Thursday, January 31, 2019

Savage Worlds: Manaconda Race

• Imposing: Manacondas start with the Brawny edge.

• Serpentine: Manacondas are particularly large in a world where 

   most others aren’t. A manaconda subtracts 2 from Trait rolls 
   when using equipment that wasn’t specifically designed for his 
   race and cannot wear their armor or clothing. Equipment, food, 
   and clothing cost double the listed price.

„• Toughness: Manacondas have hardened scales that increases 
   their base Toughness by +1.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Deadlands: Hellvorine for Savage Worlds

A hellvorine is a wolverine that has been tainted by evil of the Reckoners.

Wild Card

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6 (A), Spirit d8, 
   Strength d10, Vigor d10

Skills: Athletics d10, Fighting d10, Intimidation d10, 
   Notice d6, Stealth d6

Pace: 8; Parry: 7; Toughness: 8 (1)

Edges: Berserk

Special Abilities:
• Horns/Fangs: Str+d6.
• Armor: 1.
• Damage Field: Any creature that hits a hellvorine in 
   melee combat takes 2d4 damage from it's quills.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Savage Worlds: Manaconda


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, 
   Strength d8, Vigor d8

Skills: Athletics d10, Common Knowledge d6, 
   Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d6, 
   Persuasion d6, Shooting d8, Stealth d8

Pace: 8; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8 (1)

Edges: Brawny

Gear: Bow (2D6, 12/24/48, RoF 1)
   Dagger (Str+d4)

Special Abilities:
• Armor: 1.
• Wall Walker: Can walk on vertical surfaces at Pace 8.

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Monday, January 28, 2019

Savage Worlds: Moloids


Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, 
   Strength d6, Vigor d6

Skills: Athletics d6, Common Knowledge d4, 
   Fighting d6, Intimidation d6, Notice d8, 
   Persuasion d4, Shooting d4, Stealth d6

Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5

Edges: Awareness

Special Abilities:
• Burrowing: Pace 6.
• Infravision: Halve penalties for llumination 
      when attacking warmtargets.

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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Savage Worlds: Little Green Men


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, 
   Strength d4, Vigor d6

Skills: Athletics d4, Common Knowledge d8, 
   Fighting d4,Intimidation d6, Notice d10, 
   Persuasion d6, Psionics d10, Shooting d4, 
   Stealth d8

Pace: 8; Parry: 4; Toughness: 5 

Edges: Arcane Background Psionics, Mentalist,

   Rapid Recharge (Improved)

Special Abilities:
Powers: Bolt, Confusion, Fear, Mind Reading, 
   Mind Wipe, Slumber. Power Points: 40.

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Deadlands Session 2 of Coffin Rock

We just wrapped up session 2. 

The Posse had the drop on the lone surviving Deputy of Marsh Bryce, her name was Lilith and she proved fairly cooperative. The group convinced her to return to town to keep an eye on things until they returned.

Soon, the Posse found its way to Coffin Rock and scaled it to make their way into the secret kiva of Laughs At Darkness, a coyote shaman who is looking for some heroes.

He was here to test them, to see if they were fit for the mission ahead. All of them passed and their astral selves were shunted out of their body to the nearby Cooked Earth Mine. There they were brought to the form of Tacheene, an earth spirit bound by a dark magician and the spirits of air, his blood was being used to create horrid, souless abominations. He begged for help and promised a great reward.

The characters were returned to their bodies and slept for several hours, where they learned that Laughs At Darkness had departed. Doc Lightning decided to jury rig a line gun and then they to head the Mine.

Doc Lightning was able to discover that the Mine's elevator was booby trapped with rocks and descended into the deep shaft. The Mine was lit by an unsettling red light, the walls literally bled, and tormented spirits were haunting the very walls. The spirits were hungry for release and begged for help. They even offered to share information by merging with one of the living and several in the group allowed it.

This showed them how the miners died, as the dark magician Tacheene mentioned submerged some of them in a blood and mud filled pit, where their flesh was transformed and their lives ended. 

