Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Review: Mutant Chronicles Savage Worlds Edition

I've been a fan of Mutant Chronicles since the first edition published by Target Games. I was exceedingly happy when Modiphius announced their Kickstarter for a 3rd Edition I immediately backed it and have pleased with their handling of beloved classic.

When I saw the news that a Savage Worlds version of the game was published, I jumped for joy! While I like the 2d20 system used in the 3rd Edition, I know Savage Worlds intimately and couldn't wait to see what the creative folks at Modiphius gave us.

I was not disappointed. The Savage Worlds edition gives us the great production values and incredible artwork of the Mutant Chronicles universe and some nice ideas and additions to the Savage Worlds system.

The book is filled with information, setting material, and in game history so that you have everything you need to run a Mutant Chronicles game. The only other book you would need is the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition.

All of the factions you love (or hate) are presented in full detail, giving new Game Masters and players everything to learn and understand the Mutant Chronicles setting. While those familiar with the world will find everything they love combined with a well supported and time tested game engine.

Mutant Chronicles' version of magic, the Art, adds a few new powers, but doesn't use Power Points, instead opting for  a skill roll with a difficulty modifier (as seen in Lankhmar and Solomon Kane).

While some Some new Edges and Hindrances are presented, in my opinion the biggest addition to the Savage Worlds system are Lifepath Edges. A Lifepath Edge is like an expanded Professional Edge and bears quite a bit in common with Iconic Frameworks from Savage Worlds. Your character starts with one, for free, at character creation and can only gain one during play if the story allows it. Each Lifepath Edge has certain prerequisites you must meet and ties you to one of the settings factions (Capitol, Bauhaus, etc.). Lifepath Edges also include existing Edges and Hindrances, and grand additional benefits that give a +1 bonuses to several skills. I think they are great way to immerse your character to the setting quickly and easily.

The Savage Worlds Edition of Mutant Chronicles is everything I wanted for a universe I've been gaming in for over 20 years with a system that handles it's nuances perfectly.

Buy this game!

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