Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ultramodern5: The Fifth of November

The Fifth of November is a growing threat within the United Kingdom with suspected ties to operatives within the United States of America. It is often associated with the hacktivist group, Anonymous, but the Fifth's brand of terrorism is the old-fashioned kind, explosives.

James Ellis, Thomas West, and Ernest "Ern" McTavish were arrested by London Metropolitan Police on May 1st, 2016 outside of the Natural History Museum. The three men were found near a large van full of high explosives, while trying to break into the Museum wearing Guy Fawkes' masks around 2:30 am.. Several "paranormal" books and paraphernalia were found in the cab of the van, including The Opal Interviews by Gregory J. Dowell, Manx Kelley's The Reptilian Problem, and The Ludermann Grimoire translated by Emery Rowan Price.

After being taken into custody, West and McTavish committed suicide due to a hollow tooth filled with a neurotoxin.  When questioned James ellis said, "Naw, I ain't dying for this bunch. I ain't that loyal."

After extensive questioning, Ellis admitted to join the Fifth of November or the 5/11, nearly three years ago and his cell's plan to blow up the Museum to "get the Queen's attention". According to Ellis, his cell was led by what they called a Daemon, who went by the name Knick, who handed out assignments and informed them that Earth's first sentient species, the Reptilians controlled the world, and was led by the Great Britain's Royal Family. Ellis' cell was going to destroy the Queen and her ilk, here in London.

Ellis gave the London Metropolitan Police an enormous amount of information, but when they followed up on the cell's headquarters, at the Baker E, a posh bakery in Deptford and New Cross, seven people, including four officers, lost their lives due to explosive traps left behind.

Almost simultaneously  the transport transporting Ellis to a higher security installation was targeted and destroyed by a rocket propelled grenade. Ellis, the three officers transporting him and six civilians were killed by the attack, with another fourteen injured. With witnesses describing the a woman with a dark complexion firing the weapon from a green and black van that strongly resembled the "Mystery Machine" from the Scooby-Doo cartoon.

The next day, a bouquet of yellow roses was delivered to Commissioner Eleanor Brightwell, the head of the London Metro, from Knick with a note alerting her that "The game had changed and the odds are against you. You will hear from us twice today and then we'll let you be for a few months. It's time to remember, remember. This current reptilian Queen will your last."

Within an hour of the roses' arrival, a West London double decker bus was boarded by a sucide bomber killing twenty-six and injuring another eighteen. And within four hours after that, a Brixton Post Office was sent an explosive package that killed another eight victims and injured another seventeen.

True to his word, no further attacks have occurred from "Knick". The government has made the 5/11 their top priority and Royal Family has had their personal security intensified.

In the last week of July, the Sun's front page showed a post card from of the Hollywood Hills with a handwritten note saying "Vacation is almost over. Remember, remember. It's gonna be a blast (or twenty)!" And signed, "Love, Knick".

Handwriting experts have confirmed that the writing matches the note sent to the Commissioner. When pressed, the Editor-In-Chief of the Sun, Herbert Stodge, admitted that the post card had simply arrived in their daily mail.

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