The group moved deeper into the Mine and found the cavern where the earth spirit was being held. He was surrounded by over half-a-dozen blood men and the group saw a tall gray-haired man with a hawk-nose, a man they believed to be Parson Cheval. He ordered the blood men to attack and dive from a shelf in the cavern into a bloody pit. A pit that moments later two blood men submerged a screaming miner within.

The battle was on as shots were fired, jets of fire were shot by the blood men, and spells were slung.

I'm still getting reaquainted with SW and the group is still learning the rules. I'm not sure it was as fast as I'd hoped, but I was running 7 enemies and 6 PCs and things were done in just under an hour. Not bad, really. I didn't track ammo and we got some stuff with RoF wrong, but I think it went over well. 

The heroes proved victorious and freed Tacheene from his horrific chains. He told them about the Reckoning and the specific threat of Coffin Rock becoming a Deadland and opened a portal for them to face Cheval.

As the portal shimmered in the air, the Posse began to enter.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Deadlands: Gowrow for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

The Gowrow was first reported in Arkansas in 1897. It lives in the lakes and caves of Arkansas and got its name from the horrible sounds it makes.  One enterprising Arkansan claimed to have captured a Gowrow, and would let the public see it for a small price of admittance. But just before the reveal, he announced the Gowrow had escaped. The audience was so busy running in terror that no one asked for their money back!


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d6, 
                   Strength d12+4, Vigor d10

Skills: Athletics d8, Fighting d8, Intimidation d8, 
            Notice D6, Stealth d8

Pace: 10; Parry: 6; Toughness: 9 (2) 

Edges: --

Special Abilities:
• Bite: Str+d6
• Armor: 2
• Size 4: The Gowrow was described as a twenty-foot-long reptile with enormous tusks that ate livestock.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

New Release: Foelio for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

I just released the Foelio for the Savage Worlds Adventurer's Guild. Add 27 monsters to your Savage World game.

You can get it here.

Deadlands: Dzoavits for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

An ogre who tormented native americans and early white settlers by kidnapping their children. He is currently trapped within the Devil's Square in the center of the town of Enoch.

Wild Card

Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, 
                   Strength d12, Vigor d12

Skills: Athletics d10, Fighting d10, Intimidation d8, 
            Notice D8, Stealth d10

Pace: 8; Parry: 7; Toughness: 12 (2) 

Edges: Arcane Resistance, Berserk, Brawler, Calculating, Fleet-


Special Abilities:

• Claws: d12+d6
• Armor: 2
• Size: +1

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Savage Worlds: Troglodyte


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, 
                   Strength d10, Vigor d10

Skills: Athletics d10, Fighting d10, Intimidation d8, 
            Notice d4, Throwing d8

Pace: 6; Parry: 7; Toughness: 8 

Edges: Brawny, Brute

Equipment: Club d10+d6

Special Abilities:
Horn: d10+d4

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Deadlands: The Cordon Bruja for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition

The Cordon Bruja or Lace Witch, haunts the southwestern town of Gabriel and its surroundings. Legend holds that a young spanish bride first witnessed her new husband murdered mere minutes after arriving at their new, before being savagely attacked, tortured and hung outside her home on the properties lone tree. As the breath left her, still in the tattered remains of her bridal gown, the woman swore revenge against her attackers.

A decade later and the Lace Witch has become a Fearmonger of the territory and will indiscriminately stalk and kill anyone who she deems a threat.

Wild Card

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, 
                   Strength d6, Vigor d8

Skills: Athletics d6, Fighting d8, Intimidation d8, 
            Notice D8, Spellcasting d10, Stealth d8

Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 8 

Edges: Arcane Background: Magic, Attractive, Level Headed

Special Abilities:
• Undead
• Wall Walker

• Power Points: 20
• Armor
• Blind
• Bolt
• Drain Power Points
• Havoc
• Fear
• Mirror Self
• Shape Change

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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Savage Worlds: Deadlands Session 1

The first session went well. I had forgotten how fast Savage Worlds was. Our session was a bit abbreviated because one of our player's vehicles appeared to have a bad starter. Sadly, it had to be towed and I hope it get fixed quickly and inexpensively.

