Saturday, October 22, 2016

31 Nights of Halloween: Haunted Jar Bought Off the Internet for Silent Legions

"Yes, Father, we bought the jar on eBay...a-a-and we knew it was haunted. Why? I don't know!  I thought it would be cool!  No, your r-r-r-right, we were Jen ok?  So, you've stopped the bleeding?  G-G-G-Good, c-c-can you get me off the ceiling?"


AC: 7*                              Move: 30' Insubstantial
HD: 6                                Morale: 11
Atks: touch+6                   Dmg: 1d6 + Special
Skill: +1                            Madness: 1d6
Special: Undead                Save: 12+

Ghosts trapped in Haunted Jars have insubstantial forms that are impervious to harm save that from magical artifacts and sorcery. However, they can be drive back by "trigger items", items important to their life or death. A ghost's touch chills their target but never Slaughters. Instead, the target is briefly made to feel the suffocating desperation of the ghost, a horrifying experience that inflicts 1d6 Madness each time the spirit touches them.

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