Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jarlsburg: Ironcloak Expert Path for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Jarlsburg is a fictional city I've run in and wrote about for years now. The beat cops of the setting, the player characters, are the Ironcloaks. They're underpaid, overworked, and get their asses kicked by people and monsters or sometime monstrous people defending their city. Its a grimy, dark, and dangerous place and the only think you can hope to count on our your comrades.

Ironcloak Expert Path
Level 3 Ironcloak
Attributes Increase two by 1
Characteristics Perception +1, Health +3, Speed +2 
Languages and Professions You can speak another language or add a common or martial profession.
Investigate You make all Perception rolls with 1 boon.
Copper You gain the constable profession.
Tail When you make a challenge roll to sneak while following a creature, you make the roll with 1 boon.
Takedown You make attack rolls to grab with 1 boon.

Level 6 Expert Ironcloak 

Characteristics Health +3
Perpetrator You can use an action on your turn to choose one target creature within your reach. For 1 round, the target creature makes all attacks against you with 1 bane.

Level 9 Master Ironcloak 

Characteristics Health +3
Law Dog When you damage the target of your Perpetrator talent, you can use a triggered action to knock down the target.

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