The Posse arrived in the town of Coffin Rock, which has seen better days, due to a bounty on Hank "Mayhem" Archer and his gang. The Players were pregens and we had Shady, a huckster; Plays With Fire a Native American brave; Joe Jack Johnson, a gunfighter; Father Sam Johnson (no relation), a blessed; and Princess Doctor Lightning, a weird scientist.

Upon arriving into town they made their way to the Six Feet Under. Shady wanted a poker game and found some miners playing. Plays With Fire started talking to the bartender and big mouthed and prejudice deputy named Duke started running his mouth. After a verbal exchange that he lost, the deputy headed out of the saloon in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Doc Lightning and Joe Jack were snooping around the back in case anyone made a break for it. The Doc found a strange rock that looked like Coffin Rock, which the town was named after.

As this was going on, Father Sam was sitting on the porch of the saloon and got to meet Marshal Thomas Bryce, a bully of a man, whom Duke brought to the Under because he overheard the newcomers were bounty hunters. Things between Father Sam and Tom escalated quickly into a fist fight with deadlier threats being thrown around when the rest of Sam's posse made an appearance and Joe Jack fired his revolver in the air to calm things down.

Marshal Bryce and Duke backed down because the numbers were against them, but plenty of threats were exchanged on both sides.

The group then headed to the library, a building that was abandoned and filled with empty shelves. Boxes of books were laying on the floor unopened and all addressed to a John Daly. The group started sorting through them and Shady came across a copy of the Malleus Malificarum.

As the group was doing this, Doc Lightning used some spare equipment she procured used magnetics to animate the rock she'd found, which immediately started making its way toward the real Coffin Rock that lay outside town. The posse got their horses together and began to follow it. 

However, they noticed two deputies were following them and Doc set a trap that ended up killing a horse and seriously injuring the rider.

Soon, the posse was about half way to the Rock when the Marshal and his healthy deputies came charging at them firing away.

The battle went quick and soon only Deputy Lancaster Quinn was left alive and he put his hands up to surrender.

Thats where we ended the session.

I regret not letting things boil a bit, but the players were inquisitive and I wanted to keep things moving. I forgot how Fast SW can be.

I also had the party aware of the supernatural, and in hindsight, I think that might have been better to reveal more slowly. Oh, well.

I really enjoyed the whole system and felt a bit rusty with it. I know I made some mistakes with damage with the Deputies, but it worked in the player's favor, so it wasn't much of a big deal.

I'm looking forward to next session and as quickly as things are moving, I'm going to need to figure out a longer campaign to trot out.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Savage Worlds: Deadlands

I'll be running Deadlands Reloaded for Savage Worlds this week. As much as I enjoyed Flash Gordon, I just wasn't ready to dive into that setting yet. And as much as I hope to run Evernight one day, it didn't seem right to abandon Undermountain for another fantasy game. So Deadlands it is.

It will be good to scratch the Weird Western itch I've been having and I intend to run a sandbox adventure called Coffin Rock. I'm hoping we all have a great time and we'll see where we go when I'm done with it.

I've been running nothing but fantasy essentially for 6 years, so this is going to be a good change of pace.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Savage Worlds: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I've been a fan of Savage Worlds since Shane Lacey Hensley started writing design diaries on Pinnacle's site back in 2003. I remember checking in each week (Tuesdays if my memory is right) to see what Shane would share with us next.

I even tracked down and bought the Great Rail Wars to kitbash an alpha version of SW while I waited for it to be published and ran some Victorian Weird Monster Hunters game.

Then it came out and I didn't do much with it. I'd buy the settings, but not run them. I'm sure part of it was that I was fully in the grip of Gaming ADD back then and I'd find some reason not to run the settings as back in those days I was too much of a snob to run a pre-canned adventure and was very particular about what genre I'd run in.

Fast forward to 2019 and I'm looking hard at finally running Evernight, though I feel a bit bad thinking about running Savage Worlds Fantasy after backing out of a DnD 5E game. At the same time Flash Gordon is calling to me too. Pulp SF is pretty darn cool, after all.

A lot is going through my head right now. Will I ever get the chance to run these settings again? Will the group like SW? 

Those are all good questions, but I think I'm choosing to approach this with more optimism than fear. I think it will be a better experience that way. Additionally, my group these days is a pretty positive posse and they all seem pretty darn understanding.

