Monday, September 14, 2015

Masters of the Universe Monday: Clamp Champ for 13th Age

After Duncan was captured and permanently turned into one of the Snake Men, Raenius, former Body Guard to King Randor, stepped in as the new royal Man-At-Arms. Although lacking Duncan’s skills as an inventor, Raenius proved his worth to the Masters of the Universe with his ferocious hand-to-hand combat and extensive knowledge of almost every weapon, including his favorite, the techno clamp, for which he earned the nickname “Clamp Champ”.

He continued to lead the Masters all the way to the Second Ultimate Battleground. Clamp Champ surprises his enemies with his clamping action.


3rd level wrecker [HUMANOID] 
Initiative: +4

CHAMP: Clamp Champ uses the escalation die.

BEATDOWN +8 vs. PD—8 damage 
     Natural Even Miss: The target takes 3 points of damage.

TECHNO CLAMP +8 vs. PD—10 damage 
     Natural Even Roll: The target is grabbed.

VICE SAW+8 vs. AC—9 damage 
     Natural 16+: Add the escalation die to Clamp Champ's next

AC   19
PD   17                             HP 45
MD  17

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