Next Generation era). Seems very smooth and I hope it play as well as it reads.

Unity has exceed my high expectations for it. The Early Access PDF is very professional and has great artwork. The rules are yelling at me to run them, and soon. The are like a neat marriage of DnD 4E and 13th Age (and no grid necessary).

More soon.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Tommy-Boy

I picked up Of Monstrous Mien for Shadow of the Demon Lord yesterday. We all know I like to make and adapt monsters, so I thought I'd give this new PDF a whirl and build something:

I chose a Medium Monster and these were my random rolls:
Origin: Mutated by magical energies run amok!

Beast-like. The monster’s body is parallel to the ground with its head at the front and supported by 5 legs. 


Brachiation. The monster has hook-like hands or feet and possibly a prehensile tail. It can clamber through branches with ease, gaining the Climber trait.

Warty. The monster’s hide is a mass of thick, wart- like protuberances that increase its Defense by 1. 

Pincers. The monster can attack with powerful pincers. When the monster gets a success on an attack roll with the pincer, it can use a triggered action to grab the target.

Semi-sapient features. The monster’s features are disturbingly human. The monster gains the Frightening trait and increases its Difficulty by one step. 

Here is it's write-up:

They say Leena Pickens always wanted a baby boy, though some say Ole Cedric beat her everytime she gave him a girl, all twelve times. Some even say that Old Cedric threatened to leave her and her girls if she couldn't give him a right heir.

Most agree, Leena visited that crazy Wise-Man on top of Gray Peak. Salazar of Gunt some call him. The Green Wand to others, including a few of the working girls 'round these parts. But some of the older folk, they remember him as Thurgood the Mad. Yeah, the one who rode with the Orange Delvers. Yeah, him.

It seems poor Leena just couldn't due with another daughter nor being left behind by Ole Cedric. Sadly, they say she traded with Salazar or the Wand or the Mad One for some magic.

What did she trade? I'd rather not guess.

But soon enough she was rounder than she ever been and she assured Ole Cedric so much that he decide his boy would be named Thomas, after his Da. Leena and Ole Cedric talked about their little Tommy to anyone and everyone.

But then the night came and the birth turned bad. Some say that two midwifes fainted at the mere sight of little Thomas. Leena didn't survive the birth, not surprising.

The poor woman gave birth to monstrous thing that night at the very stroke of midnight. Many say it literally tore it's mother apart and climbed up to the ceiling of their farm house. Most agree that it swung about like some beast out of one of the Empire's Zoos in the good old days. It seemed more spider than man, except for it's face, which was that of an innocent babe with more than a passing resemblance to Ole Cedric.

Yep, they all agree that little Tommy-Boy tore into the whole bunch there that night. It's horrible body, covered in livid warts, running parallel to the ground, with too many legs ending in wicked pincers and a baby-face that nearly matched it's daddy. Except for the eyes. It didn't apparently need 'em, 'cause it certainly didn't have any.

Ole Cedric finally got his boy or I guess his boy finally got Ole Cedric.

Size 1 frightening monster
Perception 12 (+2); dark sight
Defense 14; Health 20
Strength 13 (+3)   Agility 9 (-1)   Intellect 7 (-3)   Will 13 (-+#)
Speed 10; climber
Climber A kobold is impaired while exposed to 
   direct sunlight.

Pincers (melee) +3 with 1 boon (1d6+2 and can use a triggered action to grab the target)

Frenzied Attack The monster attacks two different targets with its 
   natural weapon, making each attack roll with 1 bane.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Apes Victorious: Terminator T-800

"It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear and it absolutely will not stop EVER until you are dead!"

- Praxis telling Captain Claudi Dane how deadly the Terminator is.
The Terminator itself is part of a series of machines created by Skynet for infiltration-based assassination missions, and while an android for its appearance resembling a human, it is described as a cybernetic organism for consisting of living tissueover a robotic endoskeleton.

Skynet has been quietly observing the Earth's simian overlord from it's base in the ruins of the western part of what used to be the United States. For the moment content with it's success for the near eradication of humanity.

