Thursday, August 11, 2016

Horizon Zoo: Beargal for 13th Age

Beargal's are native to the Dire Wood and rumors circulate that they were created by old Kemba Xorn, the Wizard of Destin. However, Sargoo the Sapient, claims that they are actually from the future, they were sent here by the Archmage of the 25th Age to change the timeline.


"Be cautious and make sure she doesn't get ahold of your arm. They like arms. And kidneys and hearts and livers. They really like livers."

-Keeper Hillis of the Horizon Zoo.

2nd level [BEAST] 
Initiative: +4

Charge +6 vs PD (Pops Free on a 6+) - 7 damage

        Natural Even Roll:  An additional 1d6 damage

Maul +7 vs. AC - 7 damage
        Natural Roll of 16+:  The target is grabbed

Nastier Specials
Savage: Beargals score critical hits on a Natural Roll of 18+

From The Future: Beargals add the escalation die to their Defenses and Saving Throws.

AC 18

PD  16               HP 36

MD 12

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