Saturday, January 26, 2019

Deadlands Session 2 of Coffin Rock

We just wrapped up session 2. 

The Posse had the drop on the lone surviving Deputy of Marsh Bryce, her name was Lilith and she proved fairly cooperative. The group convinced her to return to town to keep an eye on things until they returned.

Soon, the Posse found its way to Coffin Rock and scaled it to make their way into the secret kiva of Laughs At Darkness, a coyote shaman who is looking for some heroes.

He was here to test them, to see if they were fit for the mission ahead. All of them passed and their astral selves were shunted out of their body to the nearby Cooked Earth Mine. There they were brought to the form of Tacheene, an earth spirit bound by a dark magician and the spirits of air, his blood was being used to create horrid, souless abominations. He begged for help and promised a great reward.

The characters were returned to their bodies and slept for several hours, where they learned that Laughs At Darkness had departed. Doc Lightning decided to jury rig a line gun and then they to head the Mine.

Doc Lightning was able to discover that the Mine's elevator was booby trapped with rocks and descended into the deep shaft. The Mine was lit by an unsettling red light, the walls literally bled, and tormented spirits were haunting the very walls. The spirits were hungry for release and begged for help. They even offered to share information by merging with one of the living and several in the group allowed it.

This showed them how the miners died, as the dark magician Tacheene mentioned submerged some of them in a blood and mud filled pit, where their flesh was transformed and their lives ended. 

The group moved deeper into the Mine and found the cavern where the earth spirit was being held. He was surrounded by over half-a-dozen blood men and the group saw a tall gray-haired man with a hawk-nose, a man they believed to be Parson Cheval. He ordered the blood men to attack and dive from a shelf in the cavern into a bloody pit. A pit that moments later two blood men submerged a screaming miner within.

The battle was on as shots were fired, jets of fire were shot by the blood men, and spells were slung.

I'm still getting reaquainted with SW and the group is still learning the rules. I'm not sure it was as fast as I'd hoped, but I was running 7 enemies and 6 PCs and things were done in just under an hour. Not bad, really. I didn't track ammo and we got some stuff with RoF wrong, but I think it went over well. 

The heroes proved victorious and freed Tacheene from his horrific chains. He told them about the Reckoning and the specific threat of Coffin Rock becoming a Deadland and opened a portal for them to face Cheval.

As the portal shimmered in the air, the Posse began to enter.

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