By Jason Edmonton

T-800 for Apes Victorious

No. Enc.: 1 (1-3)
Movement: 150' (50')
Intelligence: High
Psionic Potential: 3d4, inactive
Hits: 7d8
Armor: -4
To Hit: 18
Save: G7
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d10 (Pistol or Rifle)
Morale: 12
XP: 1490

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Kobold

Barely clearing 3 feet in height, kobolds have scaly hides that range from dark, rusty brown to a rusty black. They smell of damp dogs and stagnant water. Their eyes glow like a bright red spark and they have two small horns ranging from tan to white. Because of the kobolds' fondness for wearing raggedy garb of red and orange, their non-prehensile rat-like tails, and their language (which sounds like small dogs yapping), these fell creatures are often not taken seriously. This is a fatal mistake, for what they lack in size and strength they make up in ferocity and tenacity. 

Size 1/2 kobold
Perception 10 (+0); shadowsight
Defense 13 (soft leather); Health 8
Strength 8 (-2)   Agility 12 (+2)   Intellect 9 (-1)   Will 8 (-2)
Speed 10
Sunlight Vulnerability A kobold is impaired while exposed to 
   direct sunlight.

Spear (melee) +2 (1d6)
Sling (medium range) +2 (1d3)

Pack Fighting When the kobold attacks a target within the reach of
   another creature with Pack Fighting that is friendly to the kobold,
   it makes the attack roll with 1 boon. Otherwise, it makes the
   attack roll with 1 bane.

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Shadow of the Demon Lord as an OSR Game?

As is self-evident on the blog, I've reignited my exploration of the OSR and I'm really enjoying myself. I'm a huge fan of Swords and Wizardry Complete (my 12 year old daughter is SO excited to get her new hardcover), Labyrinth Lord,  Adventurer Conqueror King, Moldvay/Cook DnD, and the DnD Rules Cyclopedia.

However, earlier today in the Shadows of the Demon Lord (SotDL) G+ Community, +Robert Schwalb talked about a more traditional fantasy book for his extremely awesome game (go buy it, please, I'll wait).

It reminded me of an observation I made several months ago: I think Shadows of the Demon Lord fits the mold of an OSR game at least as much as it does of a New School Game. It's hard hitting, thematic, emphasizes role playing and creativity, and easy to start playing in about 10 to 20 minutes.

In fact, since I enjoyed running Dwimmermount with ACKS so much, I intend to run the second session with SotDL and report back on it.

Adventurer Conqueror King and Dwimmermount

I run a DnD 5E game on Fridays. Last week the players hit 20th Level and destroyed Azathoth. Yeah, Azathoth. They had their reasons.

Last night we did a one-shot of Adventurer Conqueror King and they explored about 1/3 of the 1st level of Dwimmermount.

One of my players has been playing since ADnD 2E, one player has played since DnD 4E, and two players have only played DnD 5E.

We used randomly rolled Pre-Gens from this PDF.

I took a few minutes before the game to go over the ACKS rules AND to emphasize that you aren't limited by your sheet to do something. I made it abundantly clear that creativity and exploration were as important as combat.

As an aside, I thoroughly enjoyed Dwimmermount and cannot recommend it enough. I hope to run within it's halls again.

I did use two house-rules, when a 1st Level spell is cast, roll a d6, on a 3-6, the spell slot is not expended. I also gave the characters 10 additional hit points. I don't know that they needed it, but since it was a one-shot, I didn't mind them and I don't think they impeded play.

I think they were starting to get the hang of the Old School approach by the time we finished.  They all had a good time and were willing to play it again. That's really all I can ask for.

Adventurer Conqueror King: Wands and Sceptres

Item           Cost      Damage   Short (0)  Medium (-2)  Long (-5)
Sceptre*      6gp          1d6          20'                40'               60'

Wand**      10gp         1d6          30'                60'               90'

Additionally, if either item is used in a melee attack, they inflict 1d3 damage and will break unless that attack roll is an unmodified 20.

On a personal note, I set the damage at 1d6 for players of newer editions of DnD who miss Cantrips. If you want to include them you can easily reduce the damage of each to 1d4.

*A scepter may only be used by an individual who can cast at least 1st Level Divine spells.

**A wand may only be used by an individual who can cast at least 1st Level Arcane spells.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Adventurer Conqueror King System: A General Throw System

I've spent some time looking at B/X DnD, Labyrinth Lord and the Adventurer Conqueror King System (ACKS) and I forgot how much I liked the latter.

I'm probably going to be devoting some space to it and have been looking at a general Throw system (my players are used to DnD 5E).

