Saturday, December 18, 2021

Universal Monsters: Creature from the Black Lagoon for the Cypher System


Motive: Seeking a mate
Environment: Anywhere near a waterway
Health: 15
Damage Inflicted: 4 points
Armor: 3
Movement: Short on land; Far in the water
Modifications: Speed defense and Stalking as level 5
Combat: The creature takes time stalking its prey and looking to ambush them, preferably in the water. It moves quickly and its claws are razor sharp. If it has selected a sentient being to be its mate it will attack in order to steal them away and will pick a moment when they are most vulnerable.

Interactions: Often these creatures, known also as gill-men, are very curious and will investigate any newcomers to its territory. It will generally spy upon them, finding time to explore their camp or boat when the inhabitants are away. It will lethally respond to any threat it encounters and if it selects a mate from any outsiders it will do anything to acquire and abduct the object of its lust.

"The Hidebehind is a nocturnal fearsome critter from American folklore that preys upon humans that wander the woods, and was blamed for the disappearances of early loggers when they failed to return to camp. As its name suggests, the Hidebehind is said to be able to conceal itself. When an observer attempts to look directly at it, the creature quickly hides behind an object or behind the observer and therefore cannot be directly seen. The Hidebehind supposedly uses this ability to stalk human prey without being observed and to attack them without warning. Said victims, including lumberjacks and others who frequent the forests, are then dragged back to the creature's lair to be devoured. The creature subsists chiefly upon the intestines of its victim and has a severe aversion to alcohol, which is therefore considered a sufficient repellent. Tales of the hidebehind may have been used as an explanation of strange noises in the forest at night. Early accounts describe Hidebehinds as large, powerful animals, despite the fact that no one was able to see them."




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Stephanie said...

You have the hidebehind descriptor at the bottom here instead of the Creature from the black lagoon.

But love all your creatures! They're helping me with my campaign!

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