Sunday, October 4, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: Scroll Golem for 13th Age


"We need to be careful.  They say this dungeon was tended by one of the clones of Heironomous Ludwig Von Damme, the Ultrarcanist of Dath.  He was served by all kinds of twisted creations.  What?  Yes, he could have made a golem.  Oh Gods run! Sierra just got hit and that golem is a 'caster!"

-Urk Brell, a Wizard of the 4th Emerald Circle, who was exploring one of the many, many dungeon workshops of the Ultrarcanst and his clones.

Large 8th level wrecker [CONSTRUCT] 
Initiative: +6

(Paper) Cut to the Bone +13 vs. AC - 70 damage
     Natural Odd Roll: 10 ongoing damage.

Golem immunity: Non-organic golems are immune to effects. They can’t be dazed, weakened, confused, made vulnerable, or touched by ongoing damage. You can damage a golem, but that’s about it.

Spellbound: At the start of each of the scroll golem’s turns, roll a d6. If the roll is equal to or less than the escalation die, the scroll golem casts a random spell, roll a d8.

1: Blur—For the rest of the battle attacks have a 30% chance to miss the scroll golem.

2: Magic Missle—A random enemy automatically takes 6d6 damage.

3: Rebuke—The enemy closest to the scroll golem with 266 hp or fewer is hampered (only makes basic attacks) until the end of its next turn.

4: Denial—A random enemy must make a save 11+, on a failure they take 80 psychic damage and are hampered (only makes basic attacks). On a success they take half damage.

5: Fireball—1d4 enemies in a group must make a save (11+), on a failure they take 60 fire damage. On a success they take half damage.

6: Blink—For the rest of the battle the scroll golem has resist damage 16+. Enemies who can see invisible creatures can ignore this resistance. Whenever the scroll golem uses a move action, there is a 50% chance it can teleport somewhere nearby instead of physically moving.

7: Strength of the Gods—For the rest of the battle the scroll golem deals +4d8 with (paper) cut to the bone.

8: Divine Endurance—The scroll golem gains 80 temporary hit points.

Nastier Specials
Match Game: If the d8 roll matches the escalation die the scroll golem casts Meteor Swarm—On the next round 1d4 enemies must make a hard save (16+), on a failure they take 80 fire damage. On a success they take 40 fire damage. Additionally, all other enemies take 20 damage automatically.

AC 24

PD 18               HP 250

MD 22

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