Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Weird West: Dzoavits for Shadow of the Demon Lord

An ogre who tormented the Shawsook people by kidnapping their children. He is currently trapped within the Devil's Square in Enoch.
Dzoavits          DIFFICULTY 100
Size 2 ogre
Perception  10 (+0)
Defense 16; Health 75
Strength 17 (+7)    Agility 10 (+0) 
Intellect   9 (-1)    Will       13 (+3)
Speed 12

Immune gaining insanity
Bite (melee) +7 with 1 boon (3d6)

Devour Dzoavits eats one target defenseless or dead creature that is Size 1 or smaller and within its reach. A living creature dies instantly on being eaten.

Vomit When dzoavits takes damage, it can use a triggered action to vomit semidigested food from both mouths, spraying everything within a 5-yard radius around it.

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