Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Thor's Day: Rektor the Warden Hammer for 13th Age

Nearly 2000 years ago, the dwarven High Jarl of Hammerhome, Grimshaw Blackfell was gifted with Rektor, the Warden Hammer by Moradin to protect the dwarven capital from a perilous siege.  The mountain walls had nearly been breached by Thassamar Toosmart, First Boss of Goblins, and little hope remained in the dwarven city.  However, Grimshaw, wielding Rektor, smashed the ranks of goblins until he reached Toosmart himself and bashed the Goblin King's brains from his skull. 

For 1300 years, each High Jarl of Hammerhome would be given the Warden Hammer upon election to the position. 

However, it was with great shock and a good deal of horror when High Jarl Feldar Ironfurrow discovered the weapon had been stolen during the reign of his predecessor, High Jarl Koll Fireplume.  Apparently, Koll decided to keep the matter a state secret and had a ceremonial replica crafted to replace it.  While Feldar was horrified, he understood the decision and adopted it, fearing unrest and revolt from his citizenry.

So, for the last 700 years, the first state secret each newly elected High Jarl learns is that Warden Hammer has been stolen and is then placed in charge of the Anvil, the dwarven secret service pledged to find and retrieve Rektor.  Unfortunately, the Anvil has not been very successful.

What is most shocking about the Warden Hammer's fate is that it was stolen by dwarves of Hammerhome.  Garvin the Shadespeaker, cousin to the rogue Ori Bludnehare, who defied his King and settled his Mine near the Drudge, hired a band of thieves known only as the Gloaming to steal his people's greatest treasure.  Garvin was convinced his Idol of Perrin would work in taming the Drudge and the kuo-toa that thrived there, but wanted the Warden Hammer in case something went wrong.

Unfortunately for Garvin and all of those living in Blundenhare's Mine, the Shadespeaker was wrong about the safety of his scryings and about his people's security with the Warden Hammer.  

The Warden Hammer has waited over 700 years to be unearthed by adventurers. 

Rektor the Warden Hammer

Bonus to attacks and damage when using the weapon: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

Flurry (two-handed melee weapon – recharge 11+): When you make a basic attack, make a second basic attack against a different enemy as a free action. Quirk: You hear the voice of Rektor squalling at you to "Git to slayin'!"

Protection (melee weapon – recharge 6+): When you make a basic attack with this weapon, gain a +4 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn (champion: +5; epic: +6). Quirk: You hear the voice of Rektor reciting the oath of the Great Kings of Hammerhome.

Vanity (melee weapon): When you hit with this weapon, deal +1d6 damage to that enemy if you are the only one engaged with it (champion: +2d6; epic: +4d6). Quirk: Tells you its story of the time it wielded Grimshaw Blackfell in slaying the First and Only Boss of Goblins. 

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