Monday, September 21, 2015

Spookhouse: Tom Baldwin, a Psychic for Human(ish) and FASERIP

I'll be posting a review of the new RPG, Human(ish) from Arion Games and written by Graham Bottley in the next few days.  Its FASRIP powered game (Marvel Super Heroes' rule engine) where you play monsters--vampires, werewolves, fey, warlocks, psychic, ghouls, immortals, and ghosts.

Since I'm reading through it, I decided to post a sample character that I worked up while testing character generation out.

Thomas Baldwin
Age 28
6'1"; 160 lbs.; Sandy blonde hair; Blue-green eyes

Fighting Decent (17)
Agility Decent (12)
Strength Average (8)
Endurance Bad (5)
Reason Great (29)
Intuition Decent (12)
Psyche Fantastic (8)

Health 42
Wealth Decent (12)
Soul 100

Backgrounds (+1 Rank Shift)
Occult [Reason]
Science (Parapsychology) [Reason]
Investigation [Intuition]
Computers [Reason]

Detection (Spirit) Bad (4)
Telepathy Bad (4)
Mind Shield Bad (4)
Postcognition Bad (4)

Thomas and Timothy Baldwin were twin brothers who were born in Michigan to a successful dentist, Irene and her husband, Lawrence.  Unfortunately, when they were 11, both boys were involved in a accident on a family outing to a lake.  Timothy didn't survive.  The boys always had a strong, almost preternatural bond and that carried over into Tim's death.

While scared by his newfound gifts, Tom was calmed by Tim's spirit and slowly adjust to this strange new world he inhabits. 

Now, in his late 20s, he written several well regarded books and had a reality show on the Travel Channel for four seasons.

I'm glad to report that making a character took less than 20 minutes and while it uses the strengths of FASERIP, it introducing some interesting new ideas to keep things fresh.

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