Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thor's Day: Idol of Perrin for 13th Age

During the 11th Age, the Zel'Zophres Academy supplied the Empire with it's most learned and capable wizards.  But above all, the Academy was renowned  for it's specialization and near perfection of the school of Divination.  The accuracy of their Diviners allowed the Empire to flourish and no wizard was greater at that art than Pherosian the Watcher.  Pherosian's greatest tool was his Eyedol, which focused and enhanced his scryings.  The wizard and the Academy were paid handsomely for his creation by several patrons and before the Master Diviner's death, he had created a total of 13 of his Eyedols.

In the current Age, only three have been recovered, all within the Boneyards of Perrin, what many scholars believe to be the site of the Zel'Zophres Academy.

Idol of Perrin (Eyedol of Pherosian)

Bonus to attack and damage with arcane spell or attack: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

Foresight (Idol): When you make a saving throw, gain a +1 bonus; +2 (epic). Quirk: You see a vision of your funeral. 

Diviner (Idol): By spending a Recovery, you may cast Scrying as a Utility Spell starting at 3rd Level.  When you reach 7th Level, you no longer need to spend a Recovery and Scrying has a recharge of (16+).

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