Friday, August 19, 2016

Shadows of the Demon Lord: Jaunt, an exotic tome

A esoteric manual made with the Poison Pages supplement for Shadows of the Demon Lord:

Antoine Silverheart penned this folio known as Jaunt, sharing the sensual lessons taught to her by the Ogden Ja of Seduction and Song. The work is twenty-five pages long, but in poor shape with extensive staining and several pages only being held in place due to the fact that the folio locks shut with a clasp on it's edge. The work's cover is supple goblin leather with a metal trinket that Antiope reveals to be the Ogden Ja's parting gift to her. The key is held in place with a brass peg on the front of the folio.

The interior is flowing golden script in dwarven on vellum pages. Sparse illustrations can be found throughout the work and are simple renderings of the Ogden Ja's manse, Cloy, in the realms of faerie.

Hidden within an illustration on page eleven is the rank 2 incantation of the Song tradition, Song of Captivation.

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