At the moment, I'm planning for general Throws to need a 14+, but if the character has some training or makes a good argument, they will only need an 8+.

I've also looked at importing 13th Age's Saves as an option: 6+, 11+, or 16+ depending on the difficulty.

I even looked at importing 13th Age's Skills system (distribute 7 points between Professions [broad skills], with no more than 5 in any Profession). If I did this all general Throws wold be 14+, but you would add your Skill.

I'm still playing with ideas, looking at the Proficiency's in ACKS, most seem to break down to 18+, 14+, and 11+.

Understand, I've been a DM long enough to handle things with a more Old School vibe, but I've got to get my players ready for that paradigm shift.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Labyrinth Lord: Terror Bird

TERROR BIRD for Labyrinth Lord

No. Enc.: 1 (1d3)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 180' (60')
Armor Class: 8 (11)
Hit Dice: 3
Attacks: 1
Damage: 2d4 (beak)
Saves: F2
Morale: 9
Hoard Class: None
XP: 50

Terror birds, are a large carnivorous flightless birds. They are roughly 4 to 10 feet tall. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Apes Victorious: Graboids

Graboids are subterranean animals, superficially resembling gigantic worms or grubs, with long cylindrical bodies. When fully grown, a Graboid will be up to 30 feet (9.1 m) long, and 6 feet (1.8 m) across at the widest point, and weigh 10-20 tons. Graboids have no eyes; they do not need them, due to living underground. Their heads consist of a massive black armored beak, which is used to push aside the dirt whilst digging. The beak opens like a grotesque flower; it consists of a wide upper jaw, a thinner lower jaw, and a pair of hooked mandibles, one on each side. Encircling their bodies are short spikes that all move in unison to push the Graboid through the dirt, similar to the setae of an earthworm. They can burrow faster than a human can run.

GRABOID for Apes Victorious

No. Enc.: 1d4 (1d6)

Movement: 150' (50')
Intelligent: Low
Psionic Potential: 3d4, inactive
Hits: 8d8
Armor: -5
To Hit: 12
Save: U8
Attacks: 1
Damage: 2d8
Morale: 9
XP: 1060

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Swords & Wizardry: Aurak Draconian

AURAK DRACONIAN for Swords and Wizardry

Hit Dice: 4
Armor Class: 5 [14] 
Attacks: 2 Fire Blasts (1d8)
Saving Throw: 10
Special: Explode and Teleport
Move: 9
Alignment: Lawful 

Challenge Level/XP: 8/800 

   In battle, the first time an Aurak reaches 0 hit points or less, it heals 3d6 damage at the beginning of it's new turn. When it reaches 0 hit points or less a second time, the Aurak explodes at the end of it's next round and inflicts 2d6 damage to all creatures within 20 feet. Additionally, 3 times per day, Auraks have the ability to teleport up to 30 feet away to any point it can see.

   The Aurak Draconians are among the most powerful of the draconians on Krynn, and were originally used as special agents of the Dragon Highlords because of their intelligence, cunning and magical abilities which they inherited from their Gold Dragon parents. They stand approximately seven feet tall, with thin limbs and no wings. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Swords and Wizardry: Skinks

SKINKS for Swords and Wizardry

Hit Dice: 1
Armor Class: 8 [11] 
Attacks: Weapon (1d6)
Saving Throw: 17
Special: Poisoner
Move: 12
Alignment: Neutral 

Challenge Level/XP: 1/15 

   Poisoners can Use Poison on their weapons without the risk of making basic errors. 

   The Skinks form one of the core species of the Lizardmen race, created by the Old Ones to be the workers, artisans and crafters of their society. Skittish and quick, Skinks stand out from the rest of the sluggish Lizardmen in terms of mental capacity. They are the mass workforce designed by the Old Ones to perform many different roles that requires a quick mind and a dexterous hand to operate, and without them, Lizardmen society would simply collapse.

Monday, November 21, 2016

White Star: Maximillian Series Androids


Armor Class: 3 [16]

Hit Dice: 3
Total Hit Bonus: +3
Attacks: Blades (2d6) or Lasers (1d6) or Electrical Chargers (1d6) 
Saving Throw: 15
Special: Flying
Movement: 15
HDE/XP: 3/75

Maximillian series androids were designed for security, with an emphasis as personal bodyguards, by Sentroid Solutions. Strangely, the units were not designed to be able to speak and their artificial intelligence has often been called "malicious" and "unpredictable", however their overall service record is phenomenal, keeping the series in high demand even though it has been replaced.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Shaking Things Up!

