Thursday, September 24, 2015

Super Age: Eschatron for 13th Age

While I was working on my Weird War II setting, ParaMilitary, I started looking at using the ArchMage Engine for the nuts and bolts of Palladium's Heroes Unlimited. I've been exploring that and decided to work up a super villain as an exercise.

Eschatron is an artifical intelligence created by the apocalyptic Cult of Better Days, who sacrificed their entire membership, 23 souls as Eschaton was brought online.

Four day laters he laid waste to nearby San Franciso before he was defeated by the Regulators.

He is a Maximum Omega Level Threat.


"Rule the world?!  You meat and bone fool, I want to bring it to an end!"

6th level Double-Strength Wrecker [ANDROID] 
Initiative: +7

R: Neutron Blossom +11 vs. PD—35 damage 
     Natural 16+: 1d3 nearby creatures take 20 damage.

R: Dark Matter Blast  +11 vs. AC—42 damage 

Nastier Specials
Tough as Hell: 20 PD

Omega Strength +11 vs AC —45 damage
     Natural Even Roll : Target is knocked prone.

AC   22
PD   16                             HP 180
MD  20

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