Monday, August 29, 2016

Diablo III: Grotesque for Shadows of the Demon Lord #MonsterMonday


They are lethal creatures for two reasons: First, they are capable of dealing damage by producing spikes from their short, stubby arms and slamming forward. Secondly, Grotesque are basically living pinatas: upon death they explode and expel whatever lurked in their bellies.

Size 2 horrifying undead
Perception 11 (+1); darksight
Defense  9; Health 50
Strength 15 (+5)   Agility 9 (-1)   Intellect 8 (-2)   Will 13 (+3)
Speed 10

Immune damage from disease and poison; gaining Insanity; asleep,
   charmed, dazed, diseased, fatigued, frightened, poisoned, stunned
Spike (melee) +5 with 2 boons (2d6+3 plus Knocked Down on an attack roll of 20+) 
Knocked Down Knocked prone.

Rupture When a grotesque dies it explodes and each within short range must make a Dexterity challenge roll, on a failure they take 3d6 damage or 1/2 damage on a success.

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