Saturday, September 26, 2015

ParaMilitary: Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan for 13th Age

Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan
These books are often mentioned in conjunction with the Pnakotic Manuscripts. The Japanese found them in the temple of the Elder Ones in the city of Ulthar, which they discovered in mainland China.  No other copies are believed to exist.

The seven books are identical in appearance, but whichever book you choose to read just happens to be the one you are looking for and you always open it to the page you need.
When a Cleric uses the Invocation of Knowledge/Lore, roll 2d6 and use the lowest die rolled.

A Cleric's Javelin of Faith spell deals d8s in damage, instead of d6s.

A Cleric's Spirit of the Righteous spell may be cast one additional time per battle when the escalation die equals 3+.

A Cleric's Strength of the Gods spell gains Recharge 13+.

A Cleric's Circle of Protection spell gains Recharge 16+.

A Cleric's Overworld Travel spell gains Recharge 16+ and may be cast indoors.

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