Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thor's Day: Huginn for 13th Age

Antwerp 1946
After allied forces were recently expelled from the port by Nazi reinforcements, remote viewers of Project: Crystal Ball have confirmed reports from survivors of the attack that the enemy wielded mind over matter...and worse.


"They were in our heads!  Their mouth's weren't moving, but we could hear our minds.  They showed us terrible things.  Awful things.  And then Jimmy...uh...Private Scott got tossed up in the air, at least fifty feet and he landed next to me with a sick thump.  Like a bag of concrete hitting the pavement.  Y-yes sir, I ran.  I didn't know what else to do...I didn't know what else to do..."

-Testimony of Sergeant Timothy "Skip" Perkins on what happened at Antwerp.

4th level scrapper troop [HUMAN] 
Initiative: +4

R: Telepathie +9 vs. MD—10 damage 
     Natural Odd Roll+: On their next attack, the target rolls 2d20 to
    hit and keeps the lower roll.

R: Telekinese +9 vs. PD—8 damage 
     Natural 16+: The target takes an additional 8 damage and is

AC   20
PD   14                             HP 54
MD  18

Fear Threshold 14 HP

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