I've decided to shake up the look of Cross Planes. Thoughts or feedback are always appreciated!

Apes Victorious: Sand People

Sand People have adapted to the post-apocalyptic planet of the apes. They have adapted to the harshest environments on the planet and has resulted in them being extremely xenophobic & territorial of their native resources, often attacking the outskirts of smaller settlements. The Sand People believed that all water is sacred and promised to them, resulting in them becoming zealous raiders.

Sand People clan groups consisted of 20 to 30 individuals, and are led by clan leaders, tribal chiefs, and warlords. The Sand People communicate in a language all their own. At the age of 15, a Sand Person becomes an adult, and has to slay an enemy of the tribe and must drain and drink their blood. 

SAND PEOPLE for Apes Victorious

No. Enc.: 1d6 (2d4)
Movement: 120' (40')
Intelligent: Average
Psionic Potential: 3d4, inactive
Hits: 1d8
Armor: -2
To Hit: 12
Save: U1
Attacks: 1
Damage: 1d2 or by weapon
Morale: 8
XP: 10

Swords and Wizardry: Squig


Hit Dice: 1
Armor Class: 7 [12] 
Attacks: Teeth (1d4) 
Saving Throw: 17
Special: Unpredictable
Move: 12
Alignment: Chaos 
Challenge Level/XP: 1/15 

   Unpredictable movement is a hallmark of a squig, if a squig intends to move this turn roll a d8: A 1 is North, a 2 is Northeast, a 3 is East, a 4 is Southeast, a 5 is South, a 6 is Southwest, a 7 is West, and an 8 is Northwest. The result is the direction they move this turn.

   The Squigs (short for "Squiggly Beasts") are considered by many to be the simplest form of Greenskin life. Squigs seems to be extremely simple in terms of their motivations. So far, they have only ever been reliably observed exhibiting two behavioral patterns; eat anything edible that is nearby, then move more-or-less randomly until there is something else to eat within range and once more wander about aimlessly. A number of bizarre offshoots of Squigs have been seen in various locations within the Old World, though they inevitably favour lightless areas such as caves and underground tunnels.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Help! I Need A Mega-Dungeon!!

I'll be starting a DnD 5E game in a couple of weeks starting at Level 1. I think I'd like to explore a Mega-Dungeon. I own Goodman Games' Castle Whiterock, but I figured I would solicit some opinions. 

Please share your opinions and/or experiences!

White Star: Cylon Centurion


Armor Class: 5 [14]

Hit Dice: 2
Total Hit Bonus: +2 
Attacks: Laser Pistol (1d6+1) or Laser Rifle (2d6) 
Saving Throw: 16
Special: None
Movement: 12
HDE/XP: 2/30

 The Centurions are robots designed by the advanced Cylons, a reptilian race who created the robots to serve them, maintain their vast empire, and to man their military forces. The Cylons, an aggressively expanding empire, declared war on Humanity because they had intervened on behalf of a race of beings called the Hasaris, who had been enslaved by the Cylons and who had sought the aid of Humanity.

Swords and Wizardry: Skaven Clanrat


Hit Dice: 1
Armor Class: 6 [13] 
Attacks: Weapon (1d6) 
Saving Throw: 16
Special: Assassin
Move: 12
Alignment: Chaos 
Challenge Level/XP: 1/15 

   Assassins have Climb Walls 90%, Hide In Shadows 40%, Move Silently 50% and can Use Poison on their weapons with the risk of making basic errors. 

   Clanrats forms the vast overall bulk of Skaven military power, a large verminous horde of ratmen that go to war as basic and highly-expendable front-line infantry. These Skaven belong to any one of thousands of Clans scattered throughout the underground burrows, strongholds and bursting cavern-cities that make up the whole of the Under-Empire. Of all the teeming masses, only the worker dregs, the worthless and even more insignificant Slave Rats, are care considered even more numerous then the Clanrats themselves.