Heck, my good buddy Russ even suggested a "Quantum Leap"-type game. Every few sessions the Players jump into new characters and deal with a new setting. Thats a pretty neat idea and is something I'm thinking pretty hard about.

Its rare that I see so many inviting settings in a game line, but I've always enjoyed Pinnacle's work, so in reality, I shouldn't be surprised. In fact, having a backlog of cool settings is a great problem to have.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Savage Worlds: So Many Settings

As I prepare for this week's test run of Savage Worlds, I'm a bit overwhelmed with the number of published settings it has that I would like to run:



Deadlands: Weird West.

Deadlands: Hell on Earth.

Deadlands: Noir.



Flash Gordon.

Weird War II.

Necessary Evil.

Space: 1889 Red Sands.

I'm interested and own all of them. Man, this is hard.

I'm looking at either running the Eye of Kilquato, a Pulp adventure or a Deadlands One Sheet.

I love that Pinnacle makes running SW so darn easy on the GM.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

X: CHON for Savage Worlds

X is a setting I've been thinking about for several years and its a mash-up of X-Files and X-Men. Weird happenings, conspiracies, and people gifted (or cursed) with unusual abilities. I've run it using Dragon Age, before Modern AGE was a thing. One thing I've become conscious of is that I tend to bend game systems to run a genre, instead of just running a system that can handle it out of the can. Thats why I'm looking at Savage Worlds right now. It could easily handle X or Weird West, another genre I've taken an interest in.

The World of X is our world with deeper and darker shadows hiding nefarious agencies, ancient conspiracies, and alien threats.

The CHON Corporation, a biotech firm, was founded in 1998 by Bradford Keene, a scientific wunderkind and the son of Senator Joanna Scott-Keene (D-VA). Keene quickly set-up several profitable contracts with the U.S. Government and in 2002 started the ACHILLES Project, one of several "super soldier" programs that began during the Iraq war.

However, Keene had some information at his disposal that others had not. First, was full access to the MKULTRA data due to his Mother's connections and the Book of Thoth, a treatise on the Otherworlds and humanities ties to it due to his Father, Edgar, being a high ranking Freemason.

While Keene's team had little success in transforming a human into a super soldier, they did begin to hunt the Otherworlds, realities that bordered on ours due to wormholes, for creatures to train for very specific missions. This led to the government awarding CHON with further contracts and pushing its GRENDEL Project to the forefront.

GRENDEL not only abducted and trained creatures of the Otherworlds, but began to breed their own and has even experimented in implanting various Otherworld tissue into human subjects or splicing Otherworld and human DNA.  While these aspects of GRENDEL are in their infancy, Keene is confident in their success.

CHON recently took up a contract with the Rector and Gable Company. Keene's press release spun it as a new commercial division focusing on green technology, but in reality RnG contracted them due to an renewed grudge with aliens from Procyon IV, aka, Flatwood Monsters

Around a century ago, the Flatwoods were teachers to both Brett Rector and Gianna Gable in the aracane arts. However, a schism occurred when both humans defaulted on their contracts with the aliens leading to World War I. 

Tensions have flared up recently after an attempt on Gianna Gable's oldest daughter's life at the Hoskins School in upper New York. Both Wizards are convinced is was a Flatwood plot.

Keene has put several hellhounds and trolls at the RnG's disposal.


Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, 
                   Strength d10, Vigor d10

Skills: Athletic d10, Fighting d10, Intimidation d8, 
            Notice D8, Stealth d8

Pace: 10; Parry: 7; Toughness: 9 (2)

Edges: Alertness, Quick

Special Abilities:
• Armor: 2
• Bite: Str+d6
• Speed: d10 Running die

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Changing Course

Tonight the group finished fighting the mezzoloth and some gargoyles and raided its lair. Two of the gargoyles working for it were spared and they found out they were simply working for the mezzoloth, doing renovations to the area. The gargoyles clan was from the level below and a food shortage forced some of the hearty, childless gargoyles to leave the area and fend for themselves. The gargoyles agreed to escort them down a level to their clan and help them find the person they are looking for.

