Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Tommy-Boy

I picked up Of Monstrous Mien for Shadow of the Demon Lord yesterday. We all know I like to make and adapt monsters, so I thought I'd give this new PDF a whirl and build something:

I chose a Medium Monster and these were my random rolls:
Origin: Mutated by magical energies run amok!

Beast-like. The monster’s body is parallel to the ground with its head at the front and supported by 5 legs. 


Brachiation. The monster has hook-like hands or feet and possibly a prehensile tail. It can clamber through branches with ease, gaining the Climber trait.

Warty. The monster’s hide is a mass of thick, wart- like protuberances that increase its Defense by 1. 

Pincers. The monster can attack with powerful pincers. When the monster gets a success on an attack roll with the pincer, it can use a triggered action to grab the target.

Semi-sapient features. The monster’s features are disturbingly human. The monster gains the Frightening trait and increases its Difficulty by one step. 

Here is it's write-up:

They say Leena Pickens always wanted a baby boy, though some say Ole Cedric beat her everytime she gave him a girl, all twelve times. Some even say that Old Cedric threatened to leave her and her girls if she couldn't give him a right heir.

Most agree, Leena visited that crazy Wise-Man on top of Gray Peak. Salazar of Gunt some call him. The Green Wand to others, including a few of the working girls 'round these parts. But some of the older folk, they remember him as Thurgood the Mad. Yeah, the one who rode with the Orange Delvers. Yeah, him.

It seems poor Leena just couldn't due with another daughter nor being left behind by Ole Cedric. Sadly, they say she traded with Salazar or the Wand or the Mad One for some magic.

What did she trade? I'd rather not guess.

But soon enough she was rounder than she ever been and she assured Ole Cedric so much that he decide his boy would be named Thomas, after his Da. Leena and Ole Cedric talked about their little Tommy to anyone and everyone.

But then the night came and the birth turned bad. Some say that two midwifes fainted at the mere sight of little Thomas. Leena didn't survive the birth, not surprising.

The poor woman gave birth to monstrous thing that night at the very stroke of midnight. Many say it literally tore it's mother apart and climbed up to the ceiling of their farm house. Most agree that it swung about like some beast out of one of the Empire's Zoos in the good old days. It seemed more spider than man, except for it's face, which was that of an innocent babe with more than a passing resemblance to Ole Cedric.

Yep, they all agree that little Tommy-Boy tore into the whole bunch there that night. It's horrible body, covered in livid warts, running parallel to the ground, with too many legs ending in wicked pincers and a baby-face that nearly matched it's daddy. Except for the eyes. It didn't apparently need 'em, 'cause it certainly didn't have any.

Ole Cedric finally got his boy or I guess his boy finally got Ole Cedric.

Size 1 frightening monster
Perception 12 (+2); dark sight
Defense 14; Health 20
Strength 13 (+3)   Agility 9 (-1)   Intellect 7 (-3)   Will 13 (-+#)
Speed 10; climber
Climber A kobold is impaired while exposed to 
   direct sunlight.

Pincers (melee) +3 with 1 boon (1d6+2 and can use a triggered action to grab the target)

Frenzied Attack The monster attacks two different targets with its 
   natural weapon, making each attack roll with 1 bane.

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