Friday, September 25, 2015

Nemesis: Glitter Boy for FATE Accelerated

I've been tinkering with running FAE and worked up a conversion of a Glitter Boy for Rifts to explore the system.


High Concepts: 
   Power Armor Pilot with Giant Gun
Trouble: Wanted by the Coalition
Other Aspects: 
Have Boom Gun, Will Travel; 
  Professional Soldier; 
  Invulnerable to Laser Weapons 

Mental Endurance (Careful): Average (+1) 
I.Q. (Clever): Fair (+2) 
Mental Affinity (Flashy): Fair (+2) 
Physical Strength (Forceful): Good (+3) 
Speed (Quick): Average (+1) 
Physical Prowess (Sneaky): Mediocre (+0)

Booooom!: When I use my Boom Gun, I gain a +2 bonus to Forcefully in combat with a single opponent.

Power Armor: Because I am piloting a Glitter Boy, once per session I may ignore a Mild Consequence.

Advanced Optics: When I use my Sensor System, I gain a +2 bonus to Carefully create an advantage or overcome an obstacle.

[  ]
[  ]  [  ]
[  ]  [  ]  [  ]

Moderate (4): 
Severe (6):


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