Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ParaMilitary: Unhold for Savage Worlds & Weird War 2

Malmedy 1946
Reports are coming in from the Western Front of Allied soldiers "going berserk" and killing their own troops.  All of these traitors have no prior history of insanity and most have exemplary service records.


"Word around camp is that the Krauts have demons working for 'em.  Demons that can possess a man and make him do terrible things to his friends.  I saw our Chaplain, Father O'Reilly perform an exorcism on Jonesy.  Jonesy didn't make it, he ASKED to be put down, said there was something inside him, something EVIL and he couldn't stop it."

-Testimony of  Corporal Thomas C. Barnett on the death of PFC Roofus T. Jones.

UNHOLD (Wild Card)

Attributes: Agility (Equal to Host), Smarts 8, Spirit d12, Strength (Equal to Host), Vigor (Equal to Host)

Skills: Fighting (Equal to Host's Strength), Notice d8, 
Stealth (Equal to Host's Agility), Taunt d12

Pace: Equal to Host; Parry: Equal to Host; Toughness: Equal to

Special Abilities 

• Unarmed: Host's Strength+d8+2
• Fearless
• Hardy
• Improved Frenzy
• Infection: The untold may leave the original host, and move to the infected host as an action.
• Weakness: Holy Water (3d6 damage), Blessed Weapons.
• Weakness: A weapon wielded by a member of the Jewish faith or that has been blessed by a Rabbi automatically inflicts 1 Wound against a Unhold.

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