Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Savage Worlds: A Trip Down Memory Lane

I've been a fan of Savage Worlds since Shane Lacey Hensley started writing design diaries on Pinnacle's site back in 2003. I remember checking in each week (Tuesdays if my memory is right) to see what Shane would share with us next.

I even tracked down and bought the Great Rail Wars to kitbash an alpha version of SW while I waited for it to be published and ran some Victorian Weird Monster Hunters game.

Then it came out and I didn't do much with it. I'd buy the settings, but not run them. I'm sure part of it was that I was fully in the grip of Gaming ADD back then and I'd find some reason not to run the settings as back in those days I was too much of a snob to run a pre-canned adventure and was very particular about what genre I'd run in.

Fast forward to 2019 and I'm looking hard at finally running Evernight, though I feel a bit bad thinking about running Savage Worlds Fantasy after backing out of a DnD 5E game. At the same time Flash Gordon is calling to me too. Pulp SF is pretty darn cool, after all.

A lot is going through my head right now. Will I ever get the chance to run these settings again? Will the group like SW? 

Those are all good questions, but I think I'm choosing to approach this with more optimism than fear. I think it will be a better experience that way. Additionally, my group these days is a pretty positive posse and they all seem pretty darn understanding.

Heck, my good buddy Russ even suggested a "Quantum Leap"-type game. Every few sessions the Players jump into new characters and deal with a new setting. Thats a pretty neat idea and is something I'm thinking pretty hard about.

Its rare that I see so many inviting settings in a game line, but I've always enjoyed Pinnacle's work, so in reality, I shouldn't be surprised. In fact, having a backlog of cool settings is a great problem to have.

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