   Clanrats are slightly smaller than man-sized, standing four to five feet high. They range between lithe and scrawny and are possessed of a constant energy, most commonly seen in a nervous twitching of their hairless, worm-like tails. A single Clanrat is not a fearsome opponent. A lone warrior will lack any degree of discipline or determination and is likely to skulk in the shadows, afraid to go forward, too catious to go backwards and terrified to even stand it's own ground for more then a moment without fleeing. Unless driven by black hunger, a single Clanrat will only attack something that is visibly weakened or crippled, preferring even then to attack unseen from behind. When banded together in a large pack, however, each individual Skaven would bolster each other's confidence and fuel their feral ferocity to a highly aggressive level. This allows the individually cowardly ratmen to form massive units that will recklessly hurl themselves into a fray against obviously superior troops.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Swords and Wizardry: Recoveries or Healing Without A Cleric

I saw someone asking about Second Wind and replacing Divine Healing in SnW and decided to work something up.

This rule takes more from 13th Age than DnD 4E or 5E.

Each character starts with 1 Recovery per day. When a Recovery is spent, the character rolls it's hit dice and heals that amount.

During combat, spending a Recovery is an action.

As an optional rule, Fighters may start with 2 Recoveries per day.

Numenera: Bethesda

Bethesda is located in the Great Beyond, about ten miles from WODEN to the northwest and eighteen miles from port city of Canto to the southeast. For over two centuries, Bethesda has made a very successful living by raising and draining the xylon sap, known as Ur-Fuel, from Clemson Barrow, Orange Barrow, and Gold Barrow trees. 

The town's citizens, nearly four-hundred, all participate in the industry either directly or by servicing it. Every five years, the town democratically elects a Foreman as leader. Yolanda Piers Monro, has been the Foreman for fourteen years and will run for reelection next year. Her current opponent is Reesha Kin Othello who represents a contingent who has grown tired of Monro's hiring freeze, preventing both new citizens to join the community and expand their operations. It's an age old battle, as many within Bethesda worry about the security of their town and can be highly distrustful of strangers.

This fear led Yolanda to enter into an agreement with WODEN seven years ago that upgraded their town and crop's defenses in exchange for five percent of the town. While many were critical of Monro's plan, their security and the technology behind it has never been better.

However, Monro's plan caused some trouble with nearby Canto, the closest port on the Tsar River. Canto has been working with Bethesda for two centuries and has only ever received a three percent cut. The city's Governor, Ahmed shin Thuul, has been rumbling about the contract with WODEN for years now and has even threatened to sever it's ties to Bethesda. However, Monro has thus far correctly guessed Thuul is bluffing and refuses to renegotiate. Thuul mistakenly hired the Gaffney Irregulars, a mercenary unit to try to threaten Bethesda, but WODEN's defenses proved to strong. Thuul has counted his blessings that the entire unit was killed and there is no proof of his involvement.

Bethesda, both the town proper and all of it's crops are behind a well fortified wall with several hundred Sentroid's of WODEN design. While the citizens enjoy a good living and prosperity, most of the profits immediately go back into the town itself, which every citizen has an equal stake in.

Barrow trees are hardy, grow quickly, and have an average height of sixty feet, and Ur-Fuel can be drained from them year around.  Ur-Fuel can power most devices for close to a year with a single ounce. While it is harvested in many places in the Steadfast, Bethesda has the market cornered within the Beyond.

Swords and Wizardry: Skeletor


Hit Dice: 5
Armor Class: 5 [14] 
Attacks: Weapon (1d8) 
Saving Throw: 11
Special: 5th Level Magic-User
Move: 6
Alignment: Chaos 
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240
   Skeletor has the same number of hit dice as the original Magic User and the same Spell-Casting powers.

   Mortally wounded in battle with his half-brother Captain Randor, 

Keldor turned to his dark-arts master Hordak to save his life. Merging Keldor with the extra-dimensional being Demo-Man from Despondos, Keldor was forever changed into Skeletor, Overlord of Evil! He gathered together the greatest outcasts and evil warriors of Eternia in his quest to gain entry into Castle Grayskull and obtain what he believes is the universe's ultimate power source.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Terror Tome: Kuo-Toa for FATE Accelerated Edition

Kuo-toa have scaly, bipedal bodies with fish-like heads. They often raid seaside settlements for human victims. Most worship the goddess Blibdoolpoolp, though a few remote tribes worship Dagon.