But, I'm going to be taking a break from the Undermountain game for a bit and we are going to try Savage Worlds for at least a few weeks.
I don't have any problem with DnD 5E, but I've been running it for 6 years and I think I just need a break.

I was pleased how understanding and supportive the group was and its really energized me.

Now, I just need to determine what setting to start with. I'm open to Deadlands, Flash Gordon, Space: 1889, Rippers, Last Parsec, Necessary Evil, Savage Rifts, and Lankhmar.

If you have a particular one-shot or short adventure you like, regardless of genre, please share it with me. I only have a week to work this all out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New Release: Class Catalog

I've just released the Class Catalog for B/X Essentials! 

The Class Catalog brings you the Aasimar, Dragonborn, Dwarven Priest, Dwarven Thief, Elven Rogue, Gnome, Halfling Burglar, Half-Orc, Pixie, and Tiefling Classes to your B/X esssentials game. 

You can buy it here! 

Additionally, if you are an existing Cross Planes Game Studio customer, look for an e-mail for $1 off until the end of January. If you didn't get the e-mail, contact me at mark at crossplanes dot come and I can provide you the code.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Worldbuilding: Stone Bear Clan

The Stone Bears are a clan of orcs close to 100 strong. They currently lair in a series of ancient caverns in the Red Hills. The caverns, unknown to most of the clan, were burial chambers for ancient elves that once ruled the Silver Forest to the East. The elves moved on due to the arrival of humans in the towns of Fairview to the Southeast and Riverridge to the Northeast.

The clan often raids caravans heading to both towns and gets many of its best resources from this activity.

The Stone Bears settled the Black Halls, as they call their cavern home, about three years ago, after Ugurda Bonebreaker, the Bear's chieftain, challenged Hurm Stormslayer, her father, for the right to rule the Iron Wolves. Ugurda lost to her father, but was spared if she would choose exile over death. She and her followers gladly chose exile and they made their way to the Black Halls over the next several months.

Ugurda is nearly 7' tall and massively muscled. She is excellent with sword and shield is a deadly tactician who is renown for her raid plans.

Her uncle, Grom Stormslayer, chose to back her over his brother, after Hurm took Grom's mate as his own. Grom is a wily veteran and devastating with a great axe.

Ugurda is also advised by Turn Flamespeaker, a half-orc sorcerer with a penchant for fire. His magic has been very useful since the clan's founding.

Her mentor is Lera Stonedeath, a shaman of Luthic. Lera taught Ugurda the ways of Luthic, even after she was forbidden to do so by Chief Hurm. Much of Ugurda's dissatisfaction began to grow watching those who worshiped Gruumsh as an Iron Wolf. Lera, of course, saw this in the young female and exploited, she knew that her worship of Lera would never allow her to rise to prominence as an Iron Wolf and she gambled Ugurda's life because she believed that Hurm would spare her.

The Stone Bear clan is disciplined for an orc clan and on raids attacks with superior tactics. Ugurda has a level of respect for the loyalty her people showed her and sees no reason to waste lives unnecessarily. 

Clan is comprised of 80 warriors and 19 caretakers and children.

Monday, January 7, 2019

New Tech at my Table

I used my Christmas money to buy an iPad Pro (2017) model and got to test it out while DMing this past session.

It worked great. Since it's 12.9" its pretty easy to see and simply loaded up DnDBeyond and didn't need any books at the table.

I even loaded up a dice roller and experimented with using it, however, I found it faster to simply roll a d20, d6, or d10 when I needed it.

I don't regret spending for the Pro, I'm getting old and the larger screen size allows me to see things pretty well and it makes very large PDFs to read on. I haven't had a iPad since Gen 1 and this is a huge upgrade over it in terms of speed, HD, and processing power.

I'm a pretty happy DM, right now :)

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Undermountain: Revenants and Mezzoloths

This week's session of Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage found our cast of characters helping the revenant Helleth, a priest who was murdered by his own adventuring party, tracking them down for vengeance. Helleth was a priest of Waukeen and our deep gnome wizard quickly befriend him and rescued him from the pit he was in on level 1.

Our human cleric was a bit uncertain about the revenant's presence, but her knowledge of such creatures combined with what was assumed Waukeen's mission, let her tolerate his presence.

