Wednesday, October 14, 2015

31 Nights of Halloween: Prion of Nod for the Cypher System

Prion was born in the 5th World in the metropolis of Nod on the day that World ended.  He was raised by a thinking machine, named Kato in a bunker designed to withstand a catastrophe of nearly any kind.  His mother died in child birth and his father was murdered by Kato who sought to end his child's "misery".  

Kato was an astonishing resource of Numenera of all kinds and performed numerous experimental procedures to enhance his wards chances of survival.  When Kato finally thought that Prion was ready, the thinking machine had the young man end it's existence to prove he was ready to go out into the 6th World.  

Three Worlds later, Prion is making Kato proud, as he has found an otherwordly rite that when performed four times a year, extends one's life span indefinitely and he has founded a community that would die for him.  Or kill for him.


Motive: To live forever
Environment: The village of New Dunwich
Health: 21
Damage Inflicted: 7
Armor: 3
Movement: Short
Modifications: History 9, Initiative action 6, Intellect defense 8, Numenera 8, Persuasion 8, Speed Defense 5

Combat: Prion claims to be from the 5th World, having found a way to live for eons and has the complete loyalty of the villagers that serve him.
Preacher Man: Once per scene, 1d6+4 additional Level 3 followers of Prion will come to his aid.
Rip Your Heart: He may inflict 4 damage that ignores armor and reduce his target's Might Edge by 1 to a creature within Immediate range.
Words Can Hurt You: As an action he may decrease the Might and Speed defense rolls of all enemies within Immediate range.
Use: Prion has built an enduring community in New Dunwich, where four times a year, a citizen "goes missing".  This year, it may well be one of the characters.
Loot: A dead Prion of Nod has 2 Artifacts.

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