KUO-TOA For FATE Accelerated
Kuo-Toa, Degenerate Fish-Man

Skilled (+2) at: Swimming, Take A Captive
Bad (-2): Dealing With Sunlight, Rational Thought
Stress: [ ]

I Stand With Tenkar's Tavern, Cross Planes is Neutral Ground

My blog, in fact my exploration of this hobby, has nothing to do with politics and religion. This hobby helps me get away from the crap of day to day life. I hope you voted, but otherwise I don't care how you voted. I don't care if you believe in a higher power, I just hope you are not a jerk.

Let's look at what we have in common, not what drives us apart.

So Cross Planes stands with +Erik Tenkar's Tavern, I respect his stance and join him out of solidarity.

Happy Gaming!

Numenera: Sky People

Legends of the Sky People have haunted the Beyond for decades. They are very prominent around Bethesda and Noreen. Witnesses claim they encounter the mysterious beings at night, often the Sky Person has some strange cypher or perplexing message to deliver. Some witnesses say their encounter healed them, while others claim that lethal radiation surrounds them that has poisoned them. The mystery was great enough for Esteban Murado, the acclaimed psionic and solver to study them. After disappearing for three straight nights, Esteban fled the Beyond, refusing to discuss his experiences.

SKY PEOPLE  4 (12)  

Motive: Harbinger
Environment: The Beyond
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 4
Armor: 1
Movement: Short
Modifications: Flying 5, Mental defense 5

Combat: Sky People rely upon the strange energies that radiates from them for defense.
Healing Touch: On a failed defense roll, the target becomes hale.
Toxic Aura: Inflict 2 points of damage that ignores armor to all creatures within Short range .

Gift-Bearer: Once per encounter, a Sky Person may give a creature 1d3 cyphers.
Use: Mysterious and enigmatic sentinels of the Beyond.
Loot: --

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Numenera: Widget Sentroid

WODEN was founded by Ellana Deyvac, an accomplished glaive and brilliant tactician whose victories at Fort Slawsen and on the Plains of Drim, gave her the resources necessary to form the weapons research firm. WODEN has been in operation for nearly seventy years and splits it's focus between in-house weapon designs and maunfacturing, as well as an aggressive cypher acquisition and research division. Ellana is currently in her 2nd clone iteration and rumors insist that Bethel-Ware, a prominent bio-tech boutique in Navarne, has exchanged it's technology for an interest in WODEN.

While WODEN is most known for it's EKTO-Drive weapon systems, that gain power from the Spektral Plane, it's best selling product is the Widget Sentroid. Sentroid's have been in production for just over a decade and have extensive problem solving skills without full sentience and are being used by eccentric Maestro, K-G^; Major Hecate of the Orange Reapers; and even one of the Nine Rivals, Queen M'eht der Freuhm.


Motive: Obey Their Owner
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 18
Damage Inflicted: 5
Armor: 2
Movement: Short
Modifications: Might defense 6, Speed defense 6

Combat: Widgets rely on traditional combat tactics with a special focus on whatever they are assigned to defend.
Cover!: If the target rolls a natural 1 on their Speed roll, the Widget Sentroid inflicts 2 points of damage.
Down!: If a Widget Sentroid is within Close range of their assigned creature, the Widget Sentroid may take any damage inflicted on their assigned creature.
Use: They are great as security.
Loot: A dead Widget Sentroid has 1 cypher.

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Numenera: Dust Runners

When traveling the Beyond, one must be ever vigilant against harm. The Dust Runners are merely one of those harms. The raiders travel in a titanic land barge that barrels through the region. When they find a target, the barge creates a massive dust storm through a mysterious artifact. The runners then swarm on the target, like locusts, reducing their target to nothing.


Motive: Raid
Environment: The Beyond
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 3
Armor: 2
Movement: Short
Modifications: Ambush 4, Speed defense 4

Combat: Dust Runners use the dust from their land barge to cover their hit and run tactics.
Hit and Run: If the target rolls a natural 1-3 on their Defense roll, the Dust Runner gain an additional Short movement this turn.
Use: Dust Runners are looming menace for the Beyond, but perhaps one of the characters has an item that is more than it seems?
Loot: A dead Dust Runner has 1 cyphers.