The group confronted Xanathar guild ettins and bugears as they headed for level 2, but some quick thinking form the tiefling bard allowed her to charm them, not only avoiding a full fight, but getting them to follow them.

As they ventured into level 2, they came into the domain of Yek the Tall and the goblins he rules with an iron fist. Using the Xanthar guild cover and kissing major ass, they were allowed passage through his domain, access to the goblin bazarr and found the first of Helleth's companions who met his end on Helleth's mace. He then desecrated the body searching for a map of level 3, which he promised to the group as payment.

After some shopping and major haggling with a goblin named Bulwark, the group was able to identify a trail for more of Helleth's killers.

They had a hard fight with gibbering mouthers and encountered the Priestess of Shar who had the idea for killing Helleth. She was even wearing his holy symbol. Worried that she would simply turn Helleth, our wizard assumed his form and headed into her lair. She was sitting in a room with a table filled with food and drink, sitting in one of several overstuffed chairs listening to Pentevores 7th Sympthony through a magic device. At first glance she warned "Helleth" away, threatening him with turning and her invisible servants. A fight started, as our wizard was looking for blood and she and her servants were dispatched. Helleth, finding his holy symbol thanked them and crumbled to dust.

After some more exploring they encountered a red brick altar and found somewhere safe to rest. With some creative ideas, they determined that the altar was used to summon a yugoloth.

They also encountered strange murals of wizards turning into nothics and gibbering mouthers and a portrait of Halaster, himself.

Not far from there four nothics rushed them screaming "Intruders! There are intruders, Master". After joining in battle with the nothics, the yugoloth, a mezzoloth, teleported in. Unfortunately, the group had already killed 3 of the nothics and soon the mezzolith decided to retreat.

And that's where that session ended.

More soon.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Curating Undermountain

I'm currently running Dungeon of the Mad Mage for DnD 5E. Its a good module and a great version of Undermountain. However, I find myself allowing my group to focus on the parts they want and ignore much of the rest. I appreciate 23 levels of dungeon and all of the material, but I'd rather pursue particular quests and storylines than have my group knock down every door and fight every monster.

This isn't a criticism of mega-dungeons, just where we are right now. I won't lie that it wasn't an easy decision moving away from whole swaths of the map for the group to pursue a mask, but everyone had fun and thats what I'm really going for as a DM.

Has anyone else made similar decisions or am I merely a heathen?

Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019 Resolutions

A brand new year dawns for all of us and with it a blank slate to start things off.

Here are my resolutions for this year:

1) Focus on improving my DMing. I'd like to challenge myself more by pushing my techniques and getting more prep time in. 

2) Write more. I'd like to write one quality blog post a week. At the moment, I do a lot of monsters. I like making monsters, but I'd like to push my writing skills.

3) Publish more. I have the Class Catalog for B/X Essentials going to layout and am developing DewomerPunk (Shadowrun for the OSR). 

4) Worry less about mechanics and system. I'm currently running DnD 5E and I'd love to be running Shadow of the Demon Lord. I need to stop worrying about that and just enjoy my group and the game we have. With our group, I truly believe the session is more important than the system driving it.

5) Be honest about what I want to run. If I'd been honest with myself and my group, I wouldn't be in the above situation. System doesn't really matter, but I do have preferences and its best to be forthright about them.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Weird West: Dzoavits for Shadow of the Demon Lord

An ogre who tormented the Shawsook people by kidnapping their children. He is currently trapped within the Devil's Square in Enoch.
Dzoavits          DIFFICULTY 100
Size 2 ogre
Perception  10 (+0)
Defense 16; Health 75
Strength 17 (+7)    Agility 10 (+0) 
Intellect   9 (-1)    Will       13 (+3)
Speed 12

Immune gaining insanity
Bite (melee) +7 with 1 boon (3d6)

Devour Dzoavits eats one target defenseless or dead creature that is Size 1 or smaller and within its reach. A living creature dies instantly on being eaten.

Vomit When dzoavits takes damage, it can use a triggered action to vomit semidigested food from both mouths, spraying everything within a 5-yard radius around it.

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