Monday, September 14, 2015

Masters of the Universe Monday: Mer-Man for the Cypher System

Squish Rex, ruler of the undersea realms of Eternia, Mer-Man was forced to serve in the armies of Skeletor after his kingdom was destroyed in a battle with rival ocean clans. His allegiance with Skeletor brings him to the surface world more often then he would like. Cowardly on land, Mer-Man prefers to stay in the murky waters of the Sea of Rakash, awaiting the evil call of Skeletor.

MER-MAN 4 (12)

Motive: Work for Skeletor
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 4
Armor: 3
Movement: Short or Long (in water)
Modifications: Intellect defense 3, Swimming 6, Speed defense 5, Tactics 5

Combat: Mer-man is a leader and tenacious fighter.

Sword of Rakash: He has one random cypher.
Trident: He can inflict 2 damage to all enemies within immediate range.
Use: Mer-Man is scouting a river the characters are camped next to, and notices some their cyphers.
Loot: A defeated Mer-Man yields 1 cypher.

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