Friday, September 4, 2015

Umbrage: Saurus Ancestry for Shadow of the Demon Lord 1st Draft

I'm working on the background tables, but I figured I'd submit this as a first draft for feedback.  It's inspired by the lizardmen of Warhammer Fantasy.


Starting Attribute Scores Strength 12, Agility 9, Intellect 9, 

     Will 9
Perception equals your Intellect score + 1
Defense equals your Agility score + 2
Health equals your Strength score
Healing Rate equals one-quarter your Health, round down 

Size 1, Speed 12, Power 0
Damage 0, Insanity 0, Corruption 0
Languages and Professions You speak the Common Tongue and
     the Old Tongue.
Aquatic A saurus breathes underwater and ignore difficult terrain
     from swimming.
Cold Blooded A saurus has a bane if they take a fast turn.
Shadowsight You see in areas obscured by shadows as if those
     areas were lit.
Snapping Fangs The saurus may make a bite attack to inflict 1d6
     damage to a creature within close range.

Characteristics Health +6 
You learn one spell or gain Predator.

When a creature in close range gets a failure on an attack roll against your Defense or Agility, you can use a triggered action to attack with your Snapping Fangs.

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