Sunday, December 12, 2021

Index Card RPG: Warduke


WARDUKE for the Index Card RPG 

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FLAMING SWORD: ULTIMATE weapon, the target takes MAGIC damage on their TURN

ANTI-MAGIC SHIELD: MAGIC does half-damage against him

INTIMIDATE: Roll CHA against this action or your next CHECK or ATTEMPT is HARD

"Warduke wears a suit of half-chain and a black, winged helmet. His shield bears the sign of a demon’s head. He was an old friend of Strongheart, a good paladin, but now the two are enemies. Both were exposed to the Heartstone, and Warduke’s cruel nature was brought out while Strongheart’s just nature became stronger.

He especially hates Strongheart, who he feels wastes his time protecting the weak and helpless. “A true fighter,” Warduke feels, “makes himself rich and powerful by the strength of his sword arm. He takes what he can—if you would keep your possessions, kill those who seek to take them. His sword is named Holocaust .”

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