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DMsGuild.Com has Classic TSR Modules as Print On Demand

This is a pretty exciting development. How cool would it be to have the Rules Cyclopedia back in print?

Check it out here.

Monday, November 14, 2016

OSR: Predator for Labyrinth Lord

Predators are physically distinguished from humans by their greater height, arthropod-like mandibles and long, hair-like appendages on their heads that are set into their skulls (popularly perceived as "dreadlocks"). Their bodies are resilient to damage, capable of recovering from multiple gunshot wounds and radiation doses which would be fatal to humans. 

PREDATOR for Labyrinth Lord

No. Enc.: 1 (1d3)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: Man-sized
Movement: 120' (40')
Armor Class: 2 (17)
Hit Dice: 5+1
Attacks: 2
Damage: 1d8 with claws or 1d6 with spear or 2d6 with cannon (range of 120')
Saves: F5
Special: Predators can cast the Invisibility spell 3/day; They have a 90% chance to Mimic Sounds and Track
Morale: 12
Hoard Class: XIXJ
XP: 200

D100: The Ohio River Valley Paranormal Society

The first session of my Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition game starts this thursday. We made characters last week.

The characters:

Lee Turner,  Sheriff's deputy.

Cosmo Riverton, paranormal investigator and owner of GhostPhone.Com

Jesse, a drifter who has seen too much and is sure THEY are out to get her.

Giovanni Grant, a lawyer.

They and several others make up the Ohio River Valley Paranormal Society, which was founded in 2006. Jenna Harper, Ray Ferarra, Joyce Ferarra, and Todd Cole were the founders of the group. It's size has ebbed and flowed from as low to three to as many as twenty-two. Jenna is the only founder who remains active in the Society. It is a poorly guarded secret that there is bad blood between her and the other three founders, though the exact reasons are unknown.

The group meets once a week at the Lester Sterling Library to go over pleas for help, coordinate investigations, upgrading technology and to discuss new research.

Recently, a local municipality has reached out to the Society about strange occurrences taking place at a renovation of a home they purchased for some additional offices.

Reseaching the property has uncovered the deaths of several people in the home's one-hundred and thirty year history. Jenna is keen for the Society to take the case, but cannot lead it do to a speaking engagement in Chicago. She intends to hand it over to Cosmo.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Ultramodern5: Olivander, a D&D Cleric with Shaper powers

I picked up Apex for Ultramodern5 earlier this week.

This a Cleric with Shaper abilities (think Iceman or Human Torch).

I'll be working on some other builds over the next day or two.

I really recommend this and hope to run an Apex UM5 game soon.

Olivander DeBose, A Shaper
4th Level Outlander Tiefling Tempest Cleric

Ability Scores    Mods       Saving Throws
Strength 12         (+1)                   +1
Dexterity 14       (+2)                    +2
Constitution 10  (+0)                   +0
Intelligence14    (+2)                    +2
Wisdom 18         (+4)                    +6
Charisma 10       (+0)                    +2

AC 14 (Hide)

Initiative +2

Speed 30 feet

Proficiency Bonus +2

Darkvision 60 feet
Resistances Fire
Infernal Legacy
Languages Celestial, Common, Infernal

Ladder Shaper
Use Wis modifier for attack and damage rolls that don't have the heavy property. Choose one Charisma-based skill. Can use Cha or Wis for spells. Key ability is Charisma.

Novelty Act

You are able to perform a variety of simple tasks be alter- ing the levels of entropy in very minor ways. Most of the me, you should make toast or chill your cola. You element is lightning.

Entropic Crucible
You focus on one element.
+2 to lightning damage

Armor Light
Weapons Simple melee weapons and one-handed small arms
Tools --

Longbow 1d8+2 piercing damage
Morningstar 1d8+1 bludgeoning damage

Apex Check (Wis)
Melee Attack +3
Ranged Attack +4
Spell Attack +6
Spell Save DC 14


Chanel Divinity 1/Rest
Turn Undead
Wrath of the Storm

Wrath of the Storm

Sacred Flame

Spells Known
Cure Wounds
Fog Cloud
Guiding Bolt
Inflict Wounds
Shield of Faith

Spiritual Weapon

Spell Slots 4-1st Level and 3-2nd level

Thundarr the Movie

As a life-long comics fan and a retailer with a quarter century of experience, I was today years old when I discovered that Buzz Dixon and ...