Friday, August 14, 2015

Cross Planes: Rocket City Honor Guard for the Cypher System

"Rocket City with its valor..."


Motive: Better living through honor
Environment: Rocket City
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 4
Armor: 2
Movement: Short or Long (when flying)
Modifications: Initiative action 6, Speed Defense 6
Combat: Honor Guards are agents, all volunteers, who handle security, investigation, and salvage for the RCk (slang for Rocket City).

Rocket City Badge: They have 1 random cypher.
Force Multiplier: Once per scene, they can summon 1d6 additional Honor Guard (Level 4 Minions), who lack both the Rocket City Badge and the Force Multiplier abilities.
Use: The Honor Guards are the first to meet the characters as they approach Rocket City, "Where yesterday is alive and well.".  It is up to the characters how things turn out.  Rocket City is a democratic and free city, a true anachronism in the Age of Cross Planes.  
Loot: A dead Rocket City Honor Guard has 1 cypher.

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