Thursday, October 6, 2016

31 Nights of Halloween: Lunavore for 13th Age

The Prince of Shadow's exploits often reshape the world, but sometimes he pushes things too far. Sometimes he meddles and angers too much. Occasionally, he even drives his enemies to the brink of madness. 
   The Lunavore is one such madness. Argon of Prave's schemes were bested by the Prince one too many times. Argon is an mage-priest of great puissance and even greater anger. The Prince of Shadows could not help himself from provoking him, merely for his fantastical tirades. But the Prince pushed Argon's fury to the point that he decided to create, through his faith and his spells, a weapon that could undo the Prince of Shadows for good. How can you have a shadow if there is no light to create it? Now Argon wasn't completely insane yet, so he knew he couldn't destroy the Sun, but the Moon, well what would that really hurt?

14th level huge wrecker [ABERRATION]
Initiative: +0

Onslaught +19 vs PD (1d6 nearby targets) - 250 damage  
     Miss: 100 damage

Crush  +19 vs MD - 405 damage  

     Natural Roll of 16+: The target is stunned.

Swallow the Moon: At the start of each of the lunavore's turns, roll a d8 to see if it can it roll below the escalation die and grab the moon in it's gaping maw.
   After it's fifth success the lunavore swallows the moon completely.

AC 28

AC 28         HP 1728

MD 24

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