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Cypher System: Bearer of a Runeweapon Focus

"Alas poor Elric, I was 1000 time more evil than thou."

Bearer of a Runeweapon

• Tier 1: It Knows My True Name (1 Intellect point): A melee runeweapon, such as a sword, hammer, or axe, has chosen you to bear it in this age. You know exactly where it is if it is within a short distance of you, and you know its general direction and distance if farther away. All of your other focus abilities require you to be holding or wielding this weapon. You can be attuned to only one runeweapon at a time; attuning yourself to a second one loses the attunement to the first one. Action to initiate, ten minutes to complete. Enabler. 

• Tier 1: It Guides My Hand (2+ Intellect points): As part of making an attack with your runeweapon, you charge it with magical power, inflicting 2 additional points of energy damage. If you make more than one attack on your turn, you choose whether to spend the cost for this ability before you make each attack. Enabler. 

• Tier 1: Its Runes Are Etched Upon My Heart: Choose either your Might Pool or your Speed Pool. When spending points to activate your focus abilities, you can spend points from this Pool instead of your Intellect Pool (in which case you use your Might Edge or Speed Edge instead of your Intellect Edge, as appropriate). Enabler. 

• Tier 2: It Has Made Me A Murderer: You are Trained at all attacks made by the Runeweapon. Enabler. 

Choose One Tier 3 Option:
• It Toys With Our Prey (3 Intellect points): Once per round, you can make an additional attack with your runeweapon. Enabler. 

• It Won’t Let Me Die: Thanks to your runeweapon, you are now immune to diseases, viruses, and mutations of any kind. Enabler. 

• Tier 4: It Craves So Much Blood: You add +2 damage to weapon attacks with the runeweapon. Enabler. 

• Tier 5: It Has Reforged Me In Its Image: You are an Expert with all attacks made by the Runeweapon. Enabler. 

Choose One Tier 6 Option:
• It Drinks Their Souls (8+ Intellect points): With a swift and sudden attack, you strike a foe in a vital spot. If the target is level 4 or lower, it is killed outright. For each additional level of Effort you apply, you can increase the level of the target by 1. Action. 

• It Is The Doom (8+ Intellect points): if you succeed on a Speed defense roll to resist an attack, you gain an action with an Asset. You can use the action immediately even if you have already taken a turn in the round